Double Trouble

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Pretty Little Liars

Season 5, Episode 10 – “A Dark Ali”

Original Airdate: August 12, 2014

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


“I don’t need a creepy text to read the writing on the wall.” – Aria

“And us. Right now, we’re just as big and fat as she she is.” – Hanna

“Thank God the cops are out here, so we don’t have to worry about being imaginary kidnapped.” – Spencer

“You’re the hardest to disappoint.” – Aria to Emily “It’s your eyes.” – Spencer to Emily

“Hanna, are you seriously running away from me? I am faster than you and I have a car.” – Spencer

“Do it. Trust me. Do it.” – Melissa

“Because that would make my head explode, that’s why?” – Aria

“She’s crazy, but she’s not stupid.” – Ezra

“Okay, Mona. We get it. You can freakin’ sing.” – Hanna

“Your mom let me in on her way out. She made me some snacks.” – Spencer

“We both know that Ali brings out the A in you.” – Hanna

“But sooner or later, she is going to get what she deserves.” – Melissa

“Since when do you get sauced before third period?” – Mona


This episode picks up not long after the last episode ended. Cyrus is the guy that confessed and Ashley’s neighbor spotted him lurking around. Lt. Tanner wants to make sure he is who he says he is. Ali’s dad comes in the room where Ali is being held and asks her if Cyrus is the man that hurt her. Ali says she doesn’t know.


Later, the girls try to convince Ali of how crazy she is being. Emily thinks A is behind Cyrus’ confession. Ali thinks that if A is behind this, then Cyrus will lead them to A. Aria wants to know what will happen when that doesn’t work out. Ali doesn’t have an answer for that. As the girls leave Ali’s house, they wonder why A has not texted them, but Aria says she doesn’t need a creepy A text to see the writing on the wall. They start talking about what a big, fat liar Ali is and Hanna points out that they are as big and as fat as she is. Spencer says she is relieved that the police are there, so they don’t have to worry about being imaginary kidnapped. That was one of Spencer’s many gems this season.


Aria thinks Tanner is close to figuring out the Shana thing. They send Emily back in there to talk to Ali because they say Emily is hardest to disappoint, which Spencer says is due to Emily’s eyes. Spencer is going home to hide the Ali photos and recording in her special spot. Hanna asks where that is, in case something happens to Spencer. Spencer ignores that.


Emily is trying to talk some sense into Ali when Ali’s father comes in her room. Mr. D asks how Cyrus could know all those details if he didn’t do it. That is the question of the hour.


An unwashed Ella is at home rehearsing the call she needs to make to the banquet hall to cancel her reservation. Aria made her a snack, but Ella is not hungry. Ella blames herself for what happened with Zack because she ignored the signs.   Aria offers to cancel the rest of the wedding stuff and Ella is grateful.


Caleb asks Hanna what is going on with Ali, but Hanna is too busy throwing away all the unhealthy things in his cabin. Hanna ponders what life is like for normal people and Caleb points out normal people do not have A stalking them.


Spencer is on the phone with Emily while Spencer prepares to put the recording and photos in the hiding spot in her chair. Spencer realizes that the recording of Ali’s medical exam is gone from the chair. That’s what the person in her room was doing a couple of weeks ago. Melissa shows up and asks if Spencer is looking for something. I think Melissa knows what Spencer is looking for, but Melissa acts like she is just asking Spencer what she needs from the grocery store.


Spencer’s phone rings and she answers it, thinking it is Emily calling back. It is really A playing the recording of Ali’s kidnapping story. Melissa asks Spencer if something is wrong, but Spencer just says they are out of peanut butter. Spencer then gets a text from A that says, “Checkmate.”


Hanna and Caleb are jogging when Spencer pulls up in her car. She tries to talk to Hanna about what she found on her surveillance footage. Hanna literally runs away from her and Spencer essentially threatens to chase her down. Caleb, however, tells her to back off.


Spencer does get Aria to watch the footage with her. Melissa tells some guy, maybe Cyrus to trust her and do something and she hands the guy something, maybe, probably the kidnapping story recording. Spencer thinks that Melissa is working with both Mona and A, but Aria says that would make her head explode. Spencer wants to tell Tanner the truth about Ali’s un-kidnapping and reminds Aria that killing Shana was done in self-defense. It was, but I’m not sure who will believe them now.


Hanna goes to a chorus audition in an attempt to be normal. She sees Mona there.


Aria tells Ezra what is going on with Ali, but he doesn’t think Ali would implicate Cyrus. He says she’s crazy, not stupid. With each passing episode, it is seriously beginning to look like Ali has a mental illness. I’m beginning to think she has a split-personality. I will discuss this more later, but you see how my mind wanders during these Aria / Ezra scenes. Anyway, Ezra wants to talk to Ali, but Aria doesn’t want him to jump on “Ali’s crazy train.” He promises not to, but only a fool would believe him.


Ali is talking to Emily and Ali says her father thinks she is afraid of retribution. Emily thinks Ali is happy that everyone finally believes her. Ali says that’s not true. Ali knew Cyrus before and he is the one that cut her on the leg. Ali lived with him in an abandoned basement and he pretended to like her. He really only wanted to steal her money and belongings and he looked at her as if she was nothing. Emily says Ali needs to let him go anyway. This story is sad, if it is true.


Mona is singing while waiting for her turn at the chorus audition. Hanna says everyone gets it, Mona can freaking sing, and she can. Mona gets up to walk into the audition room and she fainted. For a moment, I thought A did something to her.


