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Whirly Girly

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5, Episode 2 – “Whirly Girly”

Original Airdate: June 17, 2014

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


“I’m guessing you have a lot to tell me.” – Gabe Holbrook

“Don’t expect any souveniors because all she brought her was attitude… and secrets.” -Veronica Hastings

“I’m not twerking my way through town.” – Ali

“Because she’s Hanna.” – Spencer

“There’s five of us and one of her.” – Emily

“Should I be afraid of our big brother?” – Ali

“I kilt her.” – Aria

“Why can’t I eat dinner?” – Emily

“You follow him; I need to change my underwear.” – Hanna

“When did she have time to get a dog?” – Aria


For some reason, the girls, including Ali, have taken a bus back to Rosewood. Okay, Noel Kahn couldn’t hire a car to take them home, considering people are after them.  Ali tries to get back on the bus, but Emily stops her.  Ali wants to go see her mother, but Emily reminds her that her mother buried her.  Ali is supposed to tell the police everything she knows, but she has cold feet.  Aria says she can handle her part in this (killing Shana).  They walk into the police station and are greeted by Gabe Holbrook.  He recognizes Ali and asks if she wants to talk.  The girls all end up in one interrogation room.  I think they probably have one specially reserved for them as much as they have been in the police station.


Ali continues her gigantic web of lies by telling Holbrook that she was kidnapped and has been held hostage for the last two years. I’m sorry, what?  This makes my head hurt.  The story she tells doesn’t make sense and Holbrook looks like he doesn’t believe it.  Ali is saved when her father shows up.  The other girls are confused by Ali’s story and so am I and probably everyone else watching the show.


Spencer and Emily go to the Hastings’ home because Emily’s mother is out of town. Emily goes outside to call her mom and Veronica immediately begins to question her.  Spencer defends herself.  Veronica tells Spencer that Melissa is back in town and not to expect much from her.

In the Marin home, Ashley is grilling Hanna, but Hanna is just interested in a grilled cheese. Hanna tells Ashley that Ali wants to move on and all the questions aren’t helping.  Well, then.


In the home of missing parents, Aria calls the hospital to check on Ezra. She hangs up when Mike comes in and asks if the story about Ali is real.  Mike asks why Ezra was in the hospital.  Somebody picked up some eavesdropping skills from Mona.  Aria makes up a story, but Mike catches her in the lie.  These girls lie so much, they can’t keep the lies straight anymore.


Emily is on the phone with her mother when Spencer comes outside. Spencer is upset with Ali for lying.  They hear a noise and see that Jason is cleaning his car out in the dark, even though his supposedly dead sister just got home.  Suspicious.  Ali throws her cell phone out the window to show Spencer and Emily the threatening text she received.  I knew it was only a matter of time.


Ali is in her room when her dad comes in. He says he won’t Ali out of his sight again.  Ali wonders where her mother is.  Ali’s dad wants to help her through this and shows Ali the picture of her that he has been carrying around in his wallet for the last two years.  Ali starts to cry and I wonder if it is real or some kind of manipulative thing.  As he leaves the room, Ali’s dad informs her of the divorce, but says Emily already told her.  I think she may have known because she has been lurking around.


Aria has a nightmare about Shana. When she wakes up, she can still hear the song Shana played on her violin and it sounds like it is coming from the backyard.  Creepy.  Aria receives a call from Hanna, who tells her about the threatening text Ali received.  This was supposed to be kept from Aria and Aria, of course, freaks out.  It is nice when Spencer doesn’t have to be the one freaking out.


Ali is in bed when she hears a noise. Jason is standing in her doorway watching her.   Jason is not making himself look good on this episode.  Doesn’t he have some shirtless chores he can be doing?


Ali’s dad makes a visit to Ashley. He wants Ashley to look through Mrs. D’s work emails as for clues as to where she could be.  Mr. D says Jason is no help and doesn’t know if his issues are due to shock or if he is impaired by his previous drug use.  Ouch.


Ali tries to sit on her porch, but Jason tells her to get back in the house. She saying she’s not twerking her way through town.  Ali wants to know why Jason hasn’t asked her any questions.  I figure he either doesn’t care or he already knows what is going on.   A lady shows up with a dog Mrs. D ordered, but Jason doesn’t want it.  Ali takes the dog, Pepe, after learning this is his last chance due to his man hating ways.  Pepe is going to dig up yet another mystery on this show.


Mike runs into Mona and she starts talking some crap about protecting the girls in Rosewood and getting them all whistles. For real, Mona.  If anything, people should be afraid of crossing her path.  Mike says he misses Mona and I have a feeling they will get back together.


