Cabin in the woods

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Photo Credit: ABC Family

*Contains spoilers if you have not watched the 1/14/2014 episode.

The January 14th episode of Pretty Little Liars, entitled “Love ShAck Baby” begins with the girls reacting to Hanna not sharing Ali’s journal with them. Hanna defends herself and says she did not want everyone to read the embarrassing stories about each other. Emily will be the first to read through it. Later that night, Emily is asleep with the journal on her bed when Ali appears. Ali says she wants to explain herself to Emily. Emily is still grumpy and Ali reminds her that Ali saved Emily’s life twice. Ali asks Emily if Emily is glad that Ali isn’t dead, but Emily doesn’t answer. Ouch, mean Emily is back. Ali says that “they” took everything, but she doesn’t know who is after her. Ali also says that she needs Emily because Emily always saw the best version of Ali. Sorry Ali, those days are over. This was presented like it could have been a dream, but I’m not sure. All those other times the girls thought they dreamed or hallucinated Ali, it was actually her. So, this could have definitely been a real visit from Ali.

In the Marin home, the next morning, Hanna is up and dressed when her mother expected her to be wearing sweatpants. Ashley tries to talk to Hanna about Caleb, but Hanna isn’t willing.

Spencer shows up at Toby’s loft with coffee. She announces herself as “Housekeeping” when she came in the door. I didn’t notice this the first time I watched the episode, but I giggled when I noticed this the second time. Spencer’s dad cancelled on his meeting with Toby. Toby tells Spencer that he needs to have Radley shut down. Then, Spencer and Toby engage in some love in the morning because that’s what they do when they have a free morning.

Mr. Creepy watches Emily at school and sees that she has Ali’s journal. Why she has this out in public is beyond me. Don’t multiple former/current/potential members of the A team go to that school? Apparently, Emily needs some coffee too because this is not a smart thing to do.

Aria drops a note off in Mr. Creepy’s desk, while Spencer is the lookout. Spencer notes that Aria is still in love with Ezra. Aria says she is still trying to figure out things with Jake. I say she needs to stay away from Ezra for several reasons.

At the lunch table, Emily admits that she is becoming her mother because she is color coding the journal as they decode it. Hanna gives the journal to Spencer for the next round of reading, instead of letting Aria have it. Hanna finally confesses to the girls that she and Caleb broke up. She avoids talking about him again. Emotional walls.

Aria decodes from a poem that Ali is referring to a place called the Busy Bee Inn as a good hiding spot. Hanna says she wants to go there tonight. Mr. Creepy is watching them because that’s what creepers do.

At work, Emily goes to put her paycheck in her backpack when she sees a note that could possibly be from Ali that requests that Emily meets her at their spot.

At school, Aria cancels her “date” with Ezra and he asks her a ton of questions. Aria lies to him, of course, because I don’t think she knows how to tell the truth anymore. Ezra says “Last night, it didn’t feel like there was anyone else.” I scream and feel like throwing up. Did he mean that literally? Ew. Ew. Ew. I can’t deal with this. Aria says that this situation isn’t fair to Ezra or Jake and Ezra says it isn’t fair to her. Whatever, I’m not falling for the “I’m a sensitive bloke” routine because I already made up my mind what kind of person Ezra is. He demonstrates this by listening to a recording of Ali on his laptop, as soon as Aria leaves. Ali is saying she needs to escape and not be Ali anymore. Interesting…

Emily goes to meet Ali at their spot, the kissing rock. “EF + AD” is spray painted on the rock. No one shows up, at least that Emily sees, and Emily leaves the name bracelet that Ali gave her behind.

Spencer catches her father and Mrs. D talking about something that Jason doesn’t know. Mrs. D lies and says they were talking about Mrs. D’s divorce. I don’t think so.

