Pretty little freak show

Thrown from the ride

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 4 – “Thrown from the Ride”
Original Airdate: July 1, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

“Did someone spit in your Cornflakes?” – Mona
“It’s hard to see her as the devil when she just escaped from hell.” – Lucas
“We’re just a freak show in natural light.” – Aria
“You need to take a psychological selfie.” – Spencer
“Hanna, this is so not helping.” – Aria to Hanna “Yes, it is.” – Hanna to Aria
“It’s kind of a game changer when your mother can ground you and flunk you.” – Lucas
“Still with the carpenter.” – Spencer
“You don’t get to be some sort of social Switzerland. If you’re not with me, you’re against me.” – Mona
“Do you wonder when you became the very thing you’re afraid of?” – Paige

The episode begins with Hanna unveiling her un-Ali hair (shorter with black low lights) to Aria. Aria likes it, but wonders what is up with the sudden change. They are looking through books at a used book fair when Hanna picks up a copy of The Scarlett Letter, which belonged to Shana. I’m sure someone strategically placed it there. Probably Mona, who comes over there to start talking cryptically about Shana. We’re only 4 episodes in and Mona is already getting on my nerves. I feel stupid for ever having any sympathy for her. She’s just pure evil and completely annoying.

Ali has been cleaning house and comes downstairs in her home with a box of clothes for Goodwill. Her father assumes they are her mother’s clothes, but they are Ali’s own. She says she’s not the girl she was two years ago. She also informs her father that will need school supplies, for when she returns to Rosewood High. Her father doesn’t want her to go back there and wants her to move into his new home, which is in another town. Ali says she needs her friends and begs him not to take her friends away. I don’t think Ali have ever been this emotionally vulnerable.

In the Hastings’ kitchen, Veronica is upset about the police ruining her backyard during their investigation. Spencer tries to talk to her about Melissa and Peter’s secrets, but Peter comes downstairs. Veronica asks if Toby can help with the yard, but he has another job. That means no shirtless Toby in this episode, but I’ll keep watching.

Mona and Lucas are having a disagreement and Mona wants to know what Lucas’ problem is. Lucas is having second thoughts about the anti-Ali plan because he believes her kidnapping story and feels bad for her. Mona informs him that Ali made up the story and she can prove it.

Emily is helping Sydney with her swimming techniques. She mostly wants to avoid her mother and her many questions. Emily ignores a call from Ali and simultaneously avoids her stalker, Paige.

Spencer, Aria and Hanna are having lunch outside to avoid the obnoxious kids in the cafeteria. They are still being stared at by people with no home training. Emily joins them and Aria looks up and notices Mona staring at her. Is Mona upset no one wants to eat lunch with her? Aria freaks out and Spencer tells her she needs to take a “psychological selfie,” i.e. take up a step back and look at her own craziness.

The girls discuss their experiences with the overly curious at school. Hanna admits that she hit a girl in the head with a dodge ball when the girl asked her a rude question about Ali. Just then, they receive a group text and panic thinking A is back. It is a message from Ali, however, letting them know she has to wait for the toxicology report to know what happened to her mother. Hanna points out that no one in Spencer’s family killed Mrs. D because it would have been too obvious. Aria tells her that that’s not helpful, but Hanna disagrees.

Ali sends a text to Emily, asking Emily to call her. She signs it A, then changes it Alison. Is this a hint that Ali sent some of the A texts? Maybe so.

Ali’s father comes in her room and informs her that she needs to go in for a police mandated physical exam, but Ali doesn’t want to go in. She is totally hiding something, besides the fact that she lied. Ali’s father thinks she has been raped, but she says nothing like that happened. I think something terrible did happen to her. She cries again and distracts her father by asking him to make her a sandwich. He tries to make her feel better by giving her permission to buy some new clothes. When he leaves the room, she cries hard, with sound.

Andrew checks in with Spencer and this makes me wonder why Toby wasn’t on this episode.

Aria is in a dark computer lab reading an email from Ezra. Why would she want to sit in a dark room with other people, considering how paranoid she has become? Aria receives an IM and thinks it is Shana related. It is just a girl from one of her classes. Aria searches the Internet for Shana and there is headline saying that the body found was identified as Shana and foul play is suspected. That explains why she couldn’t find a mention of her before. I guess a person going to murder somebody doesn’t carry an ID. Someone posted a video of Shana’s funeral. It is so creepy, but I have seen the links to people’s funerals on the Internet. I would never watch one. Aria cries for the dead psychopath and hallucinates Shana sitting up in her coffin. That startled me.

The ghosts of a long ago friendship appear when Lucas approaches Hanna at The Brew. Lucas is back at Rosewood High after he did not adjust well to homeschooling. Lucas asks if Ali is coming back to school and Hanna says she doesn’t know. She looks like she is really uncomfortable talking to him and takes a call from Ali just to get away from him.

