Drunk in love


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Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 7 – “The Silence of E. Lamb”
Original Airdate: July 22, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

“Your wish is our command.” – Hanna
“That’s a beautiful scarf.” – Sydney
“I guess she has a thing about rodents.” – Sydney
“A dead rat has boy written all over it.” – Mona
“I don’t want to get in some weird custody battle over our friends.” – Hanna
“I got out the box, didn’t I? – Ali
“I just know you from what you believe behind, like a tornado.” – Caleb
“It’s called a decision. You’re just mad I can make them and you can’t. – Caleb
“I forgot how enthusiastic you were about watching things.” – Spencer
“You can call me a lot of things, but don’t call me an amateur.” – Mona
“A boy like that can make trouble without even trying.” – Ali
“He is the most un-mistake thing in my life.” – Hanna
“What do you want me to do? Keep it simple because you know I’m not very smart.” – Hanna
“Hanna knows what Hanna means.” – Hanna
“You’re the special one, Ali. There’s no one in the entire world like you.” – Hanna
“I had to have something to wash down all the baloney we had with dinner.” – Hanna
“You guys have done enough slipping on your own.” – Spencer
“If it were about love, there wouldn’t be bodies buried up and down the street.” – Spencer
“She definitely has her own chuck to grind.” – Hanna

Pretty Little Liars opens with some good news; Pam Fields is back from Texas. I don’t think this is a good time for any of the girls to be unsupervised. Pam sees the other girls in the hallway at school and tells Emily to invite them all to dinner. She says she wants to give Ali an adult to talk to. That might be a good idea, so that all these problems do not fall on teenagers’ shoulders. The girls gather in the restroom and Emily informs them of this. Ali doesn’t see it this way and does not trust Mrs. Fields. Hanna questions whether they should be suspicious of everyone. It is minutes into the episode and she’s already had enough of Ali.

No one wants to go to the dinner, plus Aria is volunteering at Radley and Spencer is supposed to help Ezra move all his boxes of stalking, I mean, research. Ali tells the girls they should go to the dinner, in order to get it over with. Hanna sarcastically responds that Ali’s wish is her command. I wonder if there is going to be a hair pulling incident in Hanna and Ali’s future.

The other girls exit the restroom, leaving Emily and Ali. Ali asks Emily to walk her home since Emily makes an excellent bodyguard. Ali is freaked out because she thinks that teachers will see the bruises on her neck from A choking her. She has the bruises covered with make-up and a scarf. Just then, Sydney comes out of one of the stalls and comments on Ali’s beautiful scarf. Yep, it’s beautiful to cover bruises on your body. Sydney is obviously on the dark side.

In the hallway, Sydney tells Emily about the rat in Paige’s locker. She guesses Paige has a “thing” about rodents, but doesn’t see the poetry of a dead rat in the locker of someone who just “ratted” someone out. Paige didn’t come to school that day. I don’t know if she’s scared or if she is already in trouble. Emily sees Mona and wonders if Mona had anything to do with the rat. Mona thinks it is something a boy would do. Emily asks if that boy could be Noel Kahn. Mona has Noel’s notebook. She says she borrowed his notes, but I would guess this means he is not an Ali ally anymore.

Hanna sees Caleb at school reading a comic book. He is there for his exit exam, but is not bothering with studying. Hanna casually grabs some of his French fries, and then puts them back. She says she should have asked first, but I think she is already getting comfortable with Caleb’s reappearance. Caleb asks Hanna why she is upset and wonders why she just won’t dump Ali. Hanna is afraid of losing her other friends in the process. Caleb says she will always have him, and then he basically runs out of the cafeteria.

Aria begins her volunteer work at Radley. She runs into Eddie Lamb, who recognizes her, but then pretends not to know her.

