The Monster


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* Contains spoliers if you have not watched the 1/28 episode.

The January 28th episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Bite Your Tongue,” begins with Emily and Aria returning from the movies. At least, they did something normal. Emily is still mad at Spencer for chasing off Ali because she thinks she’ll never hear from Ali again. When they enter the house, they discover Mike is throwing a party. Aria chews him out and tells him he has 10 minutes to clear everyone out.

Meanwhile, Spencer is transcribing Ali’s journal. She calls Hanna, who is reading in bed. Spencer is surprised that Hanna has been reading and asks if Travis has been reading to her. Hanna says that it is over with Travis. Sorry, I have to add something here. Why do they have to get rid of the seemingly normal guys like Jake and Travis? More on this later. Anyway, Hanna wasn’t invited to the movies because she won’t take Emily’s side.

Back in the Montgomery home, Mona is seen coming out of Aria’s room. She says that Mike invited her. Mona explains that everyone doesn’t tuck and roll when she enters the room. The next day, Aria confronts Mike about Mona and he says they met at a counseling group at school. Aria asks if Mona was there to poop or snoop. Aria blames Mona for breaking up their parents, but Mike asks how Aria can forgive her dad if she cannot forgive Mona.

Emily’s dad is back in town and he has taken her car to the shop. The mechanic says her car had a computer glitch when it left Emily and the girls stranded in the middle of nowhere. Someone (A) did this remotely, so Emily freaks out and says she is taking her bike. Her father notices something is wrong with her and it is about time one of the girls’ parents noticed something going on.

Maggie, minus Malcolm, pays Ezra a visit in his classroom. Aria interrupts, but Maggie says she was just leaving. Aria is upset, but Ezra says people get what they deserve. Now, I’m worried for Maggie’s safety, even though I don’t like her.

Hanna is browsing for a new book, when Officer Holbrook appears. I really mean he appears because he’s been missing for several episodes. He apologizes for what Hanna and her mother were put through during the Wilden investigation.

Emily tells Hanna that A killed her car when Hanna starts talking detective book theories, Emily requests that she please stop reading. Is it just me or are the other girls trying to keep Hanna in her place as the not-so-smart member of their group? Spencer approaches and tries to talk to Emily, but Emily walks away. Stone cold.

Aria sees Mike with Mona and confronts Mona. She wants to know why Mona is hooking up with a tenth grader. Maybe it’s because no one on this show dates people their age. Mona is upset that the girls shut her out after she covered for Ashley. Of course, Aria can’t tell her that Ali is alive.

Spencer runs into Andrew, also known as the guy she flirted with when she figured out Toby was on the A-team. He calls her “Killer” and I’m disturbed. She forgot about a physics test since she’s been focusing on the Ali investigation so much. Andrew has been up all night and Spencer wants to know why he doesn’t look as bad as she does. Her pre-Radley dark circles are back, which is a cause for concern.

Mona goes to meet Ezra in his classroom. They talk behind closed doors and nothing good can come of this.

Holbrook talks to Hanna in the Brew about books. Great, another creepy, older guy. Please don’t make them date.

Aria goes to see Jesse, the new guidance counselor who is yet another creepy, older guy. He seems to know who she is. Aria says that someone is bad news and he guesses she is talking about Mona. She says that Mona is the devil and Jesse says she has anger issues, which she kind of does.

Ezra is sending a text that says, “There’s been a setback re: Alison.” Just then, Mr. Fields comes into the classroom. He tells Ezra about Emily’s experience staying with Mrs. D, which is a huge mistake. Mr. Fields wants Ezra to help Emily get back on track. He might as well hook Emily up with a crack dealer because I can’t think of anyone worse than Ezra to “help” someone, especially a teenage girl.

Andrew and Spencer are studying in her room when she lets him know that she’s been watching him. He looks like he’s about to get lucky, but Spencer wants some of his “study aid.” She reminds him that she once showed him her sideboob and he gives her some pills. Andrew says he thought Spencer was approaching him because she was done with the carpenter. I want to scratch this jerk’s eyes out. How dare he refer to Toby like that. I’m so over this guy, please don’t show him again.

