Addiction and deception

hot for teacher

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Episode #90 of Pretty Little Liars opens with Ali in a phone booth telling someone that she needs something and that “she can’t know yet.” The person on the other end of the phone is Shana. Shana tells Ali her friends just walked in. The girls still do not trust Shana and Hanna says Shana has more faces than Hanna has fingers. Aria says she has a finger, but it’s not the nice kind. On to another topic, Emily says her dad’s chest pains were due to anemia. Flipping around again, the biggest liar, Aria denies that she is back with Ezra. Epic eye roll, seriously. Spencer is super twitchy and Hanna says Spencer’s floppy foot is about to push her over the edge. I guess she’ll meet Spencer there. At least, she noticed Spencer’s off behavior.

Spencer pops pills and stays up all night researching Ezra. She texts slimeball Andrew, but he’s out of drugs.

In Ezra’s classroom, Ezra tells Aria that someone broke into his cabin. I don’t know what to do with that tidbit yet. Ezra wants Aria to stay with him the whole weekend. I’m sure that’s some kind of setup from the other slimeball on the show.

Hanna picks up her heels from the police station. There were taken as evidence in the Wilden case. Officer Holbrook tells Hanna he is up to his eyes with the CeCe Drake case. He also tells Hanna that sometimes the little things are most important. I think this guy might be trying to help Hanna, so maybe I won’t add him to my slimeball list.

Emily tries to talk to Shana, but Shana is snippy like Emily has been the last few weeks. Emily tells Shana to tell Ali she is sorry.

Hanna is talking to Aria and mentions something Gabe (Officer Holbrook) told her. Aria first says she didn’t know he had a first name, then questions their friendship and asks if he is into fashion, insulting Hanna’s intelligence. I didn’t know his first name either, but I know Hanna is not a dummy. I wish everyone else would figure this out.

Spencer scores some drugs from a girl named Brenda and immediately runs into Ezra, who was probably watching her. He confronts her about a poor essay that Spencer submitted and asks what has been keeping her so busy, like he doesn’t know. He tells her that sloppy work leads to consequences and that he would hate to see her suffer. I take this a threat. I want to see Ezra taken down, but I guess this isn’t the moment. Anyway, this doesn’t stop Spencer from doing more research on Ezra. When Hanna and Emily stop by Spencer’s house, Spencer lies and says she is at the library. She, however, finds a nugget. Ezra had an address in Ravenswood.

Aria chats with the counselor, Jesse, at school. She says she is lying to her friends and her boyfriend. I think she is also lying to herself, but I think she can sense something is up.

Hanna and Spencer are parked outside Spencer’s house when they see Shana coming out of Mrs. D’s house. Emily wants to follow Shana, but Hanna doesn’t want to get into trouble with A.

Ezra steals Spencer’s school file and sees that she has a prescription for ADHD meds. Jesse comes into the room and tells Ezra he should talk to the student because once you get one talking, they’ll tell you everything. Ezra gives him a look and I think Jesse is in danger now.

Shana shows up at Emily’s house and asks for help. Someone is taking pictures of them. Lucas maybe? I had to throw his name out there. Shana tells Emily she was taking a look around, not spying on the girls. Right. Shana says she tried to get something out of Ali’s room, but didn’t have a chance.

Spencer calls Aria to tell her what has been going on with Ezra. She feels that she will break Aria’s heart and possibly, Aria will end up hating Spencer. Spencer does not leave a voicemail for her.

At the cabin, Aria tells Ezra to take her home. For a second I think Aria is regaining her sense, but she crumbles to Ezra. He tells her that being torn between him and her friends is a good thing and that he should be the closest person to her. It’s sickening the way he is manipulating her.

Hanna runs into Spencer, who looks like she was out trying to score some drugs. Hanna confronts her about her behavior and Spencer yells at her to back off. Gabe Holbrook witnesses this and says he thought Spencer was the level-headed one. Yeah, not anymore, Gabe.

Emily goes over Mrs. D house under the pretense that she lost an earring when she was staying there. When Mrs. D leaves the room, Emily cuts the back of Ali’s twin picture and finds an envelope in there.

At the cabin, Ezra says he is out of chickpeas and sends Aria out for some. There were chickpeas in the cabinet, Ezra wanted to get rid of her so he can go into the room under the floor. It is his new lair. He receives an email with an attachment that contains pictures of the girls. So creepy.

Emily is at work when Shana calls her. Emily tells her it was money and a note in the envelope. Emily hides the money in a bag of coffee, since Shana has a swim meet and cannot pick the money up.

Hanna pretends that she left behind nail polish in Spencer’s room, so she can snoop. She sees all of Hanna’s research on Ezra.

Shana gets into her car, looks in the rear view, gasps, then screams. Okay, then.

Spencer tries to sneak into Ezra’s apartment, when Hanna shows up. She asks if Spencer is on drugs because she thinks Spencer would have to be on crack to think Ezra is A. Actually no, in the words of Stiles from Teen Wolf, Ezra is pure evil. Ezra has cameras set up everywhere. Spencer opens the door, and then notices the camera.

Aria wakes up looking for Ezra, but he’s outside being a weirdo. He appears behind Aria and says he forgot to lock the backdoor. Ezra tells her their relationship won’t work, unless they tell the truth. Then, he tells nothing.

Spencer tells Emily about her suspicions about Ezra, but Spencer doesn’t want to tell Aria until she’s sure. Emily tells them about Shana, Ali and the money. Speaking of Shana, she wakes up in her car when Ali calls her. Shana is confused and doesn’t know where she is. She looks up and sees a sign for Rosewood that is spray painted to say “Don’t come back again.” Ali asks what happened to the money. Shana hangs up on Ali and speeds off. Ali only has a little money and a picture of her friends in her wallet. She gets on a bus.

In the final scene, in A’s lair, someone is shown with a stack of Wren’s prescription pads.

I thought this episode was entertaining, but I’m upset that I cannot like my former favorite liar, Aria, anymore. Her behavior is disappointing and I hope they can find a way to redeem her.

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