Game Changer

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 11 – “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me”
Original Airdate: August 19, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


“Don’t play with your comfort food.” – Spencer
“How many words and in what order? – Spencer
“It’s a point where you go from survivor to predator.” – Melissa
“Hanna says you’re having trouble sleeping. What’s the deal with that? – Toby
“Don’t look at me. Maybe that’s how boys communicate.” – Spencer
“Who died and made you Oprah?” – Caleb
“If you love someone, you should be able to tell them anything.” – Hanna
“Maybe I should have died when I fell off that cliff.” – Mona
“When she finishes with me, she’ll come after you and the others.” – Mona

The episode begins like the episode began when the girls returned from New York, excect Ali is not with them this time. They are ready to walk into the police station when Emily sees the TV display in a storefront flickering. The words “We’re all in this together,” show on the TV screens along with a picture of Ali visiting Hanna in the hospital after Mona ran her over. They cannot tell the police their story now because no one will believe they did not know Ali was alive. Spencer tries to throw a brick through the display, but Emily stops her. As they walk away, the screen says “Act normal, bitches,” so this is the verbally abusive A.

Emily and Spencer stay at the Brew after the other girls leave. They are drinking decaf coffee, mostly for the whip cream that is on top. Spencer thanks Emily for stopping her from throwing the brick and Emily says to save it for a real target, like A in the flesh according to Spencer. Emily thinks that the we’re all in this together message may be from Ali. Ali calls Spencer just then, but Spencer ignores the call. Emily regrets ruining her relationship with Paige. Ali calls Emily too. Emily says that Ali’s dad is taking her out of town. Emily is distracted and Spencer tells her not to play with her comfort food.

At Caleb’s cabin, Hanna startles Caleb out of his sleep. A bottle falls to the floor and Caleb says drinking helps him sleep. Hanna tells Caleb they are back to where they started because of the pictures A has.

Emily goes to see Ezra. Meanwhile, Aria goes home and Mona is there with Mike.

Emily tells Ezra that Ali knew Cyrus before and Ezra wonders why Cyrus would cover for her. He is going to research Cyrus to see what he can find out. He thanks Emily for trusting him, but she says she has to trust him because she knows he can figure this out.

Aria tells Byron that Mike and Mona are a bad idea. Byron thinks that if he talks to Mike, he will only encourage his relationship with Mona. Byron reminds Aria of the plans they have with Mike and Ella.

At school, Hanna says that Mike is too good for Mona. That is funny because Hanna ends up with Mike in the Pretty Little Liars books. Hanna also says she thinks Ali might be A, essentially. When Emily and Aria walk away, Hanna asks Spencer about her sober coach because Caleb needs help. Spencer says she doesn’t think that will help, but knows someone who can help.

Emily and Paige chat outside of the school. Emily says she and Paige need to talk, but Paige says not tonight.

Spencer calls Toby to ask him for help with Caleb because she thinks Caleb will listen to Toby. Spencer and Hanna are in Spencer’s bedroom and Hanna notices a note on the floor. It is from Melissa saying that Peter is taking her to the airport. I knew Melissa was going to run after she made the recording.

Aria, Hanna and Emily are walking down the street talking about Melissa’s note. Hanna wants to know why Ali can leave town now after A told her not to. Aria says maybe Ali made a deal with someone. Tanner approaches them and wants to talk. Here we go.

Meanwhile, Spencer is busy making out with Toby. They take a breather and Spencer tells him that Hanna stopped drinking, but Caleb did not. She says that Caleb seems different and it looks like he is haunted by something. Toby has noticed this too and anyone who knew Caleb before has to notice he is different.

Tanner is talking to Aria, Hanna and Emily, telling them to be cautious since Cyrus is on the loose. Then, she randomly asks them who they think killed Bethany. Aria says she hasn’t given it much thought after she manages to wipe the deer in headlights look off her face. Tanner says Bethany was killed thirty yards from where they were sleeping and is perplexed that they have not given it a thought.

After Tanner leaves, Hanna calls Spencer to tell her that Tanner thinks they killed Bethany. Hanna says she said it in not so many words and Spencer wants to know how many words and in what order. Hanna reminds her that there was not a connection to Bethany until Aria got the drawings and Spencer “went to see a man about a horse.” Ha. Spencer receives a package from Melissa and Toby asks her if she needs privacy. I guess she does because Spencer goes to her room to watch the video on her laptop.

In the video, Melissa says she is going back to England, like their dad wanted. Melissa then says that she saw Spencer the night Ali disappeared with a shovel. Melissa saw Bethany’s body and assumed that Spencer killed her with the shovel. She could not look at what she thought was Ali’s face, so she pushed the body in and covered her up. She never told anyone what happened. Melissa now knows that she buried a stranger alive, but she thought she was protecting Spencer. She says she got to the point where she went from being a survivor to a predator. She says goodbye and I love you to Spencer. Wow, I did not really expect to learn what happened from Melissa. This was such a horrific story, but the acting from Spencer and Melissa was wonderful in this scene. The Emmys may ignore this show, but the acting can be top notch.

