Did I miss something, Pretty Little Liars? (spoilers)

Ahoy, spoilers ahead…

Yesterday, the fourth season of Pretty Little Liars premiered.  I have been beyond excited waiting for the new episode.  I needed to know what was in the trunk.  I read spoilers and hints from the cast and crew.  I was ready for that moment when the camera panned to the trunk.  A pig?  Really?  That’s scary?  That’s the worst thing I could have imagined?  The worst thing I could have imagined would have been the waterlogged body of Jason or CeCe.  The pig wasn’t even a cast member.  I was disappointed.  I get the whole metaphor thing, but after all the build up, I was really disappointed.

The episode got a little better when Emily threatened Mona, but it would have been better if Emily lunged at her Spencer-style.  (One of my favorite PLL moments ever.)  Mona revealed a ton of secrets, but I was distracted by the way the scene was shot.  Why did the fireplace get more close-ups than the girls?  Grrr, moving on.  Somehow the girls wind up driving past Wilden’s car, which is now surrounded by police officers.  My first thought was I know that stretcher isn’t for a pig.  Then, the camera panned to a sheet covering what appeared to be a body.  The wind picked up and revealed Wilden’s pale, dead face.  Okay, you got me.  I yelled, “crap.”  That was the moment I was waiting for.  What was the point of Babe in the trunk, when the real story was here.  Another member of Rosewood PD was murdered in a matter of months.  This is what I wanted to see.

In the next scene, Spencer visited the site of the fire with Toby because apparently seeing a dead body was not enough to make her lock herself in a closet.  Toby saw a red coat being tossed in a pile of debris, so they wanted to sniff around.  They shouldn’t have been there, since both of them could easily be framed for arson.  Of course, they weren’t alone.  A shadowy figure ran past them.  I saw that coming.  The A-Team,  Red Coat or Melissa’s team have watched every single moment of their lives for the last 2 years (in TV time).  Why did they think it was okay to discuss Ali at the scene of a crime?  I worry about you sometimes, Spencer, even though you started combing your hair again.

In other news, Ali’s mom, Jessica, has returned to Rosewood.  She fits in with the rest of the creepy residents.  She moved Ali’s belongings back into her room.  I thought her belongings were thrown away in Season 1.  Isn’t that how Mona got Ali’s diary?  Don’t start rewriting history, PLL.

Boring things happened with Aria and Ezra.  I’m ready to move on.  What was the point of that fantasy of Ezra being arrested?  The writers are wasting time again.  Aria should have realized it was time to move on based on the fact that she was miserable dealing with Ezra’s new life (Maggie and Malcolm).

Mona actually said Noel’s (Kahn) name.  I thought he was forgotten like Holden.

Jenna appeared to talk to Emily about Toby.  Check out that burn on Jenna’s arm.  Jenna said “Tell him that I never meant to hurt him”, regarding Toby.  She didn’t mean to clobber him in the woods with the flashlight, or was she apologizing for something else.

At Wilden’s funeral later in the episode, a veiled person lurked around while the girls talked about A’s latest threat.  This lead to Spencer pawing around in Wilden’s coffin.  Ew…  Anything for a clue, I guess.

In the final scene, the veiled person, pulled off the veil to reveal a burned mask.  Um, okay.  Another clue to add to the giant bucket of clues from over the years.

I am still excited about this season, but I want to see things happen.  I want real answers, not clues and false leads.  I’m hoping they can deliver.


Pretty Little Maniac

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