5 things I want to see happen on PLL’s Halloween episode


Photo Credit: ABC Family

I have a longer wishlist for the second half of the season beginning in January, but here’s what I would like to see on tonight’s Pretty Little Liars.

1. Once and for all, I want to know if Ali is alive. I don’t want any hints or maybes, I want definite proof either way.

2. Tell us what the heck is up with Ezra? Is he really evil?

3. Show me a character I haven’t seen in a while. I saw internet rumors that someone we haven’t seen in a while will make an appearance.

4. Show me stuff that keeps my eyes glued to the screen for the whole two hours. (If not, I am reading a book that was released today and I am equally excited about it.)

5. Bring on the scary. The previous episodes made me jump and scream and I want that again. Just don’t make it too tramatic. I want to sleep after this.

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