Hanna, Toby and Spencer are the Grille preparing for Caleb’s arrival. Hanna is instructing Toby, but he says it not a big deal. Spencer is distracted by the Melissa video. Caleb arrives and after a quick bro hug with Toby, Toby immediately says “Hanna says you’re having trouble sleeping. What’s the deal with that?” Spencer and Hanna look stunned and Spencer says, “Don’t look at me. Maybe that’s how boys communicate.” Caleb asks Toby who died and made him Oprah. This scene cracks me up. Caleb tries to walk away, but Toby goes to talk to talk to him.

Emily is at work when Paige comes to the counter all dressed up. She picks up two coffees and says she has to go. I guess Paige has a hot date.

Aria arrives at the old fashioned movie theater wearing white ruffled socks and Mary Jane shoes like I had in kindergarten. Why, girl, why? She is upset when Mona is there, instead of Ella. Aria looks like she doesn’t want to sit down and Mona pats the seat next to her. Aria sits down and Paige comes in with her date. She tries to pretend she does not see Aria.

Hanna and Spencer are talking while Caleb and Toby sit in a booth discussing bro stuff. Hanna wonders what Caleb can say to Toby that he cannot say to her. Hanna thinks if you love someone, you should be able to tell them anything. Spencer says that is a good idea, in theory. Toby tells Caleb that he needs to get his feelings out in the open. Caleb doesn’t want to do that, so he leaves with Hanna following behind him. Toby doesn’t feel like he earned dinner, so he wants to leave, also. Toby asks what was in the envelope from Melissa and Spencer says that it was the truth.

At the movie theater, Aria whispers something in Mona’s ear and Mona leaves the theater. I guess the vicious beast that Aria can be has come out to play.

Ezra has figured out where Ali was when some on the surveillance pictures of her were taken. The kicker is Cyrus was with her. Emily says Ali has a gift for knowing what people want and that is probably how she convinced Cyrus to be a part of her kidnapping story.

After Mike notes that Mona has been gone for awhile, Aria leaves to make sure Mona has not fallen in. Mona is the bathroom crying. She says that Mike deserves someone who is nice, which she is not. I really thought about this, especially considering what happens to Mona on the mid-season finale. Why does she have to be “nice?” Is it because she is female? No matter what you think of her, Mona is an incredibly smart girl who gets things done and doesn’t sit around waiting for life to happen to her. She has never mistreated Mike and they genuinely seem to like each other. How was it anyone else’s place to say they should not be together?

Mona says that maybe she should have died when she fell off the cliff. This is truly devastating. Aria tells her not to say that and I wish she had not said that knowing what happened to her. Mona says she has been protecting herself from Ali and that Ali will come after Aria and the other girls when she is finished with Mona. Mona says she knows something about New York and then asks if Mike really likes her. She goes from evil genius to normal teenage girl in seconds. Aria later tells Byron she thinks everything will be okay with Mike.

Spencer is watching the Melissa video and says Melissa has always been good at leaving. She cries and says goodbye to Melissa. I wonder if this is the last we will see of Melissa.

Lt. Tanner comes over the Montgomery house and Aria scampers to the stairs where she can eavesdrop. Byron points out that Tanner has been talking to the girls without their parents. Tanner says she knows what she is doing and she also says that since the kidnapping case is getting more complicated, someone smart must be involved. Tanner says she has been waiting for one of the girls to tell the truth. One of them has come forward, but she won’t say which one.

Caleb is packing up at his cabin. He is angry about the intervention. Hanna reminds him that he cannot always take care of himself and that they need to trust each other.

Spencer, Emily and Aria figure out that Ali is the one that will talk to the police. Emily shows them the picture Ezra gave her and maybe they can use that for insurance.

Caleb explains what happened in Ravenswood, for people like me that did watch the show. Caleb and the others opened all the jars and the woods filled with fireflies. Nothing happened after that, but Miranda was gone. Caleb says he is not the same person and he is afraid of his dreams because he thinks Miranda is not okay. The board points to goodbye and I guess that goodbye was from Miranda.

Spencer shows Emily and Aria the Melissa video. Spencer says that Bethany was wearing the duplicate Ali outfit on purpose. Emily says they need to figure out a way around the picture of A at the hospital. She says A when she means Ali. Aria asks what Spencer will do with the Melissa video.

Outside of Caleb’s cabin, fireflies appear. Someone is outside the cabin.

This episode is the perfect build up to the mid-season finale. This episode makes you move from Team Ali to Team Mona, like the girls will.

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