Emily is in bed when she hears a noise and notices that her window is open. She gets out of bed and grabs a pair of scissors. She ends up almost stabbing her dad. Yikes. Emily has lost her grip. Emily, however, is not being completely paranoid because there is a handprint on her windowsill.

Spencer is working on Ali’s diary again. She imagines a conversation between Ali and her date. The guy is eating pie and drinking beer, which just sounds gross. Spencer cannot turn off her thoughts and she ends up at Hanna’s house at four in the morning. Spencer wants Hanna to come to the pub mentioned in Ali’s diary. Hanna wants to do her own investigating and check out Ali’s dental records and who might have been a patient at the dentist. They’re coming for you, A.

Aria sees Maggie and chastises her for not bringing Malcolm to see Ezra. I’m not blaming Maggie. Maggie snarkily says she didn’t realize “Mr. Fitz” and Aria were still so close. Maggie also tells Aria that she maintains her grade point average by sleeping with her teacher. Ouch, burn. Angry Aria comes out and she knocks a box of belongings out of Maggie’s grip. Some of the items break. Later, Aria tells Emily she didn’t run away, she walked very quickly after this happened. Aria looks over and sees Mike and Mona kissing.

At the dentist, Hanna is updated on her former boyfriend, Sean, who is away at boarding school. While the dental technician is out of the room, Hanna steals the sign-up sheet, which has the name C. Cavanaugh on the sheet. I don’t know who this person is, but this person’s name was also on the sign-out sheet at Jenna’s school for the blind in Philly.

Spencer visits the pub from Ali’s journal and sees Ezra eating boysenberry pie, like the guy in Ali’s story. Ezra asks if she’s been there before and if she is meeting someone there. He’s so openly creepy now.

Aria is studying when she runs into the creepy counselor again. He says his door is always open. The gesture doesn’t seem innocent.

Back at the dentist, someone gases Hanna and numbs her mouth with a needle. Gross, A is taking this too far. Hanna wakes up much later with blood on her mouth.

At the pub, the waitress gives Spencer Ezra’s order. The beer is called Board Shorts Ale. I literally yell “a-ha.” Finally, we know who freaking Board Shorts is. The scene from Ali’s diary is shown with Ali and Ezra on a date. She kisses him and I don’t think Ezra can possibly gross me out anymore.

Emily is alone in the school making copies when she hears a noise and the door slams. Loud rock music starts playing and Emily calls her dad to come and get her. She tries to open a window, but it sticks. Someone is outside the room, so she pushes a desk in front of the door. When Emily looks out the window, she sees her dad, so she breaks a window to get his attention. Mr. Fields scales the building like Spiderman and rescues Emily. A hooded figure looks out the window. Is this person Death because you cannot see the face at all? As soon as they are on the ground, Mr. Field collapses. My heart is pounding by this point. This show hasn’t scared me like this in a while.

Luckily, Mr. Fields is alive and is shown on a stretcher in the next scene. Emily thinks this is her fault because Emily is always taking undue blame on herself. Her dad admits that he has heart issues, possibly due to stress. I hope A doesn’t literally scare Mr. Fields to death.

Aria brings Emily home with her, while her dad is in the hospital. Spencer arrives and requests that Emily please not send her away. This makes me sad because Spencer is on the verge of another breakdown. She and Emily hug and I’m glad the rift is over. Hanna also arrives and says she thinks A treated her and she is still in pain. Aria wonders, “Who is this monster” and Spencer looks like she knows exactly who the monster is. Spencer pulls the note out Hanna’s tooth with a pair of tweezers. So, gross. It says, “Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking.”

In the final scene, A shreds the sign-in sheet from the dentist and lines the bottom of Tippy the bird’s cage. There is a map on the wall that shows where Wilden’s boat is.

This was a pretty good episode and I am excited after seeing Spencer confronting Ezra in the clip for next week’s episode. My main complaint is that this show is trying to normalize the relationships between two people with a noticeable age difference. This applies to Mike and Mona because there is a difference between a fifteen year old and a seventeen or eighteen year old, especially considering girls mature faster than boys. Then, you have these two older guys lurking around Hanna and Aria. It’s really not cool at all.

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