Ali is taking an entrance exam in the same room Caleb is taking his exit exam in. For two people who allegedly do not know each other, they sure seem to dislike each other. Caleb questions whether Ali learned anything while she was in the box and Ali said she got out the box, didn’t she. Ali says Caleb doesn’t know her and he says he only knows her from the aftermath she leaves, like a tornado. Ouch, I think Caleb won this battle.

Aria is volunteering in an art class at Radley. The teacher tells her to spread some drawings out on the table and Aria does so, including the picture that Bethany drew. A patient, Rhonda, immediately notices this and calls Aria a thief. It turns out Bethany was her roommate and Bethany gave her the drawing. I think Rhonda is what one would call an unreliable witness.

Melissa comes home to talk some sense into Veronica. Peter is staying with Melissa and Melissa is okay with her mother living with a liar. Melissa and Spencer’s conversation jumps all over the place, as usual. Melissa says someone left food out in the barn. I wonder if someone has been living in the barn without anyone noticing. Melissa says she doesn’t care about Peter wanting to sell the house. She heads to the trashcan and Spencer takes the bag from her. Spencer looks in the bag and drops it. It is a dead rat in a trap. Are the writers trying to tell us something? Remember the dead pig in Wilden’s trunk before Wilden’s body was discovered?

Caleb comes over Hanna house with a six pack of beer. He’s making it hard to root for him. Hanna is upset because a pissed off Ali called her and complained about Caleb. Caleb tells Hanna he walked out of the exit exam because he thinks education is useless. Caleb just jumped onto the loser train. Hanna tries to talk to him, but he chides her saying she is mad because he can make a decision and she can’t. Hanna tells Caleb to leave and I think she was close to breaking that beer bottle and cutting him. Remember Hardcore Hanna?

Spencer goes over to Ezra’s apartment and is stunned by the number of boxes of “research” and spy gear Ezra has. Ezra is concerned about Aria being at Radley and thinks he should talk to Eddie Lamb. Spencer switches topics and asks to borrow one of Ezra’s spy cameras. You know she wants to use it on Melissa.

Mona is watching the construction being done on Toby’s house when Emily approaches her. It is like Mona is admiring her handy work. She talks some crap about change and I don’t bother to follow what she is getting at. Emily pointedly accuses Mona or someone in her army of being behind the Paige / rat incident. Mona says she is not an amateur. She’s not.

Spencer and Ezra put all the boxes into a “friend’s” shed. Does anyone else think these boxes are going to wind up disappearing or getting destroyed? Ezra tells Spencer he really wanted to write a book about his family, but thought he would have an easier time solving the Ali mystery. He thinks, however, he made things worse. I think he and Spencer bond a little.

Aria is cleaning up the art room at Radley when Rhonda surprises her. Rhonda essentially threatens to cut off Aria’s hands, so Aria gives her the drawing back, in order to keep her hands attached. Eddie comes in the room, but neither girl will say what happened. Rhonda and Eddie leave the room and Aria texts Emily, saying she will be late to dinner.

Emily comes over to Hanna’s house to ask Hanna to join the dinner because she needs a buffer between her mom and Ali. Hanna asks what is going on with Ali, but Emily avoids the question.

At Radley, Aria goes into Rhonda’s room to search for clues. She hears Rhonda yelling and gets under the bed. While under there, she sees Bethany’s sketchbook. Jackpot.

Hanna shows up at Emily’s house and apologizes for being late. Emily and Pam go in the house and Hanna and Ali stay on the porch. Ali tries to boss Hanna around and tell her not have anything to do with Caleb, who Hanna says is the most un-mistake thing in her life. Ali just thinks he is trouble. Hanna grabs the vodka on her way in. Hanna is starting to be a walking disaster.

Aria practically runs out of Radley and it is not shown how she got out from under Rhonda’s bed. Eddie follows her and asks her what she is looking for. Aria hauls tail out of there and Eddie calls Ezra. Yeah, I knew he recognized Aria. The people on this show are suddenly terrible liars.

