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shes come undone

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“She’s Come Undone” – 2/25/2014 episode

“It’s simple.  He never really loved me.” – Aria


The episode opens with Aria and the girls in Aria’s living room.  Aria is still very upset.  Spencer asks Aria if she read any of Ezra’s book and Aria says she read bits and pieces.  She did read that Ezra thinks one of the girls hurt Ali.  I don’t know how to respond to that without using several curse words.  Emily thinks that Ezra could still be A, but Aria disagrees.  I think he could be A still also, but I have no idea what this show is trying to do.  Allegedly, the stalky room in Ravenswood was research for Ezra’s book.  Emily thinks Ezra had to know about A and wonders how he could sit back and not help Aria.  Aria thinks the answer is simple and that he never loved her.  Ouch.  Also, Ezra is a punk and other language I try not to use in my blog.


Later, Aria is alone in her room when she has a flashback to when she first met Ezra.  He was slimy then, also.  Aria runs across the room and throws up.  I wondered when Ezra was going to make someone throw up because he has been gagging me all season.


Both of Spencer’s parents are at home.  I repeat both of Spencer’s parents are at home.  They are waiting for Spencer when she comes into the kitchen.  They want her to go to rehab, but Spencer doesn’t want Radley and rehab on her record when she’s trying to apply to college.  Amy Winehouse started playing in my head, “they tried to make go to rehab and I said no, no, no.”  Her parents agree, but want her to take the withdrawal medicine under their supervision.  Does that mean they will actually be around for the rest of this season?


Hanna sees Travis in the hallway at school and apologizes for kissing him.  Travis is distracted because he has to go to court.  His father was charged with bribing Wilden.  Hanna thinks it is her fault because Travis stepped forward in her mom’s defense (where is Ashley by the way?).  Travis disagrees and says he would do it again.


Spencer is curled up in a ball at school when Emily comes over to let Spencer know Shana has contacted her.  She wants Emily to drop off the money at a post office that’s an hour away.  Spencer doesn’t think it’s a good idea, since Shana ran back to Georgia.  Just then, Aria storms into school wearing no make-up and workout pants.  This shows how serious she is.  Aria wants to confront Ezra, but the girls try to stop her.  Ezra isn’t in his classroom and Aria says he’s not only a liar, but he’s also a coward.  I agree, but school is not the place to yell at your ex-boyfriend, who’s also a teacher.  Emily offers to take Aria home.  Thanks, Emily.  Get the temporarily insane girl out of there.


Spencer shows up at Toby’s loft with some cronuts.    He doesn’t know what those are, but says they sound disgusting.  She apologizes for missing their date night, but Toby isn’t upset about that.  He questions how he can help Spencer when he doesn’t know she’s in trouble.  He tells Spencer she looks like crap and Spencer says she feels like crap.  Toby tells Spencer to call him if she has the urge to take pills again.  You know Spencer isn’t going to do that, but it’s a sweet offer from Toby anyway.


Paige spots Emily at school and asks if she can spend some time with Emily, since Emily has been so busy.  Emily says she will make Paige dinner.  Paige notices the cash in Emily’s purse and Emily lies to her about its origins.


Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment, but he’s not there, so she lets herself in.  She begins searching his apartment.  One of the first things she finds is the timeline they saw in Ravenswood.  She also finds a file full of surveillance pictures of Aria.  So creepy and inappropriate.  Somehow, he had Mrs. Grunwald’s tape of Ali.  This place is so full of clues, I want to search it myself.


Hanna goes to talk to Gabe Holbrook to see if he will go easy on Travis’ father. 


Back in Ezra’s apartment, Aria finds Ezra’s journal.  He has written down everything Aria told him, such her dad’s affair and the “Jenna thing.”  The jerk also wrote that Aria doesn’t suspect a thing.  That sets off Hurricane Aria.  She breaks stuff and throws a table across the room like a boss.  It is funny, I just re-watched the episode when she and Ali trashed Aria’s dad’s office.  She has had experience in demolition. 


A left Spencer a bottle of pills in her locker.  Emily wants to throw the pills away, but Spencer’s inner addict wants them.  Hanna is concerned because she can’t contact Aria, but Spencer knows where she is.  Spencer, Hanna and Emily go over to Ezra’s apartment, where Aria is curled up in a ball after tuckering herself out.  Hanna sides with Aria, but says she would have burned the place down.  I can see Hanna doing that.  They scrape Aria off the floor and proceed to take her out of the apartment.  Spencer is smart and wants to take some of the evidence because the next time they come there, the place could be cleaned out.  Spencer cannot help herself, so she grabs a stack of papers.  Good move.