Spencer is in Emily’s room having a snack that Pam made for her. Emily is upset because she doesn’t want the Ali evidence in her house. Noel Kahn calls Spencer, but she doesn’t answer. He wants to get the photos back from her. Emily defends Ali to Spencer, but Emily refuses to repeat what Ali said about Cyrus. Emily says that if Spencer wants to help, she needs to talk to Melissa. This is true, but who can ever get Melissa to talk.


Meanwhile, Mona comes to and immediately asks for her purse. Hanna sees a copy of Cyrus’ mug shot in there. I wonder what that’s about, so does Hanna.


Ezra sees Ali at The Brew and cannot resist talking to her. He reminds Ali that there are a lot of people involved in her mess. Mr. D comes over and chases Ezra away, like a raccoon that was caught going through the garbage. Aria sees him and of course she is upset.


Mona is parked outside the police station in a random car when Hanna joins her. Do people not lock their car doors in Rosewood? Hanna accuses Mona of setting up the Cyrus thing, but Mona says she is trying to find out who did. Hanna says Ali brings out the A in Mona. Mona tries to kick Hanna out the car, but Hanna refuses to leave. Mona says she will leave instead, but stays put once she spots Tanner, Mr. D and Ali.   Mona says she does not need to follow them because she tapped into Tanner’s phone. That’s awesome: how to do lazy stalking.


Aria is upset with Ezra and looks like she might have hit him, if Shana didn’t recently shoot him. Ezra asks Aria for the reason why she is really upset, as Aria looks at a picture of Zack and Ella. She stuffs some leftover engagement party crap into her car and leaves without telling him why.


Spencer comes in the house after searching the barn and is caught by Melissa. Spencer says she was looking for her sweater and saw on Melissa’s computer that Melissa is looking at international flights. Melissa says that is none of Spencer’s business. Spencer accuses Melissa of being part of Mona’s army, but Melissa says she only helped Mona because she wanted Spencer to see how toxic Ali is. Melissa warns Spencer that Ali is going to get what she deserves and Melissa doesn’t want Spencer to get hurt. She says it’s not safe for her or Spencer to stay in Rosewood, so maybe Spencer should come with her. Spencer doesn’t answer, but I imagine her answer is no.


Tanner takes Ali to the basement where she was allegedly held. Ali begins having flashbacks. In the flashback, we see Ali holding Cyrus’ hand and introducing him to her friends. Ali wakes up one night to find Cyrus stealing her bag. He pins her to wall and cuts her. It looks as if she is having a post traumatic stress episode. Tanner sees this and knows that Ali has been in this basement. Ali tells her she can never forget this place.


Back in the car with Mona and Hanna, Mona says that Cyrus will be released any minute and she wants to follow him. Hanna asks Mona about why she fainted. Mona says she has been having panic attacks since Ali’s return, which Mona sassily ties to reason why Hanna is “sauced before third period.” They hear over Mona’s spy gear that Ali has identified Cyrus.


Ella comes into Aria’s room with a recently purchased short, shiny skirt and asked Aria if she would wear it. Of course she would, which means Ella shouldn’t. Ella asks if Aria is talking to Ezra again and asks Aria to confide in her. Aria says she thought Ezra would die, so she thought of all the things she wanted to tell him. She wants to trust him and start over again, but says people do not change. Ella says people do, including Aria and Byron. Is this hinting at reconciliation again? Aria gets a text from Hanna, which ends the mother / daughter moment.


Emily is waiting for Ali when she comes home. Ali tries to tell Emily that she doesn’t understand some of the difficult things she went through, but Emily reminds her of all the horrible moments the girls had when Ali was supposed to be dead. Emily says the difference is that her friends stuck together (more or less). Emily tells Ali she is done with her and Ali looks devastated. I feel a little bad for Ali, but she only seems to be thinking of what is best for her.


Hanna explains to Caleb how Cyrus was released from custody before word was received that Ali identified him. Caleb says that A could use this against them, but A uses everything against them. Hanna says that Spencer has a plan, and then apologizes for lying to him while she was in the car with Mona. Caleb tells her to call if she needs anything, then they kiss.


In Hanna’s kitchen, Spencer and Aria discuss what Melissa said. Spencer says that A has something big in store for Ali and them and that it’s not too late to go to Tanner. Hanna walks in smiling, so that must have been a yummy kiss. They all wonder why Ali walked into the A trap. Emily walks in and says they cannot trust Ali, so they need to cut ties. Wow, Emily is really done. In a way I understand why they need to cut ties, but in a way I feel sorry for Ali because of how awful her return has been.


Cyrus in is the woods and a lady with dark hair meets him. I think it is going to be Melissa, but it is Ali. She is wearing her “Vivian Darkbloom” wig. Here’s where my idea that she has a split personality solidifies. On one hand, you have the terrified, traumatized Ali and on the other hand, you have the cunning, conniving Vivian. These two sides of her personality do not complement each other and it really seems like she is two people. Anyway, Cyrus is upset that he was almost locked up and says he can tell the police the truth about her. She threatens him saying she can find him again.


Melissa makes a video recording for Spencer to tell her the truth before it is too late. I wonder why she is making a video, instead of telling Spencer to her face.


In the final scene, A is watching a dog show while packing. The items include a candy striper uniform. I knew this A was female, but I can think of reasons why a number of female characters could be A, including Jenna and even Ali herself.


I am getting more excited and nervous about the “Fatal Finale,” which is next week. I think it should be compelling, but I may be upset to find which character will be killed off.

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