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run ali run

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 6 – “Run, Ali, Run”
Original Airdate: July 15, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

“A is alive and knows that I kilt her.” – Aria
“A doesn’t shoot and miss. There has to be a reason.” – Caleb
“The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.” – Caleb
“Things happened while you were gone. It’s not the same as when you left.” – Hanna
“We had a slip.” – Aria to Spencer “A slip?” – Spencer to Aria “Technically we had two slips.” – Aria to Spencer
“I buried your mother the same way I watched her bury you.” – A
“Even if you could run, where would you hide? – Spencer
“For 2 years, A has been hunting you down like a warrior cat.” – Aria

The episode picks up where the last episode left off. The text is from A, of course. It says, “Did you miss me, bitches?” This is from that verbally abusive A. Just then, Toby’s house explodes. My heart rate can slow down because no one was in the house. Toby’s never before seen father broke his leg while trying to avoid a falling tree. I really cannot care about a character I have never seen. Caleb is with Toby at the hospital. I guess their bromance is still going strong.

The girls meet to discuss the latest developments. Aria is freaking out again because A knows she “kilt” Shana. A teenager girl is dead and I want to burst out laughing every time Aria says kilt. At this point, only Emily believes that Shana was A. Spencer thinks that A has been watching them all this time. They now need to figure out why A came back tonight. Hello, A blew up a house just a dead girl’s identity was announced. Maybe that’s a clue (rolls eyes).

Caleb spent the night being Toby’s best friend and didn’t get any sleep. Hanna runs into him at The Brew and they both look tired and grumpy. He shows Hanna a newspaper headline claiming that the fire was started by a gas leak. Caleb points out that it is not nonsensical that A blew up Toby’s house. Hanna thinks that the police should investigate, but Caleb points out that Rosewood PD is not known for their brilliance. Gosh, I didn’t realize how much I missed Caleb until he started making so much sense.
Hanna lamely tells Caleb that things happened while he gone. I think she’s talking about the Shana thing, but Caleb sees this as her talking about Travis. He says he is going to spend some time in California. Hanna expected him to stay in Rosewood or Ravenswood, but he frostily tells her doesn’t want to commit to anything. Hanna is going to need a drink after this conversation.

Aria and Ezra are in his apartment, again. At least this time, she’s not “hurting” him. She tells Ezra that she killed an innocent person, but Ezra points out that Shana was not innocent. Ezra is going through his boxes of notes, in attempt to connect Mrs. D and Bethany. At least another person’s thinking cap is on.

Spencer goes home to get a book and runs into her dad. Awkward daddy and daughter time. It turns out that Veronica won’t talk to Peter, so he doesn’t know what is going on. Spencer blatantly accuses her father of killing Mrs. D, but he denies it. I still don’t think Melissa is in the clear. Peter says he and Melissa went to the lake house the night Mrs. D was killed. Remember when A used to hang out in that lake house?

Spencer and Aria are having lunch together. Team Sparia. Aria says she thinks Veronica did the right thing by leaving Peter. Too bad she can’t stay away from her own lying rat. Aria gets a call on her cell from Ezra. She hangs up and tells Spencer she is going over to Ezra’s apartment after school. Spencer gives her the suspicious eye and asks her why she is really going over there. She admits that she and Ezra had “two slips.” Spencer reminds her of what Ezra did and how he deceived her for years.

The others comes to the table and Emily looks scared out of her mind because someone dropped their lunch tray. They are only there for a few seconds when Ali receives a text, which contains a video of A burying her mother and a text that reminds Ali that A buried her mother the way Mrs. D buried Ali. A deletes the content, so the girls cannot go running, screaming to the police.

After school, the girls gather to discuss the latest A-isms. Emily ponders if it was Mona that buried Mrs. D, but Aria wonders if it is someone they have not thought of yet. I think Aria is right. I think Big A is a girl and any lead they have been following about a male is wrong. If Mona is still on the A team, she is taking orders from someone. Spencer is upset because she accused her father of being a murderer. Aria says he could be A. Nope, Aria.

