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*Contains spoilers if you have not watched the 1/7/2014 episode.

Okay, so, first, I’ll start by explaining why I have not written since before the Halloween episode. It is entirely the Halloween episode’s fault. It was so lame that it impacted my view of the entire series. I used to fan girl when the premiere approached. Not so much anymore. I didn’t miss PLL at all during these last few months. I’ve gotten more attached to Teen Wolf, starting watching Supernatural, read several good books and hardly thought about PLL all. The January 7th episode was this show’s last chance to impress me because I was ready to throw in the towel. Life is too short for bad TV. The episode showed potential for an interesting season, so I’m watching, for now.

“Who’s in the Box” began with the girls reeling from what happened in the last few moments of the Halloween episode, Ali is alive. Yep, a few seasons were spent trying to figure out who murdered someone who is actually alive. According to Hanna, Ali was pulled out of the ground like a carrot. Ha. A lot of explaining needs to occur here. Spencer wants the girls to focus on what they need to do, which is get Ali home. Emily doesn’t seem to agree with this and says that Ali could be A. There is a ton of love lost here. The main question the girls need to answer: who is Ali so afraid of?”

Spencer wants to talk to Jason because she thinks he might know that Ali is alive. Jason is one of those characters on the show who knows way more than he probably will ever tell. Hanna has a theory and gets into an argument with Spencer before Aria instructs them not to “fight in a crypt.” Hanna thinks the girl in Ali’s coffin is another missing girl that disappeared the same time as Ali.

In the next scene, which occurs one week later, Ali’s mom is changing the sheets on Ali’s bed. Yeah, she scares me too. Either she’s completely diabolical or completely insane, or maybe some combination. Emily asks Mrs. D about Jason, but Mrs. D is evasive.

Ashley cannot find a job. Apparently being a formerly accused cop killer can ruin one’s job prospects.

Emily, Spencer and Aria are discussing why Jason is hiding. Hello, someone tried to kill him. How soon we forget.

Toby and Spencer are reunited. He has been away trying to find information about his mom. Mona drives by in Jenna’s car, which she purchased from Jenna. So creepy. Toby mentions that Mona previously would have run them down, but Spencer thinks she is still dangerous.

Emily’s bad attitude continues. She is snippy with Paige and this is already tiresome.

Mona tries to talk to Hanna at Hanna’s locker, but Hanna blows her off. He doesn’t believe Mona confessed to Wilden’s murder in order to help Ashley. I’m torn between feeling sorry for Mona and not really trusting anything she does.

In an empty classroom, Hanna shows Spencer and Emily (Aria is talking to Mr. Creepy, a.k.a. Ezra) a website about Sara, a girl who disappeared the same time as Ali. A video begins to play on the projector and there is a message from A, “Whoever finds her, gets to keep her.” Emily says they’ve been double dared. I can’t help but think of A Christmas Story. A doesn’t use daring etiquette. They should have been single dared first.

Mr. Creepy apologizes to Aria for dragging her into the mess with Malcolm. Ugh, he’s beginning to worm his way into Aria’s pants, er, I mean, heart. I’m trying not lose my dinner. I never liked them as a couple and now that I know he is evil, I cannot watch this train wreck without cringing.

Spencer asks her dad where Jason is. Her dad does not want her talking to Jason. He says he will try to find out where Jason is when Spencer says she is concerned about him. Spencer’s dad also wants her to stay away from Mrs. D. Maybe he could assure these two things would happen if he were around more. Just saying.

In her room, Hanna pries open the diary that she stole. I have a feeling she doesn’t want anyone to know what is in there.

While he was away, Toby talked to several people about him mom. They were willing to talk, but not willing to get into trouble. Radley is owned a corporation, which is just wrong and suspicious. Toby wants someone to officially say that his mom did not kill herself. I understand, Toby, but I think there’s still a whole can of worms to be opened here.

Hanna wants the girls to meet with Sara’s friends. Emily is snippy. (Eye roll.)