Emily runs into Paige again when she goes to school on a Saturday to help Sydney. Paige is so desperate to spend time with Emily that she agrees to running sprints with them on the track.

Spencer has Andrew helping with yard work. He is the anti-Toby wearing multiple shirts. Andrew asks Spencer if she wants to make out, but Spencer reminds him that she is still with the carpenter (Toby). Andrew wonders why Veronica is spazzing over the yard, but Spencer thinks her mother is displacing her feelings about Mrs. D. There is a dead opossum next to a large container of poison that was purchased by someone last week. Suspicious.

Sydney, Emily and Paige go out for pizza. Mona there watching like the psycho she is. Emily later tells Spencer and Aria about Paige shutting down on her. I guess she didn’t notice Mona. The girls are avoiding Ali and Aria wants to know if Emily still has feelings for Ali. Emily says she doesn’t know.

Aria asks Emily if she became obsessed with learning about Nate. She tells the story of obsessing over the package she received from Nate’s mother and they all feel the gravity of what occurred.

Hanna goes with Ali to her physical exam. Ali has a long scar on her thigh and the doctor asks how she got it. She starts to tell a lie about how she got, which totally does not make sense. Her lies have sucked lately. The doctor tells her she needs to see a trauma counselor and I nod in agreement. When the doctor leaves the room, Ali gives Hanna a recording of the exam and the questions she was asked for beforehand. She wants Hanna and the girls to memorize it. That is both weird and devious. Hanna asks Ali about the scar, but Ali won’t talk.

Spencer tries to get her mother to talk to her. Veronica admits that she has had a sick feeling in her stomach since Mrs. D’s body was found. Mrs. D thought that Spencer was the one that hurt Ali and Peter threatened her by saying he would tell Mr. D about his affair with Mrs. D. Mrs. D planned to tell the police that Spencer killed the girl in Ali’s grave. Because of this, Veronica thinks that Peter had something to do with Mrs. D’s death.

Spencer is in her room researching rat poison (arsenic), when Ali texts her. Spencer goes over to Ali’s house, where Ali is looking at an anti-Ali message board. Don’t look yourself up on the Internet, it’s never pretty. Ali tells Spencer that someone switched Mrs. D’s low blood pressure medicine for high blood pressure medicine and that stopped her heart. Spencer is visibly relieved that it was not rat poison and Ali notices her relief. Ali is still trying to understand her mother’s actions. She warns Spencer that there are still monsters out there.

Paige is going to her car at night when Mona comes out of the shadows. Mona tries to get Paige to go along with the anti-Ali plan. Mona warns her that Paige is either with her or against her. Mona doesn’t realize that Paige is strong enough to throw her into oncoming traffic. Paige counters her by asking when Mona became the thing she is afraid of. Ouch. That was the best comeback of this episode.

Aria keeps re-watching Shana’s funeral. I can see she is taking a trip down crazy lane.

Paige warns Emily about the anti-Ali army, but doesn’t tell her who is participating. That is not helpful at all, Paige. When Paige leaves, someone comes out of the bushes. Emily practically runs into the house. That was creepy. I wonder if Paige is in danger now.

Hanna is shopping and in the midst of trying on a very 90s looking outfit. Someone is lurking outside the dressing room, but leaves when Hanna’s cell phone rings. Hanna and Spencer argue about the recording they are supposed to memorize. Hanna hangs up and rips the tag of the shirt she is trying on. She puts her own clothes over top of it. Hanna is going down a dark path.

Aria goes over to Ezra’s apartment and he catches her trying to donate money for Shana’s funeral. Ezra tries to talk some sense into her. He is less annoying to me post gunshot wound. He distracts her with a game of checkers. They also play cards until Ezra gets tired. Aria asks to stay on the couch since her dad and Mike are out of town. He offers her a shirt to sleep in and she scurries out of there.

Spencer has a thank you dinner for Andrew. When she cuts her hand, she finds a prescription for the medicine that killed Mrs. D, which has her father’s name on it.

Emily goes to talk to Ali. Emily says maybe she should start over someone else. Ali feels unwelcome and says she and her friends need to stick together. Ali mentions the recordings and Emily says this is the last time she will lie for Ali. I guess Emily’s not her little pushover anymore.

Aria remembers she has girl friends and goes over to Spencer’s house and raids the refrigerator like a raccoon. Spencer tells her about Mrs. D wanting to go to the police and her father maybe stopping her. Just then, Peter comes home Veronica-less. He tells a suspicious story about Veronica freaking out on the police and going to stay at the spa for a couple days. Aria runs upstairs. I would too. He looks shifty eyed and I wonder if he hurt Veronica. That would be tragic.

This is all leading up to some big things that are supposed to happen on the hundredth episode, airing on July 8th. I am especially looking forward to the show down between Mona and Ali. One can only hope that Mona is somehow punished.

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