miss me

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 5 – “Miss Me X 100”
Original Airdate: July 8, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

“If she’s sad, she can cry in New York.” – Emily
“We blinded Jenna. We killed her girlfriend. She’s back to punish us for it.” – Hanna
“I’ve been though worse.” – Ali
“If she’s not looking for us or smelling for us…” – Hanna
“Lucas, you’re doing it with her!” – Hanna
“You’re suddenly a victim of what?” – Ali
“I made you Loser Mona and you know I can do it again.” – Ali
“Spence, get over here.” – Toby
“Are they together now?” – Hanna to Spencer “Have you been drinking?” Spencer to Hanna

The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars opens with Hanna working on an Astronomy assignment with Travis. She is distracted because the next day is Ali’s first day back to school. Travis tells her that she doesn’t have to walk into school with Ali. Hanna doesn’t want people to see her as Ali’s puppet, but Travis doesn’t see her this way and doesn’t think other people will either. Hanna isn’t sure about that. Travis is so sweet; too bad this is probably the beginning of the end for this couple.

That same night, Aria and Ezra are walking down the street together because they cannot stay away from each other. Aria still feels haunted by the memory of Shana and fears that she will receive an A text. They see Ali talking to someone in a car and Aria calls out to her. The car pulls away without showing the driver and Ali comes over to them. Ali asks if they are on a date and they both quickly deny it. Ali says she was at her dad’s office picking up some forms for school. I do not believe her. She spends too much time creeping around the town at night. They look across the street as a bus drops someone off: it’s Jenna. Aria and Ali are going to need to change their underwear, like when Jason scared Hanna.

Spencer and Toby are hanging out in her kitchen. Toby offers to talk to Peter on Spencer’s behalf. I don’t know why Toby thinks he cannot intervene with her family because the middle name of all the Hastings is Shady. They are not talking, unless they want to. Toby asks if Ali knows that Spencer thinks her dad killed Ali’s mom. Spencer hasn’t told her and admits that she is having a hard time trusting Ali. Toby tells her that it is okay to close the door on Ali, but I don’t think Spencer will let go until every mystery is solved.

Toby gets a call on his cell from Jenna. He looks like he doesn’t want to answer and says he has not spoken to Jenna since Jenna moved to New York. Isn’t that a coincidence that she lived in the same city as Ali? Yeah, I don’t think it’s a coincidence either. Jenna tells Toby that Shana has been murdered. I’ve been waiting for the other characters to learn of Shana’s death.

Spencer quickly gathers the girls, including Ali, so they can discuss what to do. Aria says that Spencer should tell Toby the truth about Shana and Ali looks stricken. Aria tells Spencer that it is her decision, not Ali’s. Ali doesn’t have power over the girls anymore.

The conversation turns to Jenna’s return to town. Emily wonders why she couldn’t cry in New York and I wonder when Emily turned stone cold. Emily has this look on her face, like she is fed up with everything. Hanna quickly sums up the reason for Jenna’s return, as only Hanna can. She thinks Jenna is back for revenge. Ali didn’t know that Jenna was in New York and states that she must have known of Shana’s plot against her. Ali says she plans to make amends with everyone she hurt before and Aria asks if that includes Jenna. Ali doesn’t have an answer for that.

The next morning, Ali is getting ready for school. She gives herself a pep talk, saying she has been through worse. The other girls wait for her outside school, thinking she’s not going to show. Ali shows up and stops to talk to the twins that she used to call “gay-rons,” which are gay morons according to Emily. I wonder if Ali bullied minorities, too. Everyone is stunned by Ali’s appearance and this makes Paige sick to her stomach, so she leaves.

The girls walk Ali inside the school, as Mona and her sidekick, Lucas stare. In fact, everyone is staring. That is so obnoxious, what are they trying to see? Are they going to know her story by staring at her? High school is the worst. Emily offers to walk Ali to the guidance counselor’s office and they all agree to meet for lunch. Spencer is called to the office and finds her mother there. Veronica is leaving Peter and she is taking Spencer with her. I did not see that coming. I was more worried Veronica was in a hole in someone’s backyard.

Lucas approaches Hanna in the hallway and invites her to a party, so that she can meet his girlfriend. The party is at 7:00. Hanna accepts and asks if she can bring Travis. Hanna walks off and Lucas immediately calls someone on his cell phone. Lucas is not to be trusted.

Veronica is in her Spencer’s room, quickly packing up her clothes. Spencer asks if Melissa is coming, but Veronica doesn’t answer. Spencer asks why they are running, but Veronica says they aren’t running. Spencer points out they are packing up in the middle of the day, when her father isn’t home. Veronica confesses that Peter and Melissa’s alibi for the night Mrs. D was killed was disproven. Veronica is upset because Peter agreed not to involve the children, but won’t say what she doesn’t want them involved in.

At school, Hanna, Aria and Emily are worried because they haven’t heard from Spencer. I guess she is still busy packing her preppy wardrobe. Ali is still in the guidance counselor’s office. Aria says she is going to see Jenna after school and will stop by Spencer’s house. Hanna and Emily don’t think she should go to Jenna’s, but Aria wants to help in some way. Aria wishes Hanna a carefree senior year and that Emily will have time for a hobby, but says she is still struggling with the Shana thing. Can they make an episode called, “The Shana Thing,” like the season one episode called “The Jenna Thing?”

Sydney invites Emily to a Frozen movie sing-along at 7:00. Are you seeing a pattern here? Emily tries to talk to Paige, but Paige is too upset about Ali’s return.

Aria goes over to Jenna’s house. She finds that the door is open, which is perfectly safe to do in Rosewood. Aria finds Jenna sitting on the floor crying. Aria runs out without saying anything. I guess she’s not ready to help.

Emily stages an intervention with Paige and Ali. Ali says she is ashamed of how she treated Paige, but Paige is not in a forgiving mood. She confesses that she was glad when she thought Ali was dead because of Ali’s bullying behavior. Ali apologizes, but Paige doesn’t accept it.

Spencer asks Hanna to bring her school assignments because she remembers how Hanna felt when her parents split. Spencer thinks that her father was trying to protect her when he killed Mrs. D. Ashley comes in the room and Spencer lies about her parents splitting up. She is in denial because she always thought her parents would stay together. I’m sad for Spencer. She already has enough going on.

Ali is over Emily’s house when Emily tells her that she has plans for the night with Paige. Ali asks to stay at Emily’s since her father is working late. Ali apologizes to Emily for making Emily think her romantic feeling were one sided. Emily responds like, why are you telling me this now. Ali said she wanted her to know, but you have to wonder if it is one of those manipulative Ali moments.

Hanna is getting coffee when she runs into someone: Caleb! I did watch Ravenswood, but I’m glad he’s back. Caleb has changed. He cut of his hippy hair and is ready to get into a fist fight with someone in line behind them. Caleb sees coffee cups with Hanna and Travis’ names on them and disappears like a vampire. Is that what he’s hiding? Whoops, wrong show. Anyway, Hanna is not going to handle this well.

In the very next scene, Hanna is at Lucas’ party, drunk dialing Caleb. Lucas gives her more to drink, like the jerk he is. A pissed off Travis watches from nearby. That wouldn’t be a fair fight, Travis would pulverize him. Hanna asks Lucas where his girlfriend is and announces to all the extras at the party that Lucas is “doing it” with her. I didn’t want to, but I laughed. Lucas is having relations with an imaginary girl. Travis sees that as his cue to drag Hanna out of there.

At school, Sydney tries to pretend like she doesn’t know who Shana and Jenna are. Don’t trust her.

Ali is leaving Emily’s house. Since the girl can fly a plane, she needs to get a driver’s license. A car immediately begins to follow her.

Aria comes home and leaves the door open. When she turns around, Jenna is standing there. Jenna asks what Aria was doing in her house, so I guess Jenna can smell the liars, like Hanna said. Jenna admits that she has no one, but says it is her fault. Aria invites her in for a cup of tea and a chat. Jenna seems genuinely grateful.

