Oh, burn!


Photo Credit: ABC Family

The July 9th episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Gamma Zeta Die!” begins with a scream and a siren, as Hanna sits up in bed. Hanna runs to find her mom and finds her wrapped in a blanket sitting in a lawn chair outside. The blanket falls down and reveals that all of Ashley’s hair has been chopped off. Hanna wakes up (this time for real). I hate dreams where you think you are awake until you really wake up. #Time for a vacation.
After this scene, I am really shocked because Veronica Hastings is on two episodes in a row. Spencer’s mom is forcing her to meet with an admissions counselor after the not getting into UPenn fiasco. Spencer describes the counselor, Brendon, as an Ivy League pimp. This is the first of many zingers on this episode.
Emily and her dad discuss her future. Emily thinks she is average and her dad tries to reassure her otherwise. This is the most relatable PLL storyline so far. Everyone has a crisis trying to figure out their future. Emily is having an extra hard time due to A’s tampering.
Finally, the girls figure out the phone number Tippy was singing is at Cicero College. Road trip, anyone?
Since she realized she might seem like a bad mother, Ella has decided not to go with Zack. This is due to Mike, who is causing trouble after being missing for an entire season. Aria follows Ella to her car, which is parked in front of school. Inside the car, Aria spots a bee and Ella quickly smashes it, saying this is why she can’t move away. Aria gets out the car and receives a text that says,” This is just the first taste of venom.” Ella is attacked by a swarm of bees, as Aria watches in horror. After the commercial break, it is revealed that Ella is fine after being attacked by “Four wheel hive,” according to Aria.
Ashley meets with Veronica to talk about Wilden and Ashley wants to tell her side of the story. Veronica is acting suspicious, like she already knows something. Ashley thinks the police are building a case against her (I think so too). Ashley has some skeletons in her closet that are probably going to be revealed.
At the Brew, Emily chats up the admission counselor, Brendan, since Spencer is running late. Spencer shows up and says she wants to visit Cicero College. She wants to investigate, but she is pretending she is interested in attending the school. Emily asks Brendan if the school would be a good fit for her and Spencer takes to opportunity to invite Emily to come with her to the campus visit.
A significantly buffer Mike Montgomery is sitting on the couch playing video games, when Aria confronts him about Ella. They argue about each other’s motives and Mike says Aria only wants Ella gone so Aria can start “boffing” her teacher again. Ouch, burn. Aria shoves him and walks away, while I sat wishing she used her martial arts moves to drop him. What’s up with those people that always want to throw the past in your face?
Ashley comes home with dinner in tow and asks Hanna why she doesn’t want to go on the campus visits. Hanna wants to go to the Fashion Institute, but don’t tell A that. Ashley gets a call and Hanna eavesdrops. Veronica is on the line and tells Ashley to come into her office the first thing in the morning. It’s about to hit the fan.
The next morning, Hanna wakes up Aria with a phone call to ask her if Aria’s dad would cover for Aria’s mom, if she needed his help. Aria doesn’t know. Hanna hasn’t slept all night since has been worrying and Caleb is out of town, again. Hanna goes to look for the muddy shoes and finds that her mother’s closet is locked. Not a good sign.
In the Fields’ home, Emily’s dad is obviously feeling bad about everything that happened. As Emily prepares to go to Cicero with Spencer, Emily’s dad emptied his wallet of all his cash and gave it to Emily. Emily tried to protest, saying she recently received her paycheck, but her dad tells her to treat herself.
Ella goes to talk to her dad, Byron (making his first appearance this season, but I’m not complaining after he crept me out last season). Aria wants Byron to convince Ella to go with her boyfriend and Byron doesn’t want to get involved. Aria starts to cry and may have loosened Byron’s resolve.
At Cicero, Emily is genuinely interested, but Spencer spots someone that can give her information. Back in Marin household, Hanna picks the lock to her mother’s closet and finds a gun in there. I called it. Ashley’s got a gun.
Hanna calls Spencer for support, but Spencer is acting like a jerk on this episode. Spencer brushes Hanna off and tries to flirt with nerdy looking guy to try to get info. The guy says she has crazy eyes and Spencer says her eyes aren’t that crazy. He says her eyes are crazy enough, but he directs her to fraternity row where the Tippy phone number would come from.
Ella and Byron have a chat and he convinces her to go. It’s better that she goes before A comes up with something more deadly than the bees.
As Spencer and Emily head down fraternity row, Emily worries that she looks slutty due to her fitted outfit. Spencer is focused on finding the location of the phone and “Board Shorts” and Emily does not want to participate. Spencer accuses Emily of flirting with Brendan and Emily reminds her of the time Spencer took her bra off to get back on the debate team. Emily tells Spencer that Emily needs to get a scholarship and Spencer wouldn’t understand because Spencer is rich and snotty. Whoa, people are getting roasted on this episode.
Spencer walks around the party and shows people Ali’s picture, trying to see if anyone knew her. One guy says he saw Ali in his dreams and Spencer walks off muttering about his intelligence. Hanna shows up at the party with the gun in her purse. She doesn’t think her dad will cover for her mom and wants to handle the gun herself.
Spencer goes to look for Emily before Hanna can do something stupid and finds a bunker or a panic room hidden behind a panel. There’s a pink princess phone and the phone number is the Tippy phone number. Spencer calls Aria, who at home having a family night and when Aria asks who is calling her, Spencer quips, “It ain’t Tippy the bird.”
Downstairs, Hanna loses her patience and goes outside. Emily admits to Brendan that’s she is gay and in a relationship. Emily tries to find Hanna and there is a faux scary moment with frat boy in a black hoodie.
Hanna is seen digging a hole to bury the gun. Suddenly, she is surrounded by the police and arrested. I didn’t see that coming.
In the final scene, A is having tea and wipes the dust off a picture of Carla Grunwald, who was mentioned earlier in the episode as the den mother of the sorority house visited on this episode. Okay, I don’t understand this reference at all.
This episode featured more action and I am looking forward to the next episode again

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