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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 19 -“Farewell, My Lovely” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 19 “Farewell, My Lovely”

Original Air date: June 20, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


Quotes of the episode

“Part of the job.  Like getting cats out of trees.” – An officer who doesn’t understand what officers do “That’s firemen.” – Aria reminding the officer he should not climb ladders to rescue cats

“Somebody stole it from me somebody’s always stealing the game from me.” – Mona is not okay

“Well, she didn’t flush herself out.” – Hanna stating the obvious (though anything is possible in the world of Pretty Little Liars)

“Poor Mona.” – Caleb feeling weirdly sympathetic towards Mona “What did you just say?” – Spencer thinking that she is hearing things “She always wanted to be in charge of everything.” – Caleb breaking down Mona’s motivation “She ends up middle management.  That’s gotta hurt.” – Spencer on Mona’s villainy career

“Oh, no wonder you didn’t want her going down any more holes.  Congratulations.” – Spencer’s reaction to Hanna and Caleb’s marriage

“Don’t you dare apologize for being with me.  And don’t you dare forget it, any of it.  Cause I won’t. – Spencer has no regrets about her relationship with Caleb

“When people panic, they go back to old behavior.” – Aria explaining why they sometimes act like they are still in high school

“None of you are sure when you look into the mirror.  None of you are really certain who you are.  I did that.  I took that away from you the same way everything was stolen from me.  And now I’m back.  And everything that happened before.  That’s gonna feel like a picnic.” – Charlotte was still pure evil 5 years after her reign of terror, which she planned to continue

“Yeah.  And justice is a blindfolded b*tch.” – Spencer on the sometimes-unfair justice system

“Buy you needed me.  You don’t know what that felt like.  You needed me.  Just like you needed me to take care of Charlotte after all the terrible things that she did.  I’m sorry, I messed that up.  Nothing ever happens the way it’s supposed to with me.” – Mona on her real motivations

“Say goodnight to the world bully.” – Mona about to get vigilante justice on Charlotte

“That taste in your mouth that’s what dying tastes like.  Get used to it.  Because you’re gonna choke on it every day for the rest of your long miserable life.” – Mona on how she will make Charlotte pay

“They will never love you.” – Charlotte pointing out Mona’s greatest fear

“I’m sure about one thing.  I’m sure about all of you.” – Spencer on her friends (including Aria)



  1. Tanner is preparing arrest warrants for the girls and says they cannot wait until morning.
  2. Aria explains to the officer that she locked her keys in the trunk and her friend is on her way with an extra set of keys. The officer begins to shake the trunk loose by pushing on the trunk while Aria tries to dissuade him.  He says it is part of his job, like getting cats out of trees.  Aria reminds him that firefighters do that.
  3. The officer opens the trunk just as he is contacted over his radio. While he distracted, Aria grabs her keys.
  4. Ali shushes.
  5. Caleb tells Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Ali that Mona has the game and is accessing it. Caleb, Emily and Spencer think that Mona is A.D.  Caleb says they need to do something before Tanner makes a move.  Spencer says they need Mona to explain how they ended up on that road with Dunhill.  Caleb says he’ll convince Mona, but Hanna wants to talk to her.
  6. Spencer notices a message in a wine bottle.
  7. Ezra is mad at the girls for cutting Aria off. (He’s self-righteous like he never hurt Aria.)
  8. Ezra tells Caleb that he cannot reach Toby.
  9. Aria drives along with Archer’s body thumping in the trunk. She is talking to the body and asks him who A.D. is.  She plans to go to the police to turn herself in.
  10. Mona comes home and hears a clanking and a random cat meowing. The game is gone.  There is a note that says “Time for pie.  Be there,” which is written on a Two Crows menu.  Caleb and Hanna follow Mona as she leaves.
  11. Spencer goes to see Mary at the Lost Woods Resort. Mary gives Spencer and Ali the resort to pay for the lawyers they are going to need.  Mary says she wishes she could do more for Spencer, Ali and their friends.  Spencer says no one can do that.  Spencer holds Mary’s hand and tells her to be careful.
  12. The police keep circling Ali’s house. Ali wants to go out and look for Aria, but Emily wants to keep her safe at home.  Ali thinks if they get arrested the baby will be taken away and end up like Charlotte (I think Pam Fields would say otherwise, but the writers have forgotten she exists.)   Emily tries to reassure her as gas leaks into the house.
  13. Aria arrives at the police station. She is intercepted by Ezra.  Caleb tracked her down via the signal from her extra set of car keys.
  14. Ezra says he’s not interested in making any more sacrifices for Aria’s friends (told you he only cares about Aria), plus Aria has an alibi. (Ezra is super annoying on this episode.)  She tells him about the body in the trunk.
  15. Mona is waiting at the Two Crows restaurant and she looks nervous. Spencer joins Caleb and Hanna outside.  Hanna reminds them that Mona was supposed to meet Charlotte at the Two Crows the night Charlotte was killed.  Hanna doesn’t think Charlotte is A.D. and Caleb disagrees.  Spencer says they’re arguing like a married couple.  They don’t confirm it.
  16. Spencer thinks they should just grab Mona. When they look up, Caleb has gone into the restaurant to talk to Mona (and have a bite of her pie).  Caleb tries to get Mona to go with him and says they are going to pick up the game to show the police.  Mona says she doesn’t have the game anymore and someone is always stealing the game from her.
  17. Mona is acting weird and says she never should have touched the game. She receives a note and runs to the restroom.  Spencer, Hanna and Caleb follow her in there, but she is nowhere to be seen.  Hanna says she didn’t flush herself.  Spencer finds the note Mona dropped, which reads, “Leave now.”
  18. Caleb finds a secret passage, but he doesn’t want Hanna to go with him. Spencer goes instead.
  19. Tanner receives the signed arrest warrants.
  20. Ezra tries to get Aria to leave town and Aria says she cannot leave her friends. Ezra says they gave up the right to be her friends.  (Ezra please stop talking.)  He says they can take the others with them, but they have to deal with the body first.  Ezra says he has a master’s degree in American Literature, so there is nothing he cannot handle (whatever that means).  When they look in the trunk, the body is gone.
  21. The flash-forward that took us 5 years forward (with the girls coming in Ali’s classroom to get her) is only Emily’s nightmare due to poor planning in the writer’s room.
  22. Ali and Emily both wake up on the couch and wonder how they both fell asleep. The game is now there and plays a video of young Ali at the kissing rock the night she disappeared.
  23. Caleb no longer thinks Mona is A.D. based on how scared she was. He feels sorry for her and Spencer is surprised.  He says Mona wanted to oversee everything and Spencer says she ended up in middle management.  (I didn’t think middle management existed in villainy until this episode.)
  24. Caleb admits that he and Hanna are married. He tries to apologize to be Spencer, but she asks him to never forget their relationship because she won’t.
  25. Ezra, Aria, Emily and Ali are in the car together. Ali apologizes to Aria.  Aria says it is okay because when people panic, they go back to old behavior.  There is a road block ahead, so Ezra turns around.
  26. Hