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“Unbridled” – 3/11/2014

“That might be the birthplace on her passport.” – Spencer

“I’m not going to meet him behind the dumpster to cook meth.” – Spencer

“You can’t escape the cup, Emily.” – Spencer

“All grandparents are old.” – Emily

“We’re not certain it’s your daughter in that grave.” – Officer Holbrook

“You read perfectly well for yourself.” – Veronica

“His brain was soaked in corn liquor.” – Aria

“I like you as a penguin.” – Hanna


The episode begins with Spencer wandering through the woods in a wedding dress.  She trips and falls like she’s in a horror movie.  She sees a hooded figure and runs after her thinking it’s Ali.  There’s a loud snapping noise and Spencer gasps.  The title card comes up saying “48 hours earlier.”  The girls are The Brew freaking out, especially Spencer.  She thinks that she killed the stranger in Ali’s grave.  Hanna and Aria thinks Spencer needs a cookie like it’s a magical cure.  Someone asks Emily about Paige, but Emily hasn’t talked to her.  Emily doesn’t think Mrs. D is evil because she went through hell.  Spencer thinks hell might be Mrs. D’s birthplace, also.


Emily and Spencer leave and they see Jason outside.  He speeds off like “Shot, that’s my half-sister who is a crazy pants and the girl I almost got cut in half.”  Spencer’s car won’t start because there is long printout of pictures of a blonde girl with her face blacked out stuffed into the ignition.  Um, okay, leave Spencer alone already.


Aria is on the phone with Ella.  Ella confronts Aria about emptying the mini bar at the hotel.  Aria doesn’t want to talk about this or Ezra, when Ella asks if it will be easier to talk in person.  Ella is home and Aria is happy to see her.


Spencer wants to go next door to talk to Jason, but Dean wants to go with her.  Spencer assures him that it is okay, but Dean asks for a urine sample.  This guy is really obsessed with Spencer’s pee.  I’m not sure why we’re wasting time with fetishes.


At home, Hanna is trying to find a place to eat her cereal, but Ashley has the kitchen covered with work for Mrs. D’s bridal show.  Hanna lets Ashley know she’s suspicious of Mrs. D, but Ashley only cares about having a job.


In the restroom at school, Spencer tells Emily about Dean’s obsession with her pee because she needs to tell an adult or something.  Paige comes into the bathroom and Spencer leaves to avoid the awkwardness.  Emily asks why Paige hasn’t contacted her and Paige says she was busy with her old grandparents.  Emily calls her on her bull.  Emily thinks Paige turned Ali in just to get revenge.  Yeah, probably.


Hanna is concerned Aria will tell Ella about Ezra’s book.  I’m bored already.  Hanna sees Travis and Travis rejects her.


Ashley is helping Mrs. D when Officer Holbrook shows up.  Mrs. D sends Ashley upstairs to grab something.  Holbrook let’s Mrs. D know they don’t think it is Ali in that grave and says they are exhuming the body.  Meanwhile, Ashley goes into Ali’s room and sees a bag of clothes for a teenager with a receipt dated yesterday.  Mrs. D catches Ashley spying and gives her the evil eye.


Emily is trying to contact the email and phone number she found in Ali’s room.


Jason tells Emily he thinks Wilden tried to kill him the elevator.  Hmm.  Jason wants to keep his distance from Spencer after Spencer’s incident with his mother.  Jason defends his mom and a flashback is shown.  Jason in on the couch when Mrs. D and Ali come in.  They do not notice him.  They are talking about the threatening notes.  Mrs. D thinks they are from Spencer and tells Ali to smoke Spencer out.  Mrs. D is gangster. 


Ella and Aria are trying to talk, but Zack keeps calling Ella.  Aria is upset when Ella comes back because Aria’s not getting any or something.


Spencer is camped out downstairs in her house when Emily texts Spencer about her conversation with Jason.  Dean wants to know what Spencer is up to.  Spencer tells Dean about her parents not helping her with her memories.  Dean offers to read to Spencer to help her sleep.  This is what happens when Toby is away.  When Veronica comes home, Dean is asleep with his head on Spencer’s butt.  Veronica freaks out and fires Dean.  She doesn’t believe the whole reading story.