Ali wants to leave town, but Emily wants her to stay. Emily thinks Ali would be safer staying with them. Spencer points out that Ali doesn’t really have anywhere to run to now that everyone knows she is alive.

Spencer goes to Radley to see Eddie Lamb. She hides from Lt. Tanner who is there torturing, I mean questioning, the staff. Spencer says that it wasn’t a coincidence that Bethany was buried in Mrs. D’s backyard and Eddie says probably not. Eddie says he cannot talk to anyone and is called away for a phone call. All of this is caught on camera and I’m sure someone will make note of this interaction.

Ali is staying over Hanna’s house because her father isn’t at home. I guess he’s not focused on her emotional recovery anymore. Travis stops by and Ali goes into the kitchen. It seems that Hanna forgot about her date with Travis. Ouch. Travis says he saw Mona’s video of Ali and doubts she needs protecting. I wonder if he is going to be a future member of Mona’s army. Travis asks Hanna about her behavior at Lucas’ party and wonders if she wanted to be somewhere else. Hanna denies this and gives him a half-hearted kiss.

When Hanna goes back in the house, Ali is on the phone making plans to leave. Hanna says she will help her. In other words, Hanna will help herself by getting Ali out of town.

Ezra and Aria are going through Ezra’s files, as planned. She tells him that things cannot go back to the way they were. He tries to make excuses, but Aria tells him not only that he cannot change the past, but also that the other night was a mistake. This episode is actually giving me hope for my former favorite character. Just then, Lt. Tanner stops by. She gives Ezra an envelope that was left outside his door, while Aria ducks into the bathroom. Ezra lets Lt. Tanner into the apartment, instead of awkwardly making her stand in the hallway. Tanner says she is gathering information on Shana and doesn’t think it was a coincidence that her body was found at Fitzgerald Theater. It turns out that Shana had gun residue on her sweatshirt and I think Tanner already figured out Shana shot Ezra. Ezra doesn’t give Tanner any further information, and as Tanner leaves, she sees Aria’s purse on the table. Why is Aria always forgetting to hide her stuff? Remember, she left her keys when she searched Ezra’s cabin.

Emily corners Paige after swim practice and asks Paige for the details on Mona’s army. She tells Paige that Mona possibly blew up Toby’s house and makes Paige feel bad for not sharing what she knows.

Veronica and Spencer are out having dinner. Veronica says she is tired of all of Peter’s lies. Spencer says Veronica needs to tell Peter about her plans to leave him. Just then, Peter shows up. Spencer invited him so that her parents can talk like adults, instead of putting their daughter in the middle.

Meanwhile, Ali has made plans for Noel Kahn to pick her up in New Jersey. Did Noel Kahn drop out of school, like it seems Caleb did? Hanna offers to drive her to meet Noel and gives Ali a bunch of her clothes. She really wants to get rid of Ali. Ali says she wants to see her dad first. Then, Ali hugs Hanna and thanks her for helping her. Hanna looks slightly guilty.

Back at Ezra’s place, Aria tells Ezra he needs to get rid of his files because Tanner did not believe what he told her. She says they can put the files in her attic. That way, Mike can give Mona access to them. Ezra opens the envelope and inside is a drawing of Mrs. D with a demon hovering over her. Bethany drew up. Yep, they did know each other. Ezra still has a camera in the hallway, so he wants to see who left the envelope. Aria wants to know why he still has cameras and so do I.

Emily arrives at Hanna’s house and tells her that Lucas and Melissa are working with Mona. Emily sees Ali’s train ticket and Hanna says it is hers. Emily quickly sees through that lie and notices the clothes and the money Hanna got for Ali. Emily thinks like I do and sees Hanna’s ulterior motives. Emily tells her off and Shay Mitchell gives one of best performances. I love how this show is getting better.