Caleb shows up and says it would be less complicated for him to come to Rosewood. For anyone that doesn’t watch Ravenswood, the girl he stayed behind to help, Miranda, is now dead and a ghost. He also probably has romantic feelings her. Ugh, don’t get me started. Caleb fails to tell Hanna that Miranda is dead and I get the feeling he came home to break up with Hanna. Sigh.

Spencer and Toby go to see the head of the company that owns Radley. They show her evidence, but she says she can’t help them. Spencer threatens to unleash the power of the internet on the company and makes an impact.

Emily and Hanna talk to Sara’s friends. Avery, who did not attend the meeting, doesn’t think Sara is dead, but everyone else does. Avery saw Sara the day after Labor Day, so that cannot be her in Ali’s grave. I’m suspicious of Avery and wonder is she is a character we already know using an alias and purposely avoiding meeting Emily and Hanna.

Mona approaches Ezra outside a cafe. Mona wants Ezra to mentor her (in evil doings, I suppose). Mona knows that Ezra is hiding something and has multiple identities. Ezra says that fear is the number one motivator of people and subtly threatens Mona. You’re a bad man if you threaten Mona. I have a feeling Ezra is more dangerous than the other villains on this show.

Mrs. D gives Ashley a job at her real estate office. Mrs. D says that Ali suggested it and takes another step towards crazyland. She told Hanna that Ali speaks to her in dreams. Right…

Hanna tries to discuss whether Mrs. D could possibly speak to Ali’s ghost, but Caleb just says it’s complicated. I’m ready to pull his hair out for being so shady. Caleb says he has to go back to Ravenswood and breaks Hanna’s heart a little.

Toby and Spencer are in the Hastings’ kitchen when her dad comes home. Toby reveals to him that Radley has to admit that his mother did not commit suicide, thanks to Spencer’s work. Spencer’s dad says that they could’ve done more and forced them to close Radley. Um, what’s this about Papa Hastings because I don’t trust you at all?

Aria calls Ezra and he arrives to pick her up. I throw up a little. He is taking her somewhere far away because she’s letting her emotions put her in a dangerous situation. Ezra takes Aria to a cabin with no internet or cell phone signal. Make note of that because I’m sure it will come up later. Aria wants to know what Ezra wants and he says that he wants to have a secret relationship with her. If I had my way, she would have slapped him, but I don’t get my way when it comes to these two.

Emily is working alone, when she hears a strange noise. It is Claire, one of Sara’s friends. Claire tells Emily that Avery is not adjusting well. I find it strange they keep talking about this “Avery.” Claire talks about Sara and she sounds like was a version of Ali, personality-wise. This cannot be a coincidence.

At the Marin house, Caleb is chipping away at Hanna’s heart and the hearts of anyone that loves this couple. Caleb says that he has to go and implies that he has been cheating with Miranda. Why are you doing this Caleb? He breaks up with Hanna and leaves. OMG, he is heartless in this scene. Ashley comes downstairs and comforts Hanna. She’s going to need it.

Spencer and her dad are now talking alone. He says he wants to close down Radley for his “family.” I have a feeling his family includes Ali and her twin. Don’t tell me she doesn’t have a twin or this show will never make sense.

Back at Ezra’s love shack (ew), a trap door in the floor is shown. Another thing to make note of. Aria is looking conflicted after having s*x with Ezra. Ew, the nausea I’m feeling right now. Ezra is looking like he just ate a canary, but at least he has a shirt on.

Emily tells Paige that Ali let Emily kiss her once. She admits that Ali broke her heart and that she doesn’t think Ali ever loved anyone. This would explain why Emily has been acting like a stinker this whole episode.

Caleb comes out of a coffee shop and Hanna is out there waiting for him. They officially say goodbye. Man, the feels. Caleb cries in the car (really hard, in fact). I don’t cry, but I sort of want to.

Back at the mausoleum, where the episode began, Hanna tells the girls about the diary. It is full of stories about the girls (and knowing Ali, really hurtful, painful things). I knew that diary was no good.

In the end of the episode, Ezra is shown opening the trap door, but it is not shown what or who is down there.

This episode set up a lot of stories that could be interesting, but it’s really up to the writers to keep this show from moving to hot mess land. For now, I am watching to see how it all goes down.

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