Guilt and Lies


Photo Credit: ABC Family

When the July 30th episode of Pretty Little Liars, entitled “The Guilty Girl Handbook” begins, Emily and Pam are living in a hotel after A turned their living room into a drive through. The car was stolen and there was no driver. In my seedy tv viewing, I learned that a brick can be placed on the accelerator to propel the car.
In Spencer’s kitchen, Hanna, Aria and Spencer discuss what happened to Emily. Aria questions if this could have been an accident, even though she knows better. They are waiting for Ashley’s arraignment to be over. Veronica shows up alone. Ashley was denied bail and is being transferred to state prison.
Hanna feels guilty and says she should be the one in jail. She won’t answer Caleb’s call. Hanna skips school again and tells Spencer and Aria to go to school. At school, Aria talks to Mike. Since Byron is out of town, Mike wants to stay out late with his team. Mike is taking martial arts lessons, but won’t tell Aria any details.
Emily has a college counseling session with Ezra. Ezra wants to know if the girls are being targeted again and Emily denies it. Ezra tells Emily she should use her volunteer work in Haiti as a means of getting into college.
Caleb and Spencer talk in the hallway at school. Caleb says being with Tom is no better than being alone. Amen, Caleb. Spencer thinks A is reacting this way because they are getting close to figuring out who he/she is. The New York number from Nigel’s phone has been traced to three addresses and Toby is checking them out.
Hanna gets a collect call from Ashley. Hanna and Ashley cry over the circumstances. Hanna then goes in the kitchen to talk to Mona. Okay. She is the last person I would call if she ran me over. Hanna wants to confess to killing Detective Wilden because she won’t get a harsh punishment like her mother would. Bad idea, Hanna. Bad, bad idea. Mona says she could have been the person that set Ashley up (I agree). Hanna asked for Mona help because Mona knows how to live in a lie (I agree again).
Spencer comes home and there’s an intern named Beckett there. The DA sent the files for Wilden’s case to Veronica’s home while playing some sick game. Spencer finds a file regarding a Radley case involving Eddie Lamb. I haven’t heard that name in a while.
Aria talks to Jake (there you are arm muscles) about Mike. Mike told Jake that his teammates are playing against him. Jake offers to be there for Aria, even though they aren’t dating.
Spencer goes to Radley to talk to Eddie Lamb. She tucked the incident report into a tin of cookies and tells Eddie to “Have a cookie.” I have a flashback to Flowers in the Attic, “Eat the cookie, Mother.” Eddie was interviewed by Officer Wilden after the death of Toby’s mother. He’s the one that discovered she was not in her room. His interview with Wilden doesn’t match the official report. Spencer is suspicious and Eddie says how do you think a guy like Wilden went from officer to detective so quickly. I wondered that too.
Hanna practices her lies regarding Wilden with Mona. Mona tells Hanna to say she was the one wearing the muddy shoes.
Emily meets her supervisor from Habitat for Humanity. Her name is Zoe (played by Rumor Willis). Emily says she still misses Maya. So do I. She had a spark with Emily that is totally lacking with Paige.
Caleb visits Ashley in jail. Ashley thinks that Hanna will do something drastic and stupid. Good intuition, Ashley.
Hanna and Mona practice the lies about the gun. There is a scene showing what it would be like if Hanna killed Wilden. Caleb interrupts Hanna’s crazy scheme. Hanna tries to get rid of him. Caleb says that Mona doesn’t move on, she goes right through. Sassy Caleb in the house. Hanna says she doesn’t want to live with the blonde tarantula, Kate. I don’t want her to live with Kate either because I would have to see her. I don’t like that character, both on the show and in the books.
Spencer is supposed to meet her dad for dinner. I giggled because I imagine her showing up and him not being there because that character has not been seen for months. Beckett noticed that Spencer took the file. Spencer has met her match, but please don’t make them hook up.
Aria is home alone when she hears tires screeching and a car revving it’s engine. I’m sure we are both thinking about the car crashing into Emily’s house. She calls Mike’s phone and some jerk answers and hangs up on her. Jake comes over Aria’s house. They are about to head out to find Mike when Mike calls and says he is staying over a friend’s house.
There is an extended scene of what it would be like if Hanna shot Wilden. It’s pretty interesting, but I know this isn’t going to work.
Caleb tries to talk some sense into Hanna. He says kids’ prison is still prison. He admitted that he thought Ashley was guilty, but he doesn’t anymore.
Emily tries to talk to Pam about normal stuff. Pam starts to cry in the way you do when too many things have gone wrong. The one bad thing alone can make you cry, but too many things piled up will just break you.
Mona goes to the police station and announces she wants to talk about a murder.
Aria and Jake watch TV in her living room and it is less boring than the previous time. There’s a commercial for Insidious 2 thrown in there for some reason.
Spencer talks to her mother about the incident report from the death of Toby’s mom. Veronica has a look on her face like she knows way more than she is saying.
Mona confessed to killing Wilden and all the girls go to the police station. Mona smiles at them as a policewoman lowers the blind.
In the final scene, A drills holes in someone’s floor. This is one of those scenes that will only make sense later.
I enjoyed this episode and actually like Aria with Jake (in case you couldn’t tell). There is a brand new set of circumstances added to all the stuff that is happening and I am interested to see how it all is going to play out.


    1. I guess I can see Ezra’s appeal, but I think the Ezra relationship was inappropriate. I have 2 teenage nieces and I wouldn’t want either of them dating their teacher. Do you think this kind of relationship is appropriate in real life or just on the show?

      I haven’t been able to figure Mona out. At least she keeps the show interesting.

      Thanks for commenting.

      1. I don’t know how old Ezra’s supposed to be so…

        A teacher student relationship is inappropriate in real life. But in the show it was much more romantic, than the relationship between Aria and Jake…

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