Drowning girl

Jake, Aria & Emily
*Contains spoilers if you haven’t watched the 8/6/2013 episode
Photo Credit: ABC Family

“Into the Deep” was the August 6th episode of Pretty Little Liars, which was directed by Chad Lowe (Byron Montgomery). I have enjoyed the look and feel of the episodes that he has directed so far, and this episode was no exception. He was able to work with some juicy material, including a police interrogation and an attempted murder.
The episode begins with Mona being interviewed by a detective at the police station. Mona says that Wilden killed Garrett, but I don’t know if that was a real reveal, or if Mona was making up stuff. Mona said she killed Wilden to protect her friends. She could have meant the Liars or the A-team, if she was telling the truth. The detective doesn’t believe her and grills her like the detective does Caine in Menace II Society. I half expected the detective to say “You know you f’d up right,” but since it is ABC Family, this didn’t happen. Mona tears up and says she can’t let her best friend’s mother pay for something she didn’t do. That line was probably true.
In the Hastings’ kitchen, Spencer, Hanna and Veronica talk about Mona’s confession. Mona’s confession doesn’t match the facts, but considering how smart Mona is, this was probably done on purpose. Spencer asks Hanna if she has something to do with this. Hanna looks like she got caught going outside the litter box.
Sitting on her porch, Aria watches Jake get dressed through the window, as she talks to Spencer on the phone. I can’t judge because I probably would have eyeballed his six pack, too. We can’t hear what Spencer asks, but Aria says that Jake slept on the couch. Jake invites Aria to breakfast and Aria looks uncomfortable, but agrees to grabbing coffee.
Paige and Emily are taking a walk, when Paige says that she thinks Mona could have done it. I’ve been suspicious of Paige since that time she tried to drown Emily, so I don’t trust her opinion of anything. Paige is throwing Emily a birthday party at the home of Paige’s aunt. Careful, Emily.
At The Brew, Jake asks if Aria’s dad is coming home today. He has this look on his face like he is about to score and Aria quickly says he is and it is family movie night. Also, at The Brew are Ezra and Maggie. Ezra stares at Jake and Aria and I crack up laughing because sometimes I am evil and enjoy other’s discomfort. Ezra sees Jake and Aria hug and he totally not paying attention to Maggie who is dropping a bomb: Maggie got into grad school in Seattle. Ezra is upset because he won’t be able to see Malcolm “most days”. This is not a good day for Ezra.
Hanna and Veronica visit Ashley in jail. Veronica says that she received a message that Ashley can get out on bail, but the bail is one million dollars. I imagine Dr. Evil saying this.
Emily meets with a coach that Paige found for her. She talks to him about training for a year before starting college. The coach is played by Antonio from One Life To Live, by the way. They watch a DVD of Emily’s swim meets and the coach says Emily’s technique needs improvement, but she has potential. After finding out that she is injured, he tells her that the odds are slim at best that she will be ready to receive a swim scholarship by next year.
Hanna just finished talking to her dad on the phone, when she runs into Pastor Ted. Hanna tells him that Ashley needs bail money. Caleb is trying to sell his car, but that won’t be enough. Her dad doesn’t have the money. Pastor Ted says Ashley will make it through this, but Hanna feels that she isn’t the strong one.
At Ezra’s apartment, Ezra talks to Maggie about his concerns with moving Malcolm away and suggests that Malcolm stays with him. Maggie says that she has always has taken care of Malcolm and Ezra questions, “Whose fault is that.” That was so vicious it practically burned Maggie’s bangs off her forehead.
Spencer and Aria see Jenna and Shauna talking at school. Jenna wants to tell what she knows, saying that she doesn’t have much time left. Shauna says this will all be over soon. Will it? I would like to see at least one story wrap up.
Veronica brings Ashley home. Ashley’s bail was posted anonymously, but she does have to wear an ankle monitor.
Aria and Spencer help set up Emily’s birthday party. They want to talk to Jenna, but need to get her away from Shauna. Spencer says that Toby traced the phone number from Nigel’s phone to an empty apartment in New York. The landlord gave Toby the forwarding address, which is a P.O. Box in Philly.