Hanna is staring at the pasties in The Brew like they can solve her problems when she approached by Travis (you know, the guy that got the charges against Ashley dropped). Travis tells her he saw on the news that CeCe was spotted at a train station in Maryland. That may have been her when a snake was spotted in my backyard. The police think CeCe was paid to kill Wilden. That would explain the payments A’s corporation made to her.

Back in the Hastings’ house, Spencer is upset that Mrs. D was in their house. Spencer’s dad says he canceled the meeting with Toby because he didn’t want to tell Toby his mother’s death was an accident, not a murder. There was a fragile patient with Marian at the time of her death. I bet it was Ali, her sister, CeCe or someone on the A team.

Spencer confronts Mrs. D and tells her to stay away from Spencer’s dad. The witnesses look like they’re watching a soap opera.

In Emily’s car, Spencer says she wants to know who put CeCe on the payroll. Aria takes the journal from Spencer because Spencer gets carsick. Meanwhile, Ezra shows up at the Marin home knowing that Hanna is not there. He tells some crap about Hanna’s schoolwork and sneaks upstairs when Ashley goes to answer her work phone. Ezra paws through Hanna’s belongings and opens up Hanna’s laptop and starts typing on it. I don’t know what he is doing. He is back downstairs by the time Ashley gets off the phone.

Back in the car, Aria tells Spencer that she does not get to throw up on her when Spencer tries to read the journal again. Aria reads a story about a girl and a younger boy and wonders if it is about Ali. The girls end up stranded on a dirt road when Emily’s car stops working. Hanna texts Travis and asks that he bring his tow truck. He says it will be two hours. Aria figures that Ezra’s cabin is nearby and leads the girls there. On the way, Spencer confronts Hanna about a page that is missing from the journal. Ezra is shown driving decked out in his A team outfit.

At the cabin, Aria hides the clues that this is Ezra’s place and tells the girls not to touch anything. Ezra is painting a train. All I can think is he is painting the Halloween train where he probably killed Garrett. Did Wilden really kill Garrett? I don’t know. Anyway, Aria lies again and says the cabin belongs to her uncle.

Hanna confesses that she once hooked up with Aria’s brother, Mike and that the story in Ali’s journal is about her. Aria doesn’t care. Hanna tells the girls that Caleb left her for another woman.

Ezra or A or whomever, shows up and sees the journal on the table. Emily follows Hanna outside and they hear noises in the bushes. Meanwhile, someone has locked Aria and Spencer in a small room. Spencer sees A though the keyhole, so she opens a window and calls for help. Emily and Hanna break a window since A locked the front door. They grab weapons when they see someone is at the door, but it’s only Travis.

After this, Travis and Hanna are in the Marin kitchen. Travis mentions that the girls didn’t talk on the way home and they looked freaked out. Hanna says they had a fight to the death with a raccoon. Um, okay. That’s what you come up with, Hanna? Hanna tries to pay Travis, but he will not accept any money from her because he considers her a friend. He says he wants to be a nice guy and Hanna starts to cry. I want to punch Caleb in the gut for letting Hanna feel like she was dumped the way she thinks.

At the Hastings’ home, Spencer’s dad confronts her about talking to Mrs. D. He tells her as long as she lives in his house; Spencer has to stay away from Mrs. D. I don’t see Spencer responding well to an ultimatum.

Aria is on the phone with Ezra and hesitates before she tells him she loves him. Girl, please don’t love him at all. Aria lies for the hundredth time and tells Emily she was talking to Jake. Aria and Emily receive a text message from A and realize that they gave Ali to A by being careless with their clues.

Spencer shows up at Toby’s loft with a suitcase and asks if she can stay awhile. I can imagine the way the rest of her conversation with her father went.

The final scene shows someone resetting Emily’s engine. There is an apple on the desk. Yeah, okay, that was a weak ending. It didn’t leave me wanting more. The preview for the 1/21 episode did peak my interest. I want to see the Jake/Ezra drama play out. I will at least be entertained while I yell at the screen for Aria to stop being an idiot. So yeah, I’m still sticking with the show.

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