Uninvited Guest

Hanna, Caleb & Spencer
*Contains spoilers if you haven’t watched the 8/13/2013 episode
Photo Credit: ABC Family

“The Mirror Has Three Faces,” which was the August 13th episode of Pretty Little Liars begins with the girls walking down the empty hallway at school. They tried to see Jenna at the hospital, but they were turned away. They skipped class and Emily is concerned about them graduating to which Spencer retorts, “Honey, none of us are graduating.” At least she admits how little effort they put into school. Emily receives a text from Mrs. D (Ali’s mom) offering a place from Emily and her mom to stay. Emily says “hell no.” The liars are suddenly hood on this episode.
Hanna pushes for Emily to take up the offer, even though Emily is clearly uncomfortable with the idea. Spencer later tells Hanna she should have been more tactful. Spencer says that Emily should stay with Hanna, as she has done before. Hanna says that her mom is not ready for company and only gets out of bed to talk to Veronica.
Spencer notices that Ezra is locked out of his classroom. He looks distracted. This can’t be good. Something is going on in Fitz-Land.
Hanna questions why Caleb hasn’t figured out the P.O. Box yet. Caleb says that CeCe isn’t going to jump out of it like a girl coming out of a birthday cake. Now, we know what kind of parties Caleb goes to when he’s missing from Rosewood. Caleb did track down a cable bill associated with the P.O. Box, which is linked to a physical address in Philly. I associate both Jenna and Melissa with Philly.
Aria and Jake sit outside talking and looking at photos that she took of him. He has a martial arts match and Aria invites herself to it.
At Radley, Wren is giving Mona a psychological assessment. Conflict of interest, anyone? This guy is too involved for me to trust anything he might evaluate. Mona says she realized that she and the girls are on the same side now. Wren says he doesn’t believe Mona killed Wilden. He probably already knows who actually did it. Mona says that she could never be honest with Wren. Wren tells her that she used to. Wren has been keeping secrets from Mona and Mona has now realized where his loyalties are. Wren then dropped the bomb and said that Mona has not been taking her meds. I wonder if she really needs medicine or it someone is using them to gain control over her by affecting her mentally.
Toby finds the envelope left for him at the end of last week’s episode. The note from A says “Leave the Lamb alone, go for the lion.”
Emily does not want to stay in Ali’s room because she finds it creepy. Why can’t she stay in Jason room or does Mrs. D not want Emily to find Jason’s drug stash? He totally has one. I had to mention Jason because no one else has. Anyway, Spencer tells Emily that she might find clues. Emily agrees, but says that no one will be there with her. Her mom is out of town and she and Paige are on shaky ground.
Ali’s mom comes in the room to offer Spencer and Emily a snack. She wants Emily to make herself at home, as if Emily could be at home in the room of a possibly murdered friend who might be torturing her and her friends.
Hanna admits to Caleb that Ashley is depressed. I guess the joy of being out of jail has worn off. Hanna wants Caleb to help her get into Radley. Say what, sister woman? Caleb, of course, thinks this is a bad plan and wants Hanna to tell someone that A is back. This might help or get Hanna run over by another SUV.
Hanna and Wren run into each other at The Brew. Actually, Hanna has tracked him down. Completely ignoring Caleb’s advice, Hanna wants to see Mona. Wren tells Hanna that a blonde girl tried to see Mona and he assumed it was her. As soon as Hanna leaves, Wren calls someone and says they have a problem.
Toby wants Spencer to come with to see Dr. Palmer. Spencer wants to know when this all will be over. I think she’s being insensitive to Toby’s feelings and fragile mental state.
At Ali’s former (maybe) home, it looks like Emily is being watched. Emily finds Mrs. D crying because her husband is divorcing her because what held them together is gone (Ali). Emily says she is having similar problems and has to explain to Mrs. D that she is gay. I thought everyone knew that. Anyway, Mrs. D says she is proud of Emily and is not cutting like her comments about Hanna being formerly fat. Mrs. D tells a story about seeing a girl she thought was Ali and Emily says she has seen Ali too. We all have.
