Who’s afraid of the Muffin Man?

Scream for Me

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 8 – “Scream for Me”
Original Airdate: July 29, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

“Neither can Shana, who is really deceased.” – Lt. Tanner
“He needs to know what was broadcasted in The Brew.” – Aria
“Yesterday your blouse was inside out and today your locker smells like Oktoberfest.” – Spencer
“She’s like Amish when it comes to booze. – Emily
“What time is it?” – Caleb to Hanna “Half past I’m hungry.” – Hanna to Caleb
“Did both of your parents move out?” – Toby
“Who’s going to cook this dinner I was invited over for? You or me?” – Toby
“That rich lady. She gave Bethany a hell of a lot more than a bag of chips” – Rhonda
“I didn’t kill her. I just gave her freaking root beer. How was I supposed to know she needed sugar free?” – Aria
“Chasing down your morning muffin with malt liquor, that’s something else.” – Spencer
“You’re the problem, Hanna. You’re always the problem.” – Aria
“It’s like playing charades with drunkie. Sounds like murder.” – Aria

The episode opens with the girls in chorus practice at school. Since when do they sing in the chorus? Hanna cannot keep her place and is swaying. She’s reached a new low being drunk in school. Lt. Tanner is questioning Ali a few feet away. Apparently, she wants to ignore the protocol of having a parent present in order to let the girls know she is on to them. Ali says she cannot answer the question as to why Shana moved to Rosewood. Tanner says Shana cannot answer the question either because she is really dead. Wow, Tanner really cannot stand Ali. Ali switches topics and asks about the investigation into her mother’s murder. Tanner just says they have many theories.

Tanner leaves and Ali lets the other girls know Tanner does not believe her. Aria wants to warn Ezra, who is having a medical checkup in New York. Does he really need to go all the way to New York for a check-up? They try to stop Aria from scurrying out the room, but Aria says Ezra needs to know what was said by Hanna in The Brew. Just then, Ali notices A has circled all the A notes on her sheet music. She says she had her bag with her all morning. A has also left a note that says, “Glad to hear you singing. Last time, you were all choked up.” A has jokes now. A is like, ha-ha, remember that time I choked you? Not cool.

Spencer and Emily walk down the hallway and discuss who might have been with Sydney in The Brew. How do they know Sydney did not report to A what Hanna said? They confront Hanna on the hot mess she has been lately, with an inside out blouse and her locker reeking of beer. She drops a beer can and says it belongs to Caleb. Spencer tries to say something, but Hanna says she already has one friend telling her what to do, meaning Aria. Hanna said she left Aria apology voicemail, but Spencer said she heard it and it sounded like Hanna was underwater and Caleb was laughing in the background. Emily says Hanna should also apologize to Ali. I think they should focus more on the fact that Hanna is drunk all the time now.

Aria is outside leaving a voicemail for Ezra when Ella walks up. Ella wants to know why Aria is outside and Aria makes up a lie. Ella asks Aria to be her maid-of-honor. Aria accepts, but says she cannot go to the bridal shop after school because she is volunteering at Radley. She then runs back into school because Ezra is calling her back.

Emily goes to the locker room to talk to Sydney about Hanna. She starts trying to explain Hanna’s behavior and says Hanna is like an Amish person when she drinks. I guess that means she is not used to drinking and doesn’t have an alcohol tolerance. Emily also says that Hanna makes up stories when she is drunk, like about them going to New York together. Sydney says Hanna never mentioned New York. Sydney says that the swim team wants Emily to be their assistant coach. Emily is stunned and looks like she doesn’t want to do it.

Hungry Hanna calls Caleb, who was supposed to meet Hanna for lunch. He was still sleeping off his hangover. Ali comes over and gives Hanna a bottle of water. If she wanted to get on Hanna’s good side, she would have offered her something with melted cheese. Hanna apologizes to Ali for the incident at Emily’s house and Ali asks if something if bothering her. Hanna had her chance, but she didn’t say anything. Ali says her father will be out of town and asks to stay with Hanna. Hanna looks like she definitely does not want that.

