Lies and ski lifts

free fall


Photo Credit: ABC Family

“Free Fall” – 2/18/2014 episode

“He’s freaking A!” – Spencer


Spencer wakes up at Ezra’s desk in his classroom in her pjs. Good gracious, how the mighty have fallen.  Ezra comes in and asks if she is okay, but she is obviously disoriented.  Ezra cannot have a conversation without a veiled threat, so he tells Spencer that “The path you’ve been going down is very dangerous.”  I don’t think he’s talking about the pills.


Spencer changes into gym shorts, a hoodie (not a black one) and shower shoes.  This is the worst outfit on PLL ever.  Emily asks if Spencer had an accident, which would be the only reason for wearing this outfit in public.  Hanna looks personally offended by the outfit.  Spencer called Emily at four in the morning, when they are suppossed to taking a reprieve after catching Aria “lip-locking with the devil.”  Spencer thinks that Aria might be hooking up with Ezra in the janitor’s closet as they speak.


Meanwhile, Ezra pulls Aria to the side and asks like he can possibly be concerned.    He tells Aria that Spencer is on drugs.  It’s not because he cares, he wants to ruin Spencer’s credibility. 


Toby is waiting for Spencer outside of school, in the middle of the day.  I guess he’s not working and using his settlement money.  Spencer is now wearing Hanna’s clothes, which is a step up.  Toby asks if Spencer is mad at him about the settlement, but she says she’s only a little disappointed.  Toby says him mom would want him to have a full life and share it with the people he loves.  I think he even melted Spencer’s heart a little with that.


Hanna is staring at Emily’s cheese stick like it knows who A really is and asks Emily if she is going to eat it.  Emily says she told her yes five seconds ago, but Emily gives her the cheese stick anyway.  Hanna says she gets hungry when she nervous.  Emily thought it was she was sad, but Hanna gets sad when she’s nervous.  Ha.


Aria tells the girls about Spencer’s drug habit and shows them something in her file.


Spencer is outside eating with Toby, but she’s really just picking at her food and says she’s tired.  Toby invites her over for dinner and a movie and a massage, if she finishes all her lasagna.  If she’s busy, I can be there. 


The girls stage a Spencer intervention in her kitchen.  That rhymed.  Hanna comes right out and asks if Spencer is a speed freak.  Aria’s shows Spencer her file from school and says that Ezra gave it to her.  Spencer blurts out that Ezra is A / Board Shorts.  Spencer says that Ezra is acting like A to get the focus off himself.  She tells Aria to wake up, but Aria forever has her head in the clouds.  Spencer spills her purse and one of Wren’s prescription pads in there.  Nice timing, A.  Now the girls think Spencer is a complete junky.


Mike and Mona are having dinner.  Mona says she likes him, but Mike was hoping she would say she loves him.  Ezra comes in and asks what he is doing there.  He says, in the most jerky way, that he was picking up dinner.  Mona tells him she can’t help him anymore because it’s getting too complicated, aka, she has major feels for Mike.  Ezra tells her she can’t back out when he needs her help.


Hanna tells Emily that Aria is addicted to love, like Spencer is addicted to drugs.  Hanna thinks there is too much evidence to dismiss against Ezra.  Spencer comes in and gives Hanna her stash and says she doesn’t need them anymore.  She wants to prove to them that Ezra is A and tells them about a place called Ambrose Pavilion, where Ali used to meet Ezra.  She thinks they can set a trap for him.  Later, Spencer lies to her mother and Toby saying she can’t meet them tonight. 


Aria spills to Ezra about Spencer’s reaction because Aria is now a complete bubblehead.  Ezra wants to tell Spencer’s parents about the drugs, but Aria doesn’t want to.  Ezra points out that a motorcycle helmet and a tattoo is enough to unravel Spencer completely.  Say what?  How did you know that?  Aria wonders that too and asks how Ezra knew about the tattoo.  Gosh, I rhyme again.  He says that Aria told him.  Aria looks like she actually recovered some of her brain and doesn’t believe him.


Emily, Hanna and Spencer set it up so that Ezra hears about their fake plan to meet Ali at Ambrose Pavilion. 


Later, Spencer is going through withdrawal and calls her doctor to try to get a refill on the prescription.  Spencer is later busted when the doctor’s office calls Veronica. 


Aria goes to Ezra’s cabin, which now has a security system.  She tries several passwords, but the password is B26.  It references a song she and Ezra listened to on a juke box.  I’m not swooning, but Aria is a little.  Aria looks around the cabin and notices the door in the floor.  Unfortunately, the lair has been cleaned out.


Hanna and Emily go to the zoo.  It turns out Ambrose Pavilion is a reptile house.  Hanna states that only Ali would think it’s sexy to make out in front of a bunch of reptiles.  They are waiting for Spencer to show up and Hanna is taking a look in one of the enclosures.  She says one is nothing but a log covered in goo, then the snake jumps out at her.  What is with these snakes on this show?  Someone shows up in a blonde wig and the girls assume it is Spencer.


Aria finds a manuscript in a hollowed out book.  It is about Ali.  Splat.  That was the sh.. hitting the fan.  Ezra arrives at the cabin and Aria leaves via the window.  She leaves her keys behind, which Ezra quickly finds.  Ezra chases Aria though the woods.  He calls her cell phone, so that he can hear her ringtone, but she quickly silences her phone.  She hides from him, even though he is right behind him.  Go figure.  She sees a sign for the ski lift and runs towards it.


Spencer shows up at the reptile house and the girl in the wig runs.  The lights start flickering and the educational audio starts playing, especially repeating the part about the black mamba.  This might be a clue.  The girls flee the building and a discarded blonde wig is shown.


Aria jumps onto the ski lift and Ezra gets on there with her.  I’m sorry this is a stupid way to try to escape.  He tells Aria that he was afraid to come clean with her and that he met Ali when he was in college.  Ezra tells Aria that he has been writing a true crime book about Ali.  Say what.  That sounds stupid too.  Ezra admits that he knew who Aria was when he first met her and that’s why he teaches at Rosewood.  Aria thinks she was just research to him.  He says he didn’t lie about how he felt about her.  Aria ignores this and says that she defended him, but he was using her.  Aria says she wants to read the manuscript that destroyed them, but Ezra knocks it out of her hands.  That’s what happens when you try to make a run for it on a ski lift.  That’s one to grow on. 


Mona shows up late at the Montgomery house to watch a movie with Mike.  Maybe she was at the reptile house.  Aria comes in the house looking very upset.  Mona looks guilty.  I didn’t know Mona could feel that, so she’s not a stone cold sociopath.


Toby is waiting for Spencer in her kitchen.  Veronica told him about what has been going on.  Toby gives Spencer a present and Veronica tells him to leave because she needs to talk to Spencer.  Veronica says she can’t go through this again and Spencer’s parents cannot cover for her this time.  I guess the last time Spencer was on drugs, it was really bad.  Veronica leaves the room and Spencer opens the present from Toby.  It is a necklace.  The charm on it is the letter S, like a Scrabble game piece.  Long time fans of the show might remember that they bonded over a game of Scrabble.  Le sigh.


In her room, a seething Aria finds a book that Ezra gave her and throws it across the room.  It looks like she will be throwing more stuff on the next episode.


The final scene shows a hooded person, wearing gloves, picking up the pages of Ezra’s manuscript.  I don’t know who, don’t ask me.


Except for the stupidity of the ski lift, this was a pretty good episode.  I don’t think for a minute that Ezra isn’t A or somehow involved in the A team.  He has gone too far to just be writing a book.    There is too much stuff that doesn’t add up.  So yeah, I still think he is pure evil.

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