Pam tells Hanna and Ali that she received a discount on the windows, since this was the second time they were replaced. This leads to a discussion about luck. Hanna essentially blames Ali for all that happened to her. Ali makes up a story about blaming herself for being kidnapped and says she asked her friends not to tell when she returned because she was ashamed. Pam says that Ali has special friends, but Hanna says Ali is the special one. Hanna is a meaner drunk than Emily used to be. Pam and Ali take the dishes to the kitchen and Emily confronts Hanna for drinking.

Aria takes Bethany’s sketchbook to Spencer. Aria wants to know how things went with Ezra and asks if they talked about her. Spencer says she did not slip her into the conversation because they did enough slipping on their own. Ha. They flip through the sketchbook, which contains increasingly disturbing pictures. One of the drawings may be Toby’s mother falling from the roof. There is also a drawing of Mrs. D with horns and another with liar written all over her face. Spencer takes pictures of all the drawings, so that Aria can get the sketchbook back to Rhonda and keep her hands.

Emily takes Hanna’s car keys and kicks her out the house. Does it bug anyone else when the girls aren’t getting along? I’m sure A loves this. Hanna says that Pam didn’t buy Ali’s story, which she probably didn’t.

Hanna goes into The Brew and runs into Sydney. This is when a new round of trouble starts. Sydney asks her to split a Panini and you know Hanna cannot resist.

At the Hastings’ home, Melissa comes downstairs with a tray of food and talks with Spencer about how their mother hasn’t been eating. Somehow, this leads to them bickering and Melissa says she doesn’t want to fight. Melissa says this is about love, but Spencer disagrees. What in the world is Melissa talking about? She looks like she wants to tell Spencer and infers again what was done was out of love.

Meanwhile, Sydney gets Hanna to talk about Jenna. Sydney says everyone has beef with her and Hanna says Jenna has her own chuck to grind. The one liners in this episode are awesome. Hanna says she would like to rake Jenna over the coals of the burnt house. Then, it gets worse when she mentions Shana and New York. You know this isn’t going to end well.

Pam admits to Emily that she invited Ali over because she wanted to see Emily and Ali together. She says she realized that Emily may have once looked at Ali as being more than a friend. Pam then warns Emily that her former coworkers on the police force do not believe Ali’s kidnapping story. No one would believe that story if they really paid attention. Pam says that Emily does not have to keep saving Ali.

Caleb comes in just as Sydney is about to give Hanna a ride home. Thank goodness, even though Caleb is getting on my nerves on this episode. Caleb grabs about four brownies from the counter before he spots Hanna. Does he have the munchies now, too? Caleb tries to talk about Ali, but Hanna says she wants to talk about their relationship. Hanna says she’s not with Travis and cannot be, since Caleb returned. Caleb admits he is still traumatized by Ravenswood, then he and Hanna make out in the middle of The Brew.

Spencer sees Ali outside the barn while monitoring her spy gear. She is dressed in different clothes. Either there are two Alis or the one Ali is a psychopath.

Emily leaves a message for Paige and almost says she loves her. Emily is not sure who she loves.

Aria is leaving her house to go to Spencer’s when she runs into Ezra. Eddie didn’t show up for his meeting with Ezra. Oh, no. Eddie is probably sleeping with the fishes.

Spencer, Emily and Aria gather at Spencer’s house and Emily updates them on Hanna’s behavior. Hanna shows up just as the other girls receive a text that says “Ali’s keeping secrets. Maybe it’s because of Hanna’s big mouth.” Hanna was not copied on the message. Way to isolate her, A.

In the final scene, A steams open an invite to Ella’s engagement party, which is addressed to Pam Fields. You know how much A loves when they are all together. It makes being evil easier.

Sorry, but I found this episode to be irritating, The writing was good, but sometimes I have a hard time dealing with the characters’ decisions and behaviors. I hope Hanna and Caleb sober up quickly and the girls realize they need to be united.

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