Jerks Abound

spencer and toby

Photo Credit: ABC Family

“Under the Gun” (7/12 episode) is the best episode of Pretty Little Liars so far this season. I am so relieved the show is getting better. I want this to be the show that I binged-watched on Netflix and thankfully, it is more watchable than the undercooked episodes of this season. The episode begins with Hanna being questioned in the police station by Lieutenant Tanner. Tanner says Hanna could get a 7 year sentence for what is considered a 3rd degree felony. A is going for real consequences this time around, not the silly scares. This is what I’m talking about.
Shauna has transferred to Rosewood and has taken Emily’s place on the swim team. I’m waiting for the moment when Emily punches her in the face for mouthing off. That would make this season infinitely better.
Tom, the jerk, is back on this episode, acting like a jerk. I don’t think he knows any other way to act. He yells at Hanna for her involvement with the gun and getting him involved in her mess. The new suckiest parent on PLL is now Tom. The rest of the nominees can take a seat.
Spencer and Aria talk about Hanna getting arrested. Aria takes a sip of her drink and says it is disgusting. She tells Spencer to taste and Spencer says “No, you just spit in it.” Kind of funny, but is Spencer getting snobbier? Aria goes to talk to Ricky’s brother from Secret Life (sorry, it’s too soon to acknowledge him as another character). Spencer admits to Emily that she is a human bulldozer and she and Emily apologize to each other for last week’s verbal slapdown.
Ashley finally says that she did not kill Wilden, instead of slinking around acting incredibly suspicious. I think it would have been interesting to have Ashley kill Wilden, but apparently this is another A game. Hanna gets a threatening text from A, as her parents yell at each other. Tom, can you go home already?
Mona reappears after being missing for a couple of episodes and Spencer quips, “More Mona, More Problems.” I love any reference to 90s music. Mona tells Emily and Aria that Toby took the RV and that Spencer knew. That’s what happens when you take too long to tell the truth. The girls do not believe Mona, but Spencer admits that it’s true. Emily says Mona may not be A, but she’s still a B. No arguments here.
As I suspected, Ashley says that Wilden was blackmailing her, hence the need for tons of cash from Tom. She took the gun for protection. Tom continues to act like a jerk when Caleb shows up. Hanna’s parents make him leave. The time is running out on Caleb’s time on PLL, so for some reason, we get to see 30 seconds of him.
In that other mystery that has wormed its way onto the show, Toby has tried to talk to his dad and Eddie Lamb about his mom. Neither one is willing to talk, which of course implies that there is a lot more to this story.
At home, Aria is helping Ricky’s little brother with a paper. Mike comes into the living room and acts like a jerk, like this show needs another one of those. I think Aria still owes him a butt-kicking from last week. After Mike is gone, Ricky’s little brother asks Aria on a date and tries to kiss her. She rebuffs him, of course, because Aria likes them old.
Emily goes to visit Hanna, under the guise of bringing her homework. Emily wants the dashcam footage to give to the police. Hanna hesitates, due to A’s earlier threat, and then gives in. Emily sneaks into the police station and leaves the footage on Tanner’s desk. I’m sure A swiped it 10 seconds later.
Back in the Marin home, Hanna overhears Tom ask Ashley if she did it in self-defense. No, jerk-face, she said before she didn’t do it at all.
Hanna told Emily to feel Caleb up on her behalf. I giggle because that’s such a Hanna thing to say.
Spencer tries to talk to Emily about Mrs. Grunwald. Emily doesn’t understand how this relates to Board Shorts, and neither do I. Emily is angry about the RV. She said she knows Spencer is protecting Toby, but Spencer doesn’t consider the people she’s hurting. That’s because she is an admitted human bulldozer, Emily.
Mike confronts Aria and asks how could she hook up with Connor (Ricky’s little brother). I’m disgusted for her. Aria storms into the boys’ locker room and Connor tells her she can quit the innocent virgin act. Those are fighting words to me. He essentially calls Aria a slut due to her relationship with Ezra. I can poke fun at these characters because I love them, but anyone else saying bad things about them really pisses me off. Ezra shows up and says Aria shouldn’t be in there. Grr, Ezra is such a wimp sometimes.
Spencer is short with Toby and he apologizes for coming in between her and her friends. How about Spencer can apologize for how she’s been acting these last couple episodes?
Ezra tries to comfort Aria in the stairwell, but she tells him to stay away from her. How she is supposed to heal when her ex is lurking around?
We get our first glimpse of Ravenswood and boy is it creepy. Not Pretty Little Liars creepy, but kind of supernatural creepy. Some creeper watches Spencer and Toby through the blinds when they arrive in town to search for Mrs. Grunwald. Somebody probably already knows that they are in town. Toby tries to get Spencer to eat. Good luck with that, buddy. He says Spencer with low blood sugar is worse than Spencer without coffee. Spencer replies with “Wow, your girlfriend sounds awesome.” I agree with your sarcasm, Spencer.
Spencer spots Mrs. Grunwald, who looks like a scary wolf, like she would be a grandmother on Teen Wolf or something. Mrs. Grunwald says she can’t help Spencer, but really that means she is not going to help Spencer.
Hanna says the whole Wilden situation is her fault (dating back to when Ashley slept with Wilden to get Hanna out of trouble). She thinks she made things worse and sorry, she actually did. Tom says he wish Hanna came to him for help, but Hanna says she doesn’t think her dad wanted to help her. He doesn’t deny it, like the jerkface he is.
Toby brings up the fact that Spencer’s lead came from a bird. Thank you. I thought no one else would mention that was weird.
At home, Aria cries in her bed and Mike comes in to talk to her. Mike apologizes and says he should stand up for her and watch out for her. He says he will make it up to her. One less jerk on the show thanks.
In Ravenwood, this music blares over the speakers and everyone is staring at this angel sculpture. Um, okay. I don’t know what the heck that was about. Spencer sees Shauna and runs to find Toby, who is getting something to eat. Shauna gets into Jenna’s car, but Jenna is not shown. A black bird crashes into Spencer’s windshield and a large flock flies overhead. I think I’m watching Teen Wolf for the second time in one episode. I wonder if this is a coincidence or if one of the shows is trying to be like the other.
Emily and Aria are at The Brew and Emily is offering Aria sympathy food. Aria accepts the chocolate pastry. Spencer shows up and lets the girls know she saw Shauna in “Creepyville.” Yep, that’s what Ravenswood should be called. Tanner arrives and says she needs to talk to Emily at the police station. Someone switched the video Emily put on Tanner’s desk (quelle surprise). A person wearing an Emily mask is holding up a guilty sign. Way to be blatant A and/or Red Coat.
Shauna shows up at The Brew’s talent night to play the violin. Ezra watches from the outside like a creeper. A hooded person smashes Connor’s car and wrote liar on the side of it. Ashley is arrested because the gun was used to kill Wilden and Ashley’s fingerprints are on the bullets. All of this happens in quick succession.
In the final scene, a hooded person is shown stealing a car while wearing an Emily mask. Um, okay. Another one of those things that I have no idea how to process.
This was a jammed packed episode. I’ve been waiting for the action to pick up and it really did. I’m hoping the remaining half of the summer season continues to deliver.

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