Ali runs into the creepy church and texts her friends. She closes the shutters, which were making a banging noise. When she turns around, Mona is standing there. Mona says she knows they were in New York. She also suggests that Ali leave town. Ali says she has changed and wonders how Mona is suddenly a victim. Ali brings up when Mona ran over Hanna, but Mona says she’s better now. The look in her eyes says otherwise. Ali says she can turn her into Loser Mona again and Mona slaps her. Ali slaps her back, but she draws blood. She tells Mona to leave her alone, but you know Mona isn’t going to let that slap heard around the world go.

Ali tells the girls that Mona had help and it wasn’t a coincidence that all the girls were busy. She lies and says she didn’t hit Mona back.

Ashley tells a drunken Hanna that they need to have a serious talk. Hanna tells her that Caleb is back.

Emily calls her mom from Ali’s room and says Ali is missing her mom tonight. Pam gives Emily permission to stay over. Ali tells Emily that she was the hardest one to leave behind. Later, they end up having a serious make-out session.

Aria stops by Ezra’s unlocked apartment with a pie. Seriously, why is no one thinking about safety? Ezra shows Aria his gun shot scar, then she feels him up. I start screaming “no,” but they don’t listen. They wind up kissing and more. Aria is on top of Ezra and asks if it hurts. I am extremely uncomfortable. Just because Ezra is less annoying, doesn’t mean I want to see this. He is still too old for her and I still don’t fully trust him.

The next day at school, Hanna looks rough. Spencer explains to them how Mona got the number to Ali’s burner phone. They start to walk to class and find that Mona has gathered an army. She plays innocent and shows everyone an edited video of her fight with Ali to make Ali look like the bully. Everyone is horrified and by the way, Paige and Sydney are standing with the army. The girls follow Ali into the bathroom and confront her. They are tired of her lies.

In the next scene, we see that Sydney and Jenna know each other. In fact, they look like they could be sisters. They sit down at a picnic table with Mona and an unseen person to plot evil things. I knew something was off about Sydney from the beginning. I think the unseen person could be Melissa or Paige.

Spencer confesses to Toby in his truck, like she is in a church. She tells him all about Shana. She asks him if he is mad that she waited so long. He tells her to get over there and gives her a Toby snuggle.

Hanna tracks down Caleb. He says he doesn’t want to mess up Hanna’s relationship with Travis and will not reveal why he’s back in town. I guess a lot of attitude comes with that haircut.

Emily and Ali are in Emily’s room and Emily is still mad at Ali for lying. Ali tries to kiss her and Emily stands up. Emily doesn’t take any crap anymore. Breaking news comes on the television and the reporter says the body found in Alison’s grave has been identified.

Back to Hanna and Caleb, Caleb says he hasn’t seen Miranda since the night Hanna left Ravenswood. I wish they would go ahead and tell what happened. Hanna receives a text and tells Caleb to come with her.

Everyone gathers in Emily’s living room: Spencer, Toby, Aria, Ezra, Hanna, Caleb, Ali and of course, Emily. This is the scene I posted the picture of. Emily holds Ali’s hand and Hanna asks Spencer if they are together. Spencer asks her if she has been drinking, she has.

A news conference begins and the body was identified as Bethany Young, who was an escaped Radley patient. It would have been so much more impactful if we knew who this girl was. Everyone is kind of looking at each other, like who in the hell is this girl, when suddenly the window shatters. This actually made me jump. It reminded me of the days when Pretty Little Liars used to have me shaking in my seat. I’m sure the Fields’ insurance company is going to wonder why this family is so accident prone; especially considering the house was recently repaired after someone drove a car through it.

Everyone goes outside and there are cars on fire and at least one car has been flipped upside down. Most shockingly, Toby’s house is on fire. He runs into the house thinking that someone might be home. Toby, no. Don’t be a hero. The girls all receive a text. I know you can imagine who it is from.

In the final scene, A is moving into a new lair. Some of the items include a doll house and a blonde doll. Does that mean Mona is one of the people moving in? There is a veiled lady standing there, plus a girl in a hoodie.

Wow, I loved this episode. It had funny moments, scares and even a couple of tender moments. I was reminded of how awesome this show can be and I hope it stays this way. This was the most entertaining episode of the show since I have been blogging and one of the best episodes of the show, period. I think I want to watch this episode again, even though I’ve seen it twice. That shows how good this was. Happy 100th episode to Pretty Little Liars.

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