The girls are talking about Jason’s revelation, but Aria doesn’t trust Jason’s liquor soaked memories.  Hanna comes and says they are participating in the bridal show.  Just then, Officer Holbrook comes in and asks if Hanna told them about the note.  He says the police will want to know who is in Ali’s grave, if it’s not her.


Veronica is going through Spencer’s stuff when Spencer gets home.  Spencer questions her again about her “lost summer.”  Veronica says it’s like there were two Spencers and one was evil.  In another flashback, Veronica is sorting though some destroyed clothing and other items after a massive fight between Spencer and Melissa.  I would like to see that, btw.  Ali cuts through their yard because it is past her curfew.  Ali offers to help, but Veronica just wants to know what’s going on. Ali doesn’t want to ask Spencer because Spencer might turn on her.  Spencer is standing in the background looking like a crackhead or Void Stiles from Teen Wolf.  Ali disappeared four days later, so Veronica wants Spencer to leave that summer alone.  In the present, Mrs. D is watching Spencer from her window.


Hanna pulls up at the bridal show and Travis is working valet.  Hanna likes his penguin suit.


The girls are dressed in their wedding dresses and look so unhappy it is comical.  Spencer is missing her veil, so she goes back in the house.  Jason is in there.  Spencer says she’s not there to get up in Mrs. D’s grill.  Those are her words, not mine.  She tells Jason she was in rehab and says that they have more in common than he thinks.  She asks him if that was CeCe in the backyard the night Ali disappeared.  Dean interrupts and Jason leaves.


Dean says goodbye and gives Spencer his card.  They share an awkward hug.  Dean tells Spencer that the rehab Jason was allegedly at has been closed for two years.  Why mister, why?  Why are you lying, Jason?


Mrs. D is upset that the girls are modeling and gives Spencer the evil eye when she comes in.  Spencer tells the girls that Jason wasn’t in rehab.  Spencer goes outside and sees Mrs. D handing a bag to someone in the bushes.  No, that’s not incredibly shady.


Hanna goes outside looking for Mrs. D because she wants to sneak into the house.  She asks Travis to stall Mrs. D.  Travis makes the other valet back into the mailbox, so that he could have a reason to talk to Mrs. D.  Travis and Hanna kiss again.  Okay. 


Ella comes backstage to talk to Aria.  Ella tries to talk to Aria about moving on, but Aria’s not ready for that.  Aria doesn’t think the hurt will go away.  Zack asked Ella to marry him, but she hasn’t accepted yet because she wanted to deal with Aria first, because Aria is more important.  See, Aria you need to learn the lesson that the dude is not the most important thing.


Emily and Aria are searching Ali’s room.  They find a flyer for the restaurant Ali had the number for.  The password to the email is the name of the restaurant.  Emily sends Ali an email.


The shows moves back to the scene from the beginning.  Spencer’s dress was caught in a bear trap.  That was a waste of time and suspense. 


Emily receives a call from Ali.  Hanna tells Ali that the police know it’s not her in the grave.  Ali tells them to come to her and hurry.  Spencer finally stumbles back later covered in dirt and very upset.  They help her out of dress and discover there are finger bones in the corset.  There is a note that says, “What will you do when the rest of me comes out the grave.”  That is beyond gross that A is playing around with this girl’s body parts.


Emily is outside her house waiting for the girls to pick her up when Paige comes over.  Emily forgives her, but dumps her.  The girls watch awkwardly, and then go to meet Ali in Philly.


The girls arrive at an abandoned looking building.  Aria tells Emily it is a good thing she dealt with Paige before seeing Ali.  What was that about, seriously?  Hey Aria, you’re a bad person.  Someone appears behind them and Spencer asks what they are doing there. 


In the final scene, A has tracked CeCe down and calls to turn her into the Rosewood police.


This was another one of the episodes spent setting up what is going to happen in the finale.

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