Stop Sign: Spoilers Ahead

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Last night, there was a new episode of Pretty Little Liars: Turn of the Shoe.  There was an actual shoe-related mention, but I will get to that later.  The episode begins with the girls sitting around a table in the Rear Window Brew discussing their latest misadventures.  So, who was the veiled woman?  Melissa maybe?  Spencer doesn’t believe this, as she usually doesn’t believe her sister can be completely evil.  Spencer’s not eating, as usual, but constructing a replica of the lodge with their dinner.  She is trying to determine if the person that landed the plane could have possibly rescued the 3 girls, plus Mona from the lodge.  Spencer bickers with Hanna over a mozzarella stick, that she wants to represent the plane.  (Cough, Radley.)  Mona comes in and the girls turn stone cold.  They don’t trust her.  She hasn’t given them a reason not to trust her lately, but they distrust almost everyone.

Mona agrees to let the girls search the evil RV for clues.  They hear a noise, that Spencer quickly dismisses.  She asks Emily if she needs to wait in the car.  Snark much?  As we know, Toby moved the RV last week, under A’s orders.  The girls are suspicious of Mona and storm off.  Emily and Aria stay behind.  Mona gets into her car and is immediately choked by a gloved person that was hidden in her backseat.  She clobbers the attacker with her flashlight and manages to get out of the car.  Aria and Emily rush over to her just as the car came barreling toward them.  Emily pushed the two girls to safety and landed on her shoulder.  Of course, the one girl that needs to be in top physical condition for swimming is the one to be injured.

In the Marin home, Ashley is back and acting suspicious.  She says she didn’t see New York and doesn’t blink an eye when Hanna returns her coffin phone (Ew, again.)  I’m not sure if she was even in New York, but moving on.

Spencer received a letter from the University of Pennsylvania.  Sorry, I knew they were rejecting her because the letter was so little.  It only takes one page to reject somebody.  I cannot imagine a college that wouldn’t want Spencer (personal issues aside).  I also cannot imagine a good outcome considering she gave her application to CeCe the snake.

After Aria spotted Shana, Hardcore Hanna decided to confront her.  Shana seemed surprised how much Hanna knew.  I am surprised Hanna didn’t jump over that table.

As if Spencer’s life didn’t suck enough, Toby is acting suspicious and is obviously lying.  He promised not to keep secrets, but he already broke that promise last week.  This is probably not going to end well.

Back at the Marin home, Hanna found Ashley’s mud covered shoes under the sink.  Suspicious.  I know I always get my shoes covered in mud when I am inside.  Later, Hanna tries to talk to her, but she’s incredibly snippy.  She’s all “Finish your book and go to bed!”  I heard the or else in her tone.  She’s stepping into creepy Byron territory.

In the other part of Creepytown, Hanna is talking to Ali’s mom.  Jessica thinks an angry raccoon ruined her yard work, but judging from the way the camera showed the porch, I think A has been lurking under there and was maybe there at that moment.  We are introduced to Tippy, whose talent is mimicking Ali.  My first thought was the bird is going to end up like the pig in the previous episode.

Aria mentioned Holden!  This is the cherry on my Noel Kahn sundae.  Now if only they would show these characters they’re showing us they didn’t forget.  Aria has her eyes and lips on someone new, her self-defense instructor, Jake.  I guffawed when he said she might not be comfortable dating her teacher.  I think that’s her preference.

Taking baby steps towards rebuilding their relationship, Toby confessed to Spencer that he gave A the RV.  She yells at him about basically screwing everyone over and he tells her why he did it.  A gave Toby the transcript of his mother’s last session at Radley.  She committed suicide by jumping out of the window that night.  Toby tears up as Spencer reads the file to him and my heart breaks a little.  I tried not to like Toby, but his vulnerability pulls me in every time.

In Emily news, she verbally spared with Shana, took a handful of pills (I doubt these were the painkillers she thought they were) and cracked her head on the swimming pool.  This was a bad episode for Emily.  She desperately wants to move away with Paige, but I still don’t see a happy ending for them.

Chatterbox Tippy reveals Beach Hottie’s phone number to Spencer.  She tries to call the number, but no luck so far.  The girls go to record Tippy saying the phone number, but the bird has flown the coup.

The final sequence shows gloved hands placing a cooked bird on a plate.  Luckily, it is not Tippy, but the gloved hands try to feed Tippy a piece of the meat.  Gross!

This episode felt like it was setting up stories, instead of anything in particular happening.  Everything and everyone was suspicious.  Seriously, in my notes, I wrote suspicious at least ten times.  If you want to know how I say “suspicious” in my head, please see this clip.


Pretty Little Maniac

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