Dissed and dismissed

Cover for me


Photo Credit: ABC Family

“Cover For Me” – 3/4/2014 episode

“I will go upstairs and fill this with my dignity.” – Spencer

“I don’t want to accidentally run into your mouth again.” – Hanna

“Will you make sure a real teacher gets this?” – Emily


The episode begins with Spencer unpacking after a short stay in rehab.  Her mother packed several sweaters for her, to which Spencer snarkily comments that withdrawal cannot be stopped by a cable knit.  Withdrawal also makes Spencer obviously very irritable.  Spencer has a flashback to the night Ali disappeared.


Aria is at a frat party with a new guy.  The girl moves on fast.  I don’t understand why little miss horn dog couldn’t go back to Jake.  Now we have yet another character to try to keep track of.  I didn’t catch his name, so he will be referred to as New Guy.


Another new character is a drug and alcohol counselor that will be staying with Spencer and her family.  Home is now prison for Spencer, who has her car keys, computer and cell phone taken away.  Who will see the threatening texts from A now?  Spencer is not allowed to go back to school and asks if a carrier pigeon will turn in her assignments for her.  Spencer and Veronica argue and Dean intervenes (the rhyming is back).  He asks for her urine sample and Spencer slinks off to fill the cup with her dignity. 


Aria is at Syracuse University and is more sane than the last time we saw her.  She talks to Emily on the phone and Emily offers to support her.  Hungover Aria apparently prefers the sweet loving of a new guy to friendship.  She skips the college tour and goes to breakfast with New Guy.


At school, Hanna updates Emily with the fact that Spencer cannot have any visitors.  Emily has the bigger scoop: Ezra is back.  Emily and Hanna witness Mike and Mona arguing in the hall.  The honeymoon is over.  The girls think that Mona was only with Mike to spy on Aria.  Hanna doesn’t want to go to class, but offers to help slash Ezra’s tires.  Don’t mess with Hanna’s friends. 


Emily goes in the class to confront Ezra.  I think she is the perfect person to confront him because she is the sweetest of the girls, therefore when her forked tongue comes out, it is more impactful.  Ezra assumes that Emily knows everything and wants to talk to her outside of class.  Emily is not going for that and asks Ezra why he tutored her, helped her with her college essays and helped her cope with Maya’s death.  She asks what he got out of it.  Ezra doesn’t answer.  Emily says she won’t be staying for class and gives the burn of the episode telling Ezra to give her assignment to a “real teacher.”


Hanna runs into Holbrook and tells him she doesn’t want to accidentally run into his mouth again.  He shows Hanna the note from Paige and asks if Hanna wrote it.  Why would he think it was Hanna?  These police officers on this show need some new training.


Back at Syracuse, Aria is naked with New Guy.  Her father is allegedly next door while all of this is going on.  My only impression from this scene is that New Guy is weird.


Back in the Hastings home, Spencer gets into bed and discovers a pile of dirt with a note that accuses her of digging Ali’s grave.  Didn’t some construction workers or some crap dig that hole?  Both the writers and I are terribly confused by this show.


Hanna tells Emily about the tip to the police.  Hanna sees Travis and tells him that Ashley wants to have him and his family over for dinner.  Travis takes this opportunity to ask Hanna on a date.  Emily was listening to all of this and asks Hanna if she’s ready to date again.


Dean thinks Spencer is weirdo junky since he heard Spencer doing laundry at 2 a.m.  Spencer asks if hallucinations are part of the withdrawal and Dean says maybe. He explains that the mind and body are trying to reconnect after drug use.  Spencer says she is going to take a shower and grabs the phone.  She leaves a voicemail for Toby and is caught by Dean.  Spencer skills are slipping.


Lt. Tanner, who has been missing for several episodes, accuses Hanna of writing the note.  She and Gabe try to play “good cop, bad cop,” but Hanna is not participating.  Gabe thinks the note is real, Tanner does not.


Aria tells New Guy that someone broke her heart into “thirty thousand million pieces.”  Aria needs to hurry back to school because that is not a real number.  New Guy informs her that the guy should be hiding, not Aria.


Mrs. D stops by the Hastings’ home to ask Veronica is she is attending a bridal show Mrs. D is chairing.  Mrs. D was told that Spencer had a reaction to over the counter meds when she went ape dookie on Mrs. D.  Spencer apologizes for what she said and for grabbing Mrs. D.  Mrs. D. is talking about the charity the bridal show is for and eerily says that “No mother should watch her child die.”  She also says that nothing beats sleeping on clean sheets, possibly referring to the dirt in Spencer’s bed. 


