Gone girl

Surfing the Aftershocks

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 3 – “Surfing the Aftershocks”
Original Airdate: June 24, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

“She’s going to bury the woman who buried her.” – Spencer
“You don’t have to mention the smelly part.” – Hanna
“Coincidences happen? – Emily to Spencer “Yeah, they grow on trees like coconuts waiting for you to walk under the tree.” – Spencer to Emily
“He’s alive. He’s safe, but we’re over.” – Aria
“People are capable of all sorts of things…under the right pressures.” – Melissa
“I’m finished with that family.” – Peter Hastings
“Forget selling the house. We can just put a Koi pond out back. Somebody already dug a hole.” – Spencer
“Crazy around here works on a sliding scale.” – Spencer

Ali stays in bed for several days, as shown by the change in lighting and clothes. The girls try to visit her, but Mr. D and Jason send them away. On the day of Mrs. D’s funeral, Hanna shows up in Ali’s room. Hanna offers to help Ali get dressed, but Ali sends her downstairs. The girls hear Mr. D say he doesn’t want the press or the police to be at the funeral. The girls wonder how Ali is doing, but figure she is doing as expected since it is the funeral of the person who buried her alive.

Spencer does not think Jason killed his mother, but the others aren’t so sure. Aria begins to think Ali’s dog is on the A team, but Spencer thinks he just smelled the body. Hanna looks like she is going to spew cupcakes. They are worried about Mona and how much she knows. They don’t think Noel Kahn will say anything in order to protect his own butt.

Ali comes downstairs wearing a familiar black dress, but it is not the one she and Hanna picked out. Everyone is weirded out, especially Mr. D, because Ali is wearing the dress Mrs. D wore to Ali’s funeral. I think she knew this was her mother’s funeral dress and Spencer and Emily wonder if this could have possibly been a coincidence.

The girls are back at school and Mr. Hackett tells them that the school will protect him, but they cannot expect to be completely protected. I like Spencer’s and Aria’s outfit and keep getting distracted by them. Spencer’s isn’t too preppy and Aria’s isn’t too kooky for once. The girls agree that someone needs to talk to Ezra and they think it should be Aria, to which Aria disagrees. Emily thinks the police will come after them soon, so they need to figure out who hit Ali. Hanna and Emily think it was Jason, but Spencer does not.

Mona comes up to Aria in the hallway to tell Aria that Ezra is back and tries to get her to sign a get well card. Hanna shows up and makes Aria sign. Mona ponders what it will be like when Ali returns to school. Hanna changes the subject and asks where Noel Kahn is.

Emily runs into Paige and it is awkward. Emily is being stared at by a newcomer, Sydney, who is on the swim team. I don’t trust her already. Meanwhile, Mona gets Paige to sign the get well card.

At home, Spencer is watching Ali’s window when Melissa catches her. Melissa thinks that Jason killed Mrs. D because she believes people are capable of all kinds of things. Melissa wonders why Spencer sent Toby after her. Spencer wants to know why she lied about seeing Toby, but Melissa says she doesn’t want to involve Wren. I think Wren is already mixed up in all of this. That’s why he fled to London. Melissa wishes that Spencer didn’t bring Ali home and warns Spencer to stay away from Ali and her family. I wish Melissa would come out with what she knows, instead of always being cryptic.

Ali and Hanna are at the funeral home to pick up the guest book. They wonder why he didn’t mail it and I wonder it also. Ali hates funeral homes and tells a story about her mother dragging her to funerals when she was a little girl so that she would be used to death. I see Mrs. D questionable parenting started a long time ago. Ali sees an A on one of the paintings on the wall and leaves the hallway to go to the restroom. The funeral director comes in and mistakes Hanna for Ali. Ali comes back and makes a snide comment saying it used to be easier to tell them apart, referring to Hanna’s former weight problem. That mean girl in Ali still lurks beneath the surface.