At the Hastings’ house, Ezra talks to Veronica about the legal issues involving Malcolm. He wants parental rights and to prevent Maggie from moving to Seattle. Veronica asks him if he is sure he wants to go through all this and he says that he is sure.
At Emily’s birthday party, Jake comes in with a blonde. Oh, no he didn’t. Anyway, Emily comes in ready to confront Paige about lying to the coach when everyone jumps out and yells, “Surprise.”
Pastor Ted visits Ashley. She tells him she was ashamed to let anyone see her in jail, which is why he wasn’t allowed to visit. Ted says he knows that Ashley didn’t kill Wilden. He says that everyone has their limits. This makes me suspicious of him, especially considering Wilden’s car was found near the church. Ted also tells Ashley not to run, because he has a lot riding on her.
Jenna and Shauna sit in a car outside the party. Jenna doesn’t want to go in, but Shauna wants to see the coach.
Inside, Spencer and Aria chat about “the blonde with giraffe legs” that Jake brought to the party. Spencer tells Aria to go break it up, but Aria declines. Spencer said she thought Aria wasn’t into Jake, but it is obvious that she is.
Outside, Emily asks Paige why she didn’t tell Dominic about her injury and why she is pushing this. Paige admits that she is insecure about their relationship lasting long distance. Emily says they won’t be together next year. Ouch. I don’t think this was an official break-up, but more like the beginning of the end. Later, Paige asks Emily to go inside and pretend like she is having fun.
Spencer and Aria try to talk to Jenna and fail at trying to get her away from Shauna. Meanwhile, Mona calls Hanna (who is at home). Mona is packing and looks around the room like she is leaving for a while.
Aria talks to Jake and he calls her out on her lie about having plans. Jake accuses Aria of being jealous and Aria says she couldn’t be jealous because they are not dating. While she is wrapped up in her boy drama, Aria loses track of Jenna.
Aria then spots Jenna in a different part of the house with Shauna. Jenna tells Shauna she wants to leave. Aria tries to talk to Jenna, but Jenna says she doesn’t have to tell Aria anything. Jenna storms out of the party alone. Jenna, you in danger, girl.
Aria and Aria go outside to look for Spencer, who has disappeared. Aria runs into Jake outside, so Emily goes off on her own. Emily sees someone floating in the water and thinks it is Spencer. Emily runs into the water and flips the person over: it’s Jenna. Holy crap. Jake and Emily get Jenna out of the water and Emily says that Jenna isn’t breathing.
Jenna is brought back from the brink and loaded into an ambulance. Shauna says that Jenna wouldn’t have gone out there on her own. Only a fool would think this was an accident in this town. Jenna apparently also had a head wound and there is blood from it on Emily’s jacket.
Ashley tells Hanna that Ted paid her bail money. I don’t know if this is true. I think there is also a chance that Mona paid the bail, or even someone else. Nothing is ever direct on this show.
Paige brushes the whole Jenna nearly dying thing off, but Emily thinks someone was trying to shut Jenna up. Paige maybe? Where was Spencer when this happened? Was it too convenient that Jake was outside? Emily later pretends to be asleep. I’ve had cats do this when I’m annoying them. Emily, you have to close your eyes or at least cover them. Even my cats know this.
Jake visits Aria at home again. Jake is realizing how dangerous Aria’s world is. Aria says that she feels safe with Jake and admits that she was jealous of the blonde. Aria also says that she doesn’t think she should have anyone in her life, but Jake says maybe she needs someone to help navigate for a while. Jake then asks her how jealous she was on a scale of one to ten. She doesn’t answer, but kisses him instead.
Spencer talks to Shauna in the hospital waiting room. Spencer wants to know who would hurt Jenna. Shauna says CeCe Drake. CeCe Drake is being blamed for everything lately. I wonder if it’s any truth to it.
Mona is back in her old room at Radley. I don’t know if it is voluntarily or not.
There are two faceless end scenes. In the first, Red Coat goes into the crawl space under Ali’s house. In the second one, a hooded figure spills some wine, plays a song called “Any Time” on a piano, and then puts the sheet music and note into an envelope labeled “Toby Cavanaugh.”
I was intrigued by this episode and hope that it is leading to answers to at least some of the many questions on this show.

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