In Spencer’s yard, Spencer and Emily chat about Hanna spilling the beans to Aria. Spencer is concerned that Jenna will come after them, but Emily says they have her outnumbered.   Emily thinks that Mrs. D may be covering for Jason.  I had that idea, also.  Spencer looks in the garbage can and finds evidence that Jason was in New York.  He looks guiltier and guiltier and creepier and creepier.


Aria is in her room searching her laptop for a news story about Shana. Someone has added the song Shana was playing to Aria’s iPod.  Someone is trying to drive her crazy.


Emily and Spencer go to Ali’s room to talk to her. Emily tells Ali about Jason and Ali asks Spencer if she should be afraid of their shared big brother.  Maybe, I don’t know.  This show makes everyone looks suspicious.  Spencer doesn’t think anyone will believe them if they do figure out who tried to kill Ali.  That’s the result of them constantly lying.  Emily thinks they need to focus on who is after them now.


Ashley has Mrs. D’s email open. Hanna takes a peak and sees an unsent email to that says, “I can’t protect you anymore.”  Hmm, who was she protecting?


Toby is back from London. It turns out he never saw Melissa in London, he only saw Wren.  Suspicious.  Toby says he went to London to get answers from Melissa, on Spencer’s behalf.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  Melissa is one of the characters that has trouble telling the truth.  Spencer decides to distract herself by getting Toby naked.


Aria is in the shed where the girls allegedly hid Ali. She is trying to make it look like someone lived in there.  Emily shows up and Aria tells her she is afraid of A finding out that Aria killed Shana.  Aria gets all ghetto and says she “kilt” Shana.  Emily tries to explain that it wasn’t Aria’s fault and that she understands because of how she killed or kilt Nate in self-defense.  Aria doesn’t want to hear it or let anyone help her.  This character is so frustrating now.


Jason tells Mr. D that he wants to drop something off with a friend in Philly. Mr. D starts to argue with Jason before Emily interrupts.  Emily was walking Pepe for Ali.


Aria comes home and finds Mona there. Gosh, Mona annoys me now.  Mike admits that he is the one that took Aria’s iPod.  I wonder if Mona added the songs or if Mike is doing her bidding.  Mona tries to give Aria a rape whistle, but Aria tells Mona she knows about the night Ali disappeared.  Mona asks about Ezra and Aria looks like she wants to knock her off the stage at Fitzgerald Theater.  I think they should go ahead and fight.  It’s been brewing for a while.


Mr. D invites Hanna and Emily to stay for dinner, but Hanna declines. Once outside, Emily wants to know why she can’t eat dinner.  Hanna thinks Jason might be hiding Mrs. D in Philly and shows Emily the unsent email.  Jason knocks on the car window and scares them.  He tells Hanna to stay out of his mother’s business.  He storms off and gets in his car.  Emily wants to follow him, but Hanna wants to change her underwear.  They do follow Jason to Philly.  He goes into an apartment building and Hanna and Emily try to follow him, even though they don’t think Mrs. D would step foot in this run down building.  A creepy guy asks them who they are looking for and they get chased away.


Spencer is busy with Toby and doesn’t answer her phone.


Ali goes into the mausoleum with a rose for the dead girl everyone thought was her. Mona shows up and Ali tries to make amends with her.  Mona admits that she sent Ali the text and says she doesn’t have to hide anymore.  She tells Ali she will wish she stayed dead.


The girls are waiting for Spencer and Ali in Spencer’s house. Aria is unhinged and wants to go to the police.  Emily wants to figure out how to implicate Jason.  Spencer goes next door to get Ali, but runs into Jason, who is sitting there in the dark.  Spencer asks him about New York and Jason wants to know what she is trying to ask him.  Jason thinks his father thinks he kidnapped Ali and he will railroad him without his mother’s help.  Just then, Pepe starts barking.  Aria, Hanna and Emily goes outside and Aria is confused as to when Ali got a dog.  They see Mrs. D’s hand sticking out the ground of the Hastings’ backyard.  Spencer and Jason come over and Spencer tries to stop him from seeing.  He looks shocked, not busted, so I don’t think he did it.


Mrs. D is shown in the body bag as Ali arrives home to the chaos. I rewatched this scene three times, but it seems like Ali is smirking a little.  That is incredibly weird.  Is she glad her mother is gone and did she just use the girls as an alibi in New York, as someone killed her mother?  I don’t know.  I have to keep thinking about this show sometimes before I figure something out.


I feel like the show is finally starting to go somewhere, but I am not sure yet where it is going. I am definitely intrigued.

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