At school, Paige opens her locker and a dead rat falls out. She screams like she is in a horror movie. I guess Mona is really mad that she told.

Ali goes home and finds her dad isn’t there. She calls him and he tells her he won’t be home. Ali goes upstairs and a gloved hand turns the light off. I am actually scared now.

Spencer researches Bethany Young on her computer. She then goes to the Radley website. She figures out something and writes it down.

Ali grabs some cash and fake ids from the false bottom of one of her drawers. She puts on a scarf and heads downstairs. A clobbers her with some kind of a pole and begins to choke Ali with her own scarf. Emily pulls up outside and when I first watched this, I was yelling for her to hurry up and help Ali. Ali tries to stab A with a letter opener, but A knocks it out of her hand. Emily rushes in and gets in a fight with A and even beats A with a book she grabs off the shelf. Look for someone with bruises all over them. A knocks her out of the way and runs out of there. Emily deserves some kind of medal for A-whopping. Emily wants to call the police, but Ali won’t let her.

Hanna tracks down Caleb again, who is in some kind of cabin, sitting in front of a fireplace. That’s a nice sight for a cold evening. Hanna admits to Caleb that she wants Ali gone. Caleb says that what happened in Ravenswood stays with him, but he doesn’t say what happened. He and Hanna drink instead. What a pair they make.

Aria and Ezra are watching the footage from his camera, when Aria tells him that he should tell Tanner that Shana shot him. I think it’s too late for that. On the footage, it is shown that Eddie Lamb was the one that dropped the drawing off.

The girls have gathered to discuss the latest attempt on Ali’s life. Spencer wonders who would want to scare Ali like that since they assume the person was not trying to kill her. I think if someone cuts off my air supply, they are trying to kill me. Aria runs in the room and hugs Ali. I think she and Emily might be the only ones that missed Ali. Spencer says the drawing must a clue that they need to take a closer look at Radley. Aria suggests that Spencer go in, but Spencer is too well known there.

Ali receives a text from A threatening her, if she does not stay in town. I’m sorry, what? Aria is just as confused as I am and wonders what is up with A’s change of heart, considering A has been hunting Ali like a “warrior cat.” I’m sure what a warrior cat is. It sounds like something on Teen Wolf. A does treat Ali like she is prey.

After the other girls are gone, Ali thanks Emily for saving her life. Ali is still shaken up, so she asks to stay the night. She promises there will be no hanky panky and proves it by climbing into bed fully clothed. Emily tucks her in and stays up all night watching over her. Somebody loves their Ali.

That morning, Spencer tells Veronica that Toby is going to search the rubble of his house for any items that may have survived the explosion. I think Jenna’s snow globes are all gone. Veronica drops the bomb that she and Spencer are moving back home, but Peter is moving out. She says that Peter has been lying to her for years and she has already given him too many chances. I understand where she is coming from, but I still feel bad for Spencer.

Travis is reading outside when Hanna asks him to have lunch with her. He turns her down and says he knows Caleb is back. Hanna tries to say that Caleb is not what is freaking her out lately, but Travis sees through that. He tells her he will give her one less thing to worry about. Ouch, no more pool table make-out sessions for her.

Aria signs up as a volunteer at Radley. Maybe, it is her punishment for trying to make Spencer go back in there.

Ali is picking up something at home with Tanner stops by. She tells Ali to come to the police station with her dad to answer some questions about Shana. Tanner asks Ali specifically where Ali was the night Shana died. Emily looks overwhelmed. It’s a good thing she’s not going in for questioning. Ali gets yet another A text, which says, “Time for the cage bird to sing.” Alright, A. I am tired of you texting Ali every five minutes. If you have so much to say, pick up one those voice distorters from the Scream movies and give her a call. Geez, A must have unlimited texting.

In the final scene, the veiled lady tucks a card for the parents of Bethany Young into a large flower arrangement. Um, okay. Not sure what to think about that.

This was another good episode. Now, I when I watch, I’m not wishing it was Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries.

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