New Guy is leaving early and leaves Aria with a note offering to beat up Ezra, but says she could probably do it.  She probably could beat up Ezra, but I would rather see Jake do it. 


Mike comes into The Brew to see if Emily has heard from Aria.  Mona dumped Mike via text like that Jonas Brother did Taylor Swift.  Cold.  Emily offers to talk to Mona.


Spencer and Dean are out running and Dean is trying to figure out what is going on with Spencer.  Spencer has a flashback of Spencer chasing Ali through the woods.  Spencer thinks she hit Ali with the shovel and blood splattered on her face.  I’m beginning to think Spencer witnessed whoever tried to kill Ali and PTSD made her forget what happened.   I won’t believe for a minute that Spencer really hurt Ali.


At home, Spencer asks Dean if other people can see you clearer than you see yourself.  She thinks people understand her more due her memory loss that summer Ali disappeared.  She wants to know how she can take responsibility for what she did, then she clams up.  Dean gives Spencer a letter from Toby that has a London post office stamp.  What is the heck is Toby doing in London?  I know Keegan is off doing a play, but I wonder what Toby is up to. 


Hanna and Travis are on a date when Mrs. D approaches and acts weird.  As she walks away, she is approached by Tanner and Gabe.  Hanna ignores Travis and texts Emily to say what she saw.


Emily, feeling incredibly brave and stupid, steps out in front of Mona’s car.  Emily asks if Mona is going to meet Ezra and Mona tells Emily to get in the car.  Mona thought that Aria would figure out that she was working with Ezra.  Mona was motivated by the dirt Ezra had on her that she did not want to end up in the book.  Mona never read the entire book, just the parts Ezra wrote about her.    Mona confirms that she was spying on Aria, but she fell for Mike.  Mona has a case of the feels.  Wow.  Ezra knows who stole the game at Radley from Mona.  I don’t remember this, but I guess it’s important enough for Mona to work with that slimeball. 


Aria arrives at Ezra’s apartment to let him know he needs to leave town.  She says she doesn’t want to see him or hear from him, ever.  I’ve been waiting for this moment, but who knows how long they will actually stay away from each other.  He tells Aria to read his book and lets her know that he returned his advance money to the publisher.  Aria says it is too late and Ezra says I guess this is goodbye.  He’s going to cry into his pillow when she leaves.  Aria goes home and dives into reading the book, quicker than I jump into reading a new book on my Kindle.  I knew she would read it as soon as she could get her paws on it.


Spencer is reading her letter from Toby, which we do not get to see.  She hears her phone and pries it out of a locked drawer.  It is a SOS message from Aria. 


Hanna has been distracted during her entire date with Travis.  She feels guilty and comes back and kisses Travis, saying she had a good time.  It is enough for him to get this weird smile on her face.


The girls all gather in Emily’s room.  Hanna sees a note from Paige and recognizes the handwriting.  Emily tells Aria about Mike and Mona.  Aria asks if Spencer is better before telling them Ezra thinks Mrs. D is A.  What the four letter curse word?  It makes sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time, kind of like this show.  Hanna doesn’t believe this and wonders if Mrs. D knows how to text.


Spencer drops the bomb and tells the girls Mrs. D thinks she tried to kill Ali. Hanna doesn’t believe this either.  Hanna follows Emily into the hallway and Emily thinks Hanna is on a quest for cheesy puffs.  Hanna probably does want a snack, but she asks Emily if she told Paige about Ali.


Aria comes home and chats with her brother.  She says she is sorry about Mona. 


Veronica catches Spencer coming back in the house.  Spencer is really slipping.  Veronica thinks Spencer was out scoring drugs.  This mother / daughter relationship really warms my heart.  Spencer questions her about that summer and Veronica tells her it is a blessing that she does not remember.  In the scare of the episode, Mrs. D appears behind Spencer while she is alone in her room.  Veronica appears and Mrs. D slinks out the room.  This woman is completely crazy.  That’s all I can say.


A is mending a wedding dress in the final scene.  She seals the dress in what looks like a body bag.


Not a lot happened in this episode, considering there are only a couple of episodes left this season.  I did love the zingers on this episode.


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