Bombshell number 2 of the night is Ezra is not Malcolm’s father. That means that the writers wasted a lot of time developing this story about Ezra having a surprise son, just to drop it. Grr. I don’t really care, otherwise, unless they try to make Ezra and Aria get back together. Then, that will piss me off.
Caleb runs into Hanna outside Veronica’s office. He was going to tell Veronica about A because he doesn’t know how to protect Hanna. He says that A is “everywhere and nowhere,” which was also said by Mona on the season 3 finale. Caleb and Hanna kiss and creeper Wren watches from his car.
Of all people, Wren and Veronica have a chat in the Hastings’ kitchen. Veronica claims that Wren broke Melissa heart. I need proof before I believe that Melissa has a heart. Wren says that Mona is going to turn the tables on them. Veronica tells Wren he is being unethical because he totally is.
Back to the Ezra drama, Malcolm is the product of a drunken night at a party. Ezra is upset that Maggie let him get attached to Malcolm knowing that he was not the father. I just had a Maury flashback in my head.
Aria asks Hanna to check on Emily while she goes to investigate the apartment in Philly. Aria runs into CeCe’s roommate, who is moving out. The roommate knew Ali and CeCe told her there were four other she-devils. Te-he, I don’t think they’ve been described that way before. CeCe assumed the girls were involved in getting CeCe kicked out of school. That could definitely be a motive. Ali apparently pushed someone down the stairs at a party, but I’m not sure how CeCe was blamed for this.
Hanna goes to Ali’s house, but only Red Coat is home. Hanna looks in Ali’s jewelry box and Red Coat’s reflection is seen the mirror, wearing an Ali mask. Hanna senses something and turns around, but Red Coat is gone. Creepy!
Dr. Palmer is more senile that he was when Toby found him. He does not understand the questions Toby is asking him. Spencer begins to play “Any Time” on the piano and Dr. Palmer thinks she is Marion. He says it would mean a lot if Toby could hear her play. Toby gets misty for the 15th time this season. Just as Dr. Palmer says “The blonde is dangerous,” someone comes in the room to get Dr. Palmer. Dr. Palmer asks for Mrs. D to be shown into his office. What? The plot thickens.
Spencer tries to tell Hanna and Emily that Ali’s mom was at Radley, but she doesn’t reveal she was with Toby at the facility. Emily leaves for work and Mrs. D invites Spencer and Hanna to stay for dinner. They decline and ask Mrs. D about Dr. Palmer. She admits that she met him once and a flashback is shown. Mrs. D nearly closes Ali’s fingers in the piano in a moment of anger. Mrs. D received a call from Radley saying Ali was there, but when she arrived, it was CeCe. She bans Ali from seeing CeCe to prevent moments of epic craziness like this. Mrs. D says that Ali and CeCe used to wear each other’s personalities. Another piece of the puzzle, I believe.
Caleb, Spencer and Hanna are in the Hastings’ kitchen when Veronica comes home. Veronica has been accused of obstruction of justice, so she can’t be Ashley’s lawyer anymore. There goes Ashley’s reason for getting out of bed. Hanna is past her breaking point and Spencer and Caleb try to calm her down. She storms out of the house with Caleb following.
There is some Aria fluff with her flirting with Jake after the match. He complains about a scratch on his mouth and Aria kisses him and asks if it hurts. This weird dominatrix moment makes me uncomfortable.
Emily returns to her temporary home as the furnace man comes in and says they have a problem. Someone has been living or at least sleeping in the crawl space. This makes my skin crawl, no pun intended. Emily thinks they should call the police, but Mrs. D brushes it off saying the person is long gone. I would call someone if I knew someone was creeping around my house, but Mrs. D is a suspicious character. The holes that were drilled on an earlier episode are into the basement ceiling.
Wren is the rat that got Veronica in trouble. He colors a picture of a girl wearing a coat red, get it? I never trusted him considering he tried to get with underage Spencer while engaged to her sister.
In the final scene, someone plants Ashley’s muddy shoes in the wreckage of Emily’s house. Someone wants Ashley to go back to jail.
Wow, this episode was actually pretty awesome and the hour flew by like it used to for me in previous seasons. It feels like the clues are actually leading to something and I am excited to see how it all comes together.

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