Emily is being watched at the post office.  It is Paige lurking in the corner like A.  She thinks that A put Emily up to this.  Paige snatches the envelope from Emily and threatens to get the police involved.  Emily crumbles and admits that the money is for Ali and she’s alive.


Hanna goes to court to see how the sentencing of Travis’ father went.  Holbrook spoke up for him, so he only received probation and community service. 


Spencer is going through Ezra’s stack of papers when she finds a business card for a PI.  There’s a note on the back that says they may have followed Spencer.  Spencer is going through withdrawal, so she takes a handful of the pills A gave her.  Bad move.


Aria is tearing out pages of the journal and burning them.  One page falls out of the fireplace, but she doesn’t notice.  Hanna asks if she feels better, but Aria says that she feels more stupid.  Aria doesn’t know how Ezra got the Grunwald tape, but Hanna thinks this is how Ezra figured out Ali is alive.  Hanna goes to get them some food and Aria says she’ll be fine by herself.  Famous last words.


Back to Paige and Emily, Paige believes that Emily is putting herself in danger by helping Ali and doesn’t understand why she would do it.  It is because Emily is a loyal friend.    Paige threatens to tell Ali’s family that she is still alive.  Emily says she would never forgive herself or Paige because this would hand Ali over to A.  She asks Emily to cut off communication with Ali. Emily agrees to do so, but I don’t believe her.


Hanna runs into Gabe and thanks him for speaking up for Travis’ dad.  Hanna hugs him, and then kisses him on the lips.  She takes off running, as she should, because that was bad, very bad.


Spencer is still pawing through Ezra’s papers and reads CeCe’s account of what happened the night Ali disappeared.  Spencer threatened Ali with the shovel.  Mrs. D and CeCe witnessed the fight and Mrs. D paid CeCe off.  Wow, another mother of the year nomination from this show.  Spencer goes into the kitchen and tells her dad she was thinking about the night Ali disappeared, but Peter wants to avoid the topic.  Spencer asks him if the investigator followed her or Melissa.  Toby shows up and Peter tells them to go take a walk.  This guy is hiding so much crap.


Aria is flipping through Ezra’s journal when she notices a letter from Random House regarding his book.  Aria calls the publisher to see if there is a release date for the book, but there is not one yet.  Ezra is there now discussing the book.  He is so absolutely awful I cannot even process this right now. 


Spencer disappeared while out with Toby and she shows up at Mrs. D’s house.  Spencer asks if Mrs. D and her father have an agreement to cover for Spencer.  Spencer grabs Mrs. D and asks her if she saw Spencer hit Ali, why didn’t she call the police.  Mrs. D asks Spencer to leave because most people in the town are allergic to telling the truth.


Aria is enraged after learning about Ezra’s plans to publish the book, so she wants to tell her principal about her relationship with Ezra.  Hanna stops her and tells her to think about the consequences.  Aria doesn’t tell the principal and Hanna tells her she did the right thing.  I disagree about leaving that pedo in a school setting.  Aria is at her limit and says she wants to left alone, despite Hanna trying to help her.


Paige comes over Emily’s house and Emily asks distant because she doesn’t like ultimatums.  Paige tries to kiss and Emily turns her head.


Toby and Spencer’s parents are waiting when she arrives home.  Toby says she needs help, but Spencer just goes upstairs.


Aria is packing when Emily arrives.  Aria doesn’t know where she’s going, but she needs to get out of there.  If not, she will probably snap Pinocchio’s (Ezra’s) neck when she sees him.  She tells Emily to get out of her way, which Emily does.


In the most shocking moment of the episode, Paige drops a note about Ali being alive into a police officer’s cruiser.  Yeah, she actually did that.  She also wrote down the P.O. Box information from the envelope Emily had.  I cannot believe Emily’s soon to be ex-girlfriend did that.  She has no idea what she is about to set off, but I think it is going to be bad.  Or, there is the chance that she is pure evil and did it on purpose.  In that case, I want to see her punished.  I still cannot get over her betrayal of Emily.


In the final scene, a hooded figure, who I think is female, is reading the pages of Ezra’s manuscript.  Then, she opens the wood burning stove, as if to burn the pages.


This episode was setting up all the dramatic things that are going to happen in the next couple of episodes.  It should be epic.

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