When the liars meet the ninja

A is for answers

Photo Credit: ABC Family

“A is for Answers” – 3/18/2014 episode


“It probably is and we’re just sitting here like geese.” – Hanna

“I wanna hug you and slap you at the same time.” – Hanna

“Does NAT stand for ‘Need A Therapist’?” – Ali

“I know who you are and the police are on the way.” – Ezra

“There’s no way that was your mother.” – Emily


The season finale of Pretty Little Liars begins with the girls sitting in an apartment in New York City.  They sure will go out of their way to help Ali.  Noel Kahn tells them to stay put, so that was him at the end of the last episode.  Spencer and Hanna think this is a trap and they’re just sitting there like ducks, or geese according to Hanna.  Just then, Ali walks in and they all rise to their feet like she’s Judge Judy or something.  Hanna wants to either hug or slap Ali, but Ali asks for the hug.  Ali hugs all of them, except for Spencer.  I guess there are still some hard feelings there.  Hanna and Spencer let Ali know that they think Mrs. D is A, but Ali isn’t surprised.  Ali says she will tell them what happened, but if Ali doesn’t get the answers tonight, she will have to disappear, for good.   (No pressure, anyone.)  Cue dramatic music.


CeCe is in police custody with no makeup on.  I wish they gave her a chance to put her face on before they put her under that harsh lighting.  Holbrook comes in and CeCe asks if someone turned her in.  He doesn’t really answer her and starts talking about Wilden.  She only admits that Wilden is a jerk, but everyone already knew that.  Holbrook tells CeCe that he has a witness, to which CeCe replies, if she did do it, she had a reason.  She says that she knows who killed the girl in Ali’s grave and it is the same person that is trying to kill Ali now.


Ali begins telling her story.  She tells them she was first threatened on Halloween.  She went to Hilton Head with Ian to try to get away from the threats.  Melissa shows up and says she knows Ali is in there.  While Ian is distracted, Ali copies all the videos that are stored on Ian’s computer.  Ian tells Melissa that Ali means nothing to him.  Ouch.  When he comes back into the room, Ali is gone.  Ali thinks Jenna is the one that has been threatening her, so she goes to see her and lets her know about the video with Jenna about to rape Toby.  I have to pause for a moment, ew.  There are so many perverts on this show.  She thinks she has intimidated Jenna, but Ali receives a text that says, “Bitch can’t see you, but I do.”  Hmm, that reminds of the time Aria said “Bitch can see” after Jenna regained her sight.


Back in present time, the police search the Hastings’ home and take some things.  Officer Holbrook shows Veronica a recent picture of Ali with the girls.  Melissa shows up and says, “Surprise.”


On the night that Ali disappeared, Ali sees a message on her mirror that says, “I’m everywhere and soon you’ll be nowhere.”  When Ali goes downstairs, her mother is on the phone with someone.  Mrs. D is upset and tells Ali she can’t go out.  Mrs. D says you can’t turn your back on the Hastings, to which I quipped that she turned her back on Peter and ended up pregnant with Jason.  Ali ignores her mother, of course, and grabs some sedatives from her mother’s purse.  She gets a call from Toby, but ignores it.   Ali puts the sedatives in the girls’ drink.  After the girls are knocked out, Ali goes out to talk to Toby.


In present time, Ali is working in a bar or something.   Emily says that Toby told her Ali did him a favor by getting him away from Jenna.  Ali says that she knows Toby wasn’t A.


Back to night Ali disappeared, Ali is outside when she sees Ezra’s car pull up.


In present time, at the police station, Holbrook asks Veronica where Spencer was last week.  Veronica says she is calling Peter, but she doesn’t have a signal.  A police officer lets Holbrook know they have a warrant to track the girls’ cell phones and Spencer’s car.  Holbrook talks to Melissa, who says she ran into Toby in London and he said that Spencer missed her.  That is why she is allegedly back in town.  Holbrook goes to talk to Peter in a separate room.  Peter is saucy and doesn’t give any information.


Back in New York, Noel Kahn comes in with money and passport for Ali’s getaway.  Aria buts in and asks Ali about Ezra because Aria is a boy obsessed bubblehead now.  Ezra thought she was CeCe’s college roommate and she pretended like she knew about the novel he was reading.  Ezra is the type of douche to read in a bar, instead of interacting socially.  Emily asks if we need to hear this and I completely agree.  We are talking about Ali possibly having to leave the country, but Aria needs to know about a boy.  Give me a freaking break.