Spencer updates Toby and shows him the pictures on her phone of Bethany’s drawing. Toby looks like he has a headache and opens the empty refrigerator and wonders if both of Spencer’s parents moved out. Toby says Spencer’s parents will work it out, but Spencer doesn’t agree. Toby casually mentions that he enrolled in the police academy because he wants to be on the inside and have access to all the files. I cannot picture Toby as a cop, but maybe he can make an impact. He then asks Spencer if he or she will cook the dinner she invited him over for. It looks like they’re having frozen meals and a lot of sass.

Meanwhile, Aria is at Radley standing on her tippy toes in order to look into windows on the doors. A nurse asks Aria what is doing, so Aria asks about Eddie Lamb. The nurse says yesterday was Eddie’s last day and accuses Aria of trying to make a love connection with the orderly. Next, Aria goes into Rhonda’s room to put back the sketchbook, but Rhonda comes in. Aria says she wanted to take another look at the sketchbook. Rhonda tells Aria she won’t tell if Aria gives her something. I guess Aria gets to keep her hands.

Ali is at Hanna’s house when Hanna comes home. Ali is telling Ashley some lies to make Ashley feel sorry for her. Ashley tells Ali to go take warm bath and gives Ali the special bath salts she never lets Hanna use. Ashley says that Ali has no support system, which is mostly true. Hanna says she is not staying for dinner. I guess she is tired of baloney.

Aria gets Rhonda a bag of chips and a sugary drink. Aria tells Rhonda her fascination with Bethany is due to Bethany’s body being found in her friend’s backyard. Rhonda says everyone wants to run away from Radley, but Bethany had it better than most of them. She talks talking about the rich lady with the beige purse, meaning Mrs. D. Rhonda says that Mrs. D once gave Bethany a horse named Custard. For real? That’s the way to pay someone off. Aria tells Rhonda that Mrs. D was murdered also. Just then, a nurse comes in and scolds Aria for giving a diabetic sugar. It looks like she needs to try to talk to Rhonda another time.

Caleb picks Hanna up, so she doesn’t have to spend time with Ali. She is hungry (probably because he missed their lunch date). He only has a bottle of whiskey in the car, which Hanna immediately helps herself to. Hanna gets out the car and presses her nose against the window of The Brew. The Muffin Man, Zack, closed early to prepare for his engagement party. He lets Hanna in anyway.

Sydney stops by to see Emily. She gives Emily a sweatshirt that has assistant coach printed on it. She says she misses Emily at her practices and says she doesn’t have the support of her parents. Sydney then says her dad has been traveling, opening yogurt shops. Maybe Emily and her friends saw one when they were in New York. Record scratch. Emily says she never said that, Hanna did. Emily reminds Sydney she said Hanna did not talk about New York. Sydney says she has spent too much time underwater. Maybe so, since she cannot keep her lies straight.

Back at The Brew, the Muffin Man fixes Hanna a sandwich and says he can smell the alcohol on her. Hanna says it is whiskey and the Muffin Man says he always had a thing for bad girls. Second record scratch. Hanna tries to pay for the sandwich, but the Muffin Man rubs her back instead. Ew, this makes me so uncomfortable. I imagine Hanna feels the uncomfortable, also.

Aria is on the phone with Spencer. Spencer wants to know if Aria was fired from Radley, but Aria essentially says she did not do anything wrong. Ella comes in Aria’s room to let her know that she missed the appointment at the bridal shop. Ella thinks Aria does not want her to get married. Aria disagrees and promises to be at the next appointment.

Hanna and Caleb are in Caleb’s cabin boozing again. She asks Caleb to drive her home, but Caleb says he cannot. At least, one of them is thinking. Hanna says her skirt is too short, but Caleb says it is perfect. He tries to get her to stay, but she heads home.

Spencer and Emily are in the choir room again. Hanna is absent. Spencer thinks it is due to Hanna having malt liquor with her breakfast. I had to laugh at that. Emily says that Aria found the name of the stable and Spencer says they should go there. Spencer thinks that Mrs. D may have been protecting someone out of fear.

