Burn, baby, burn (spoilers)

Toby and Caleb
Photo Credit: ABC Family

The July 23rd episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Crash and Burn Girl,” begins with Emily and Spencer washing dishes at Hanna’s house. Emily cannot reach the shelf to put away a bowl because she is still in pain from her shoulder injury. She says physical therapy isn’t working. Aria comes in the kitchen wearing the cutest sweater that says “As If.” She says she can’t get Hanna to eat. Spencer says she is pulling out the big guns: (no pun intended, I hope) frosting on a spoon. Spencer offers to stay with Hanna until her dad comes home, but Emily and Aria want to stay also. The girls hold hands and I forget how jerky Spencer has been lately.
Upstairs, Hanna is on the phone with Caleb. Caleb says that she is not going to lose him. I would melt a little, but I already know she is going to lose him very soon.
At Toby’s loft, he and Caleb have formed a task force (Team Taleb, maybe). The boys have created a board devoted to Wilden’s murder. Caleb writes a post-it note and places it on the board: where is A? That’s what we all want to know, buddy.
Pam and Emily talk about injections that could possibly help Emily’s shoulder. Emily lies and says that the physical therapy is working because of how expensive the injections would be. During the conversation, Emily receives a text from Hanna. Pam implies that Emily should stay away from Hanna. Don’t try to split the girls up again. It didn’t work before, plus they need each other.
Connor’s trashed car is parked in front of the school and kids gather around laughing and pointing, or something. Aria asks Mike where he was when Connor’s car was vandalized. Mike says it wasn’t him. My guess is it was someone from the A team.
Hanna visits her mom in jail. Ashley says that she wishes she was tougher. Hanna wants her mom to come to a school function, but Ashley says she can’t promise Hanna that. My heart rips a little for Hanna.
Back in Toby’s loft, Caleb wants to know how Red Coat got from the fire to town to frame Hanna’s mom. I think multiple people were involved. I know Red Coat is supposed to have super powers or something, but I don’t think she’s magic enough to cause that much havoc in one night. Toby finds a record of plane similar to the one that landed at the lodge that night. Team Taleb head off to an air field to investigate.
At school, Hanna and Emily chat in the hallway. Hanna is being gawked at and Emily confronts the guys since Hardcore Hanna has been knocked down several pegs. Ezra intervenes and Hanna thanks him for being a nice guy. Ezra gets the weirdest look on his face. I have believed for a long time that Ezra can possibly be on the A team.
Aria and the principal talk about Mike. The principal wants to know if Mike is off his meds, like Craig on Degrassi. I think that’s illegal.
Emily visits the police station to talk to her mom. She sees a key to Wilden’s apartment and Emily gets a look on her face like she really wants to take that key.
Aria tells Byron the truth about what happened with Connor. Byron says Connor is the one with issues and storms out of the house to find Mike.
Hanna is sitting in the kitchen paying bills when Spencer comes in. Spencer overheard her mom say that it would have been better if Ashley had done it. She would have received 20 years if she did it in self-defense. If she is found guilty, she faces a life sentence or the death penalty. (Yep, I checked during commercials, Pennsylvania does have the death penalty). Hanna cries and Spencer hugs her and I can’t believe how serious this season has turned.
At the air field, there is a blond guy with large light colored eyes that looks like he could be Ali’s brother. BTW, where are the Ali flashbacks this season? They guy’s name is Nigel Wright. Caleb lies about he and Toby’s reason for being there. Caleb bribes Nigel into looking up the flight plan. Nigel says something and Caleb says, “Sure and I’m Pocahontas.” I laugh hysterically and I think I’m relieved a joke has been thrown into this episode. Nigel says there was a lot of fog that night and then he calls someone as soon as Toby and Caleb leave.
Emily did take the key to Wilden’s apartment and tells Spencer and Aria that they are breaking into Wilden’s apartment. At Wilden’s apartment, the girls at least have the sense to put on gloves. Unfortunately, they didn’t think to close the blinds and someone is watching them from outside.
Back at Toby’s loft, Toby invites Caleb to have a slumber party or something like that. Toby connects the NW initials on the lighter from the lodge fire to Nigel Wright.
Back at Wilden’s apartment, Aria has found Wilden enormous porn stash. Ew. She is just as grossed out as I am and cannot focus on anything else. She says in quick succession, “Lord of the G Strings,” “What I found was personal,” “Jimmy Kimmel or boobs” and “He did more than change his socks.” I was grateful for this humorous scene.
One of the girls finds an unopened box of steaks. Inside is a note from A that says “Can’t wait to see you at our barbeque.” I guess this is referring to the lodge fire.
Back at the Marin house, Hanna is laying out her mom’s clothes for the hearing. Something about the way she has them laid out reminds me of picking out someone’s burial clothes. Morbid, I know.
At school, Aria waits outside Mike’s meeting with the principal. Apparently, Connor and his even jerkier dad want to have Mike expelled. Ezra shows up and Aria tells him about the principal asking about Mike’s meds. Byron comes out the room and tells Aria to go home.
At the police station, they have figured out that the key to Wilden’s apartment is missing. Pam is in hot water and surrounded by a group of police officers.
Toby and Caleb go back to the air field to talk to Nigel, but Nigel tries to run away. Toby and Caleb corner him, and Toby threatens to set the trashcan on fire with the NW lighter. Nigel said that he altered the flight plan and was paid by CeCe Drake. Whoa! I didn’t see that coming. Nigel runs off, but not before Caleb steals his phone.
Ezra talks to the principal on Mike’s behalf and convinces him not to expel Mike. Aria later thanks him for this.
At Toby’s loft, Caleb and Toby see that Nigel has called the same New York number several times. Spencer shows up and says that CeCe visited Radley. Toby says that the blonde girl that was torturing his mom could have been CeCe, not Ali.
Emily is at home trying to track the steak order when her mother confronts her about missing her doctor’s appointment. Pam reveals that she has been suspended. Crap, Emily. You did it now. Emily gets a note from A that says “You crashed Wilden’s and now I’ll make it all come crashing down.”
Hanna visits her mom in prison and asks her to plead self-defense. Ashley refuses because she will not let Wilden ruin her life anymore.
Nigel pours coffee and talks to someone with dark glasses and a walking cane. I suspect this is Jenna. I have no idea how to tie this all together.
Emily can’t sleep and creeps downstairs to eavesdrop on her mom’s conversation with her dad. She reveals she has been suspended without pay and the family really needs that money. Pam says, “Oh my” as a car comes crashing through the house. This actually startled me because I was so busy feeling like I was eavesdropping to that I forgot about the car crashing into the house on the previews. Good one, PLL. Pam is not injured and it looks like no one was in the car., but there is a shadowy figure outside.
In the final scene, A buys Emily a gift card and a book on home repairs. No idea what to say about that.
I am so excited that Pretty Little Liars is getting better with each episode. Now, I look forward to Tuesdays again.


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