In flashback land, Ezra confronts Ali about lying about her age.  She says she will see him around, but Ezra says she won’t.  Ali then goes to meet Ian.  Did she have a Red Bull or something because all of this is tiring me out?  Ali says that Melissa and Ian deserve each other.  She insults the NAT club and calls them perverts for taking all those videos.  Ian says Ali is not going to threaten him into staying with her, but she doesn’t want him.  She holds the videos over his head and says he will be using soap on a rope if Ali isn’t left alone.  Spencer is waiting in the barn when Ali returns.


Ali tells Aria Ezra is trying to save Ali, so he can get Aria back.  Please, no.  Don’t do that to me.


Holbrook asks Peter about the private detective Peter hired.  Peter says it was for business, but Spencer’s name is all over the file.  Peter says he is calling his attorney.  They leave the room and someone tells Holbrook that Spencer’s car is in Philly.  Peter asks Mrs. D if they still have an understanding.  Peter sees Melissa and now understands that the police separated them on purpose and they know.  Peter thinks Spencer killed the girl in Ali’s grave.  Melissa whispers something in Peter’s ear regarding who did it.  I think it was Melissa, Ian or Wren.


Returning to the flashback, Spencer and Ali got into fight over Melissa and Ian.  Spencer followed Ali outside and threatened her with the shovel.  The pills fall out of Spencer’s pocket and Ali realizes Spencer has been speeding.  By the way, there are more shovels in the backyard than they have in Home Depot.  Ali tells Spencer not to take anymore pills tonight and to never take them with alcohol.  She says she will keep Spencer’s secret and tells Spencer to sleep it off.  Was Ali really being a good friend?


The last person Ali talked to that night was Byron, who hasn’t been on the show all season.  Ali never thought he was A.  Ali hasn’t received another text, so she thinks the problem is handled and begins walking home.  Mrs. D is looking out the window and sees Ali get her head bashed in with a rock.  Ali tells Spencer that it wasn’t her because Spencer was asleep in the barn.  Spencer is so relieved that she cries.  Emily and Hanna want to know why Mrs. D didn’t call the police.  In the next scene, which I think is one of the most horrifying scenes in Pretty Little Liars history, Mrs. D buries Ali alive.   Mrs. D thought Ali was dead and Ali tries to tell her that she is still breathing, but she can’t talk or move.  Ali starts crying and makes the other girls cry too.    Mrs. D keeps asking someone what have they done.  Between this and Alison’s death on Teen Wolf, I am emotionally traumatized.


Mrs. Grunwald did pull Ali out the grave like a carrot.  Mona finds her walking down the street and takes her to the hotel.  Mona tells Ali she should fool A by pretending to be dead.  Mona tells Ali to rest and then acts all creepy by stroking Ali’s hair and kissing her on the forehead.  Mona promises to take care of her.  Mona then goes next door to play with her doll that looks like Ali and her doll house.  This girl is completely insane.    The next day, Mona helps Ali prepare to leave with some new clothes and a wig.  She gives Mona makeover tips and tells her she doesn’t have to be a loser.  Ali realizes now Mona played her by pretending to help her.


In present time, the girls are begging Ali not to leave.  Ali said she stayed away before until Mona ran over Hanna, but she came back to protect them.  Ali is the one that pushed Ian off the bell tower, but she isn’t the one that killed him.  Ali also helped Hanna out of the house fire, but someone else pulled the others out.  Just then, someone shoots out the window and the girls take off running.  A kicks the door in and the girls end up trapped on the roof of the building.  Ezra shows up, but so does a masked A.  Ezra tells the masks person that he knows who he/she is and A and Ezra get into a fight.


Hardcore Hanna (she’s back and I also sang “Hanna’s got a gun” to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Janie’s Got A Gun.”) grabs the gun and yells for A to take the mask off.  A acts like he/she is about to take the mask off, then jumps to the roof of the next building.  Emily thinks Ninja A is definitely not Mrs. D.


Ezra says some bull about it being beautiful, and then collapses.  He’s been shot and maybe he’s seeing heaven or something.  Everyone starts screaming and crying as Ezra goes unconscious. 


In the final disturbing scene, an unseen person drags Mrs. D through the grass and dumps her in a hole, then proceeds to bury her.


Whoa, a lot happened on this episode.  I am writing a separate post regarding my feelings about this.  I feel for once in a long time that this show is actually going somewhere.  Ninja A may not have been revealed, but I feel like I understand a lot more about the show.

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