Just then, Hanna comes in the room with rice crispy treat stuck in her hair. How did she manage that? Emily tries to pick the snack out of Hanna’s hair and Hanna tells that Zack got too “friendly” with her. Spencer says maybe she was reading too much into it and Emily doesn’t disagree. Wow, they are being terrible friends.

At the Marin house, Ashley comes in Hanna’s room and finds Ali there. Ali has it set up to make it look like she slept in the closet out of fear. I don’t know if she did or not. Ashley is concerned and offers to take the day off. How does she have a job when her boss was murdered?

Emily and Spencer go to the stables where they meet Declan, the angry riding instructor. Emily is not saying anything and Spencer asks if she is mute.

Ashley invites Ali out to dinner, in order to coax her out of the house.

Emily and Spencer follow Declan and Declan admits that Mrs. D used to come to the stables with a strange girl. He tells them about an incident where Mrs. D asked Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie and Bethany threw a bucket at her. I have no idea why those two were together.

Hanna is eating in her car when Zack joins her. Ew, again. Zack says he thinks Hanna was feeling the same vibe as him. He then gives Hanna his phone number and rubs her leg. I am beyond grossed out. Hanna tears the phone number up.

Ashley is making dinner reservations and notices the kitchen window is up. As she closes the window, she hears a noise and thinks Hanna is home. She sees someone dressed in all black. Ali comes downstairs and the person runs out the back door, leaving a giant knife on the floor. Ashley immediately calls 911. Did this scene make anyone else’s heart pound?

Unfortunately for everyone, Tanner is the one to ask Ali and Ashley questions. Ashley says she thinks it was a man and Ali says it sounded like a man. Tanner questions Ali like she is a suspect , so Ashley intervenes saying Tanner is treating Ali like a criminal. Ashley tells Tanner they need to catch the psycho before he strikes again.

Hanna goes over to Aria’s house to tell Aria about Zack hitting on her. Hanna tells her that Zack got in her car and that he wants to hook up with her. I’m sure Hanna threw up in her mouth saying that. Aria asked if Hanna kissed Zack, but Hanna hasn’t kissed a random person since Officer Holbrook. Aria blames the victim and tells Hanna she is the problem. Aria is still upset about Hanna blabbing to Sydney. She says Hanna cannot even remember what she told Sydney. She then accuses Hanna of being drunk and inviting Zack into her car. Why in the world would Hanna do that? Aria is totally talking bull tonight. There’s no reason for her to be so cold to Hanna.

Emily and Spencer are still at the stables, even though there is about to be a thunderstorm. Emily finds Melissa’s riding helmet. Is that a clue or something A planted? A person in black locks them in the stall, as the horse in the stall next to them starts freaking out. Man, that horse must be on the A team. The horse kicks Spencer in the eye. Ouch. They somehow use a ladder and the momentum from the horse to break out the stall. I don’t know; don’t ask me if it’s possible.

Toby comes over to Spencer’s house and startles her because she can barely see out the eye the horse kicked her in. Toby essentially tells Spencer she smells like manure and she admits that she and Emily went to the stable. Spencer tells him about finding Melissa’s riding helmet and getting locked in the stall. Toby says he tired of feeling powerless. Spencer now agrees with Toby becoming a cop because of how hard it is to deal with everything.

At home, Aria first avoids Zack, and then ends up watching a movie with him, sitting between him and Ella. Aria deserves this uncomfortable moment for turning on her friend.

Emily and Spencer show up at Hanna’s house to find out what is going on with Ali. Ashley is scared out of her mind and is probably in Ali’s comfy closet setup. Ali admits that Noel is the one that broke into the house, in order to get someone to believe Ali’s kidnapping story. That’s freaking unbelievable. Ali is officially insane.

In the final scene, A creeps around Spencer’s room.

This episode was more entertaining than last week’s episode, but I really hate how the other girls did not believe Hanna’s story. There is so much going on that the least they can do is support each other. I hope they really pull it together.

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