A Really is for Answers

A answers

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Okay, so, I am writing this post to further explain my take on the spring finale of Pretty Little Liars.  I read on the Internet that many people were disappointed by this episode and felt it didn’t really give any answers.  It did and I am going to break those down.  The show couldn’t explain every freaking thing that happened on this show because there would no point to the upcoming season.


1) Noel Kahn is the one of the people that has been helping Ali.  I always wondered what was up with the guy that dated both Jenna and Mona.  He probably did that in order to get information for Ali.  I always said this guy knows a lot.  I’m sure he has a lot more to tell if the show would bother showing him more often.

2) CeCe is helping Ali.  I thought she was pure evil up until this point, but she refers to Ali as a friend.  She is wearing the shirt that Mrs. D bought, so she may be a double agent.

3) Ali never slept with Ian or Ezra, so you can cross them off the list of potential baby daddies.  Who did Ali think knocked her up?  Wren?  Wilden?  (Ew.)  That, I haven’t figured out.

4) Jenna is not A.  (Plus, A probably tried to kill her earlier this season).  Ali received a threatening text while in the room with Jenna.

5) There was someone on the loose the night Ali was buried alive.  Mrs. D was worried about someone showing up.  Was it Ali’s twin? 

6) Ali thinks Toby isn’t A.  I’m not so sure Tobster is completely innocent.  What is he doing in London for real?

7) Aria is completely self-absorbed and boy obsessed.  Sorry, I couldn’t leave this alone.  She is so one dimensional now and doesn’t seem to really care about her friends.

8) Those NAT videos contain information that could bring the whole town down.   Too bad Hanna put the drive down the garbage disposal.  Maybe understanding these videos would make us understand more about who wants to harm Ali.

9) Officer Holbrook suspects either Spencer or someone in the Hastings’ family.  He didn’t separate them for kicks and giggles.

10) Peter thinks Spencer killed the girl in Ali’s grave.  That’s what he has been covering up all this time.

11) Ali never thought Byron was A. 

12) Mrs. D knows who tried to kill Ali, as she was watching through the window.  The person is either someone she would cover for (i.e. one of her kids) or someone who was blackmailing her, perhaps with the NAT videos.

13) Mona is the one that convinced Ali to play dead.  Mona is super diabolical and super crazy from the way she was playing with that doll.  Every time I start to feel a little sympathy for Mona, something else evil is revealed about her.

14) Melissa knows who killed the girl in Ali’s grave.  Maybe she did it or it was one of the boys she would cover for (Ian or Wren).  She
is another one of those characters that knows a ton of stuff.

15) Ali first returned to town when Mona ran over Hanna.  All those illusions and dreams were real.

16) Ali pushed Ian off the bell tower.  I’ve wondering about that one forever since I knew it was someone who would protect Spencer.  I still don’t know who killed him.  It had to be more than one person or someone very strong to drag that meatball out of there.

17) Ali pulled Hanna out the fire.  Another time the Ali illusion was real.  A could have pulled the others out since A has always been a frenemy.

18) A is super athletic.  Paige was that you leaping from building to building since I know you hate Ali?  Other suspects include Jason and even Jake.  Toby is also fit.

19) Mrs. D won’t be talking.  I think whoever hit Ali with the rock is the one that killed Mrs. D.

20) Ali has been hiding out in New York City.  It was probably easy for her to live somewhere like that where she could blend into the crowd.  Too bad A still found her.

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