In a flashback, which takes place two months after Ali disappeared, Hanna is eating multiple cupcakes when Mona approaches. Mona has already been made over and asks if Hanna wants to learn the secret of being unforgettable. It looks like she took Mona’s advice and got the Ali makeover.

Back at the Hastings’ home, Peter tells Spencer he is thinking of selling the house. He says he done dealing with Ali’s family. Peter doesn’t care if Jason is a suspect in his mother’s murder because Peter is the father of the year. Spencer doesn’t take that well and suggests the can put a koi pond in the backyard, since somebody already dug a hole. Ouch, Peter, did that burn?

Aria goes to see Ezra because, you know, she can’t stay away. He says he didn’t leave town because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. I am sure, with his money, he could leave if he wanted to. Ezra thought that Shana killed Mrs. D, but thinks the timing was off. He asks if she heard from Shana and Aria takes that as her cue to leave.

Paige shows up when Emily is helping Sydney. Paige tells Sydney that she Emily used to be together, like “b stay away from my woman.”

In another flashback, Hanna has lost weight and changed her hair, as Mona suggested. Mona convinces Hanna to wear a shirt that Ali left over her house. Mona is so creepy.

Aria lets Ali know that Ezra won’t tell what he knows. She gives Ali a copy of Ezra’s book and tells her she can keep it, but really she’s like, “b stay away from my man.”

Hanna and Emily return to Philly and run into the same creepy guy, but they have done their research this time. It seems that Jason goes to that house when he needs to get sober. Jason has an alibi for the night his mother was killed. Hanna is disappointed, but anyone who watches this show knows the answer is not going to be obvious.

Back at home, Jason is packing up. He tells Spencer that his mother’s secrets killed her. Spencer asks him why he won’t stay for Ali’s sake, but he says living with her is like living with a ghost. Spencer shows him the email Mrs. D drafted, but he doesn’t want to look too closely at it. Jason does get Spencer to figure out Mrs. D wanted to give the message in person. He also warns her that her dad cannot be trusted. It’s funny; she received a warning about Jason too.

In a windblown, slow motion flashback, Hanna and Mona show off their new looks at school.

Hanna asks Emily what is like to come out and it appears that Hanna is beginning to have an identity crisis.

Ali goes to Ezra to thank him for taking a bullet or whatever. Ali thinks that Ezra has more information that what is featured in the book and he does. He says he will only use the info to help Aria. I guess Ali doesn’t have the appeal she used to.

Hanna sees Mona at The Brew and asks her why she made her look like Ali, knowing that Ali was alive that whole time. Mona says no one remembers the old Hanna, not even Hanna. Hanna should have slapped her.

Spencer updates Aria on Jason and the fact that her parents do not believe she didn’t kill the girl in Ali’s grave. Aria wishes that the whole Shana thing didn’t happen, but I think she would be more traumatized if she watched Shana shoot Ali.

For some reason, Ali is walking alone at night. Peter sees her and offers her a ride home. I wouldn’t get in the car with him.

Paige goes to see Emily at home. Emily suggests they be friends, also known as, Paige back off and stop being a stalker.

Peter shows up late. He was allegedly out getting pretzels. Spencer shows Peter the email and Melissa tells Spencer to leave him alone.

Melissa tears the paper up and Spencer reminds her that it still exists digitally. Peter sends Spencer to her room when Melissa tries to tell her the secret, so that Spencer won’t have to lie. Please tell her, so I can know too.

Aria goes to Ezra’s again and tells him that she killed Shana. He makes a number of weird faces, and then asks how he can help.

In the final scene, Hanna goes to the salon to change her hair. Mona is watching with another female. This is someone to that looks around the same height as Mona with long hair. I guess we can eliminate the tall girls (Spencer, Emily and Paige).

This was one of those episodes that spent a lot of time setting up things to come. I wish the show could be more balanced with setting up the plots, while actually having stuff happen at the same time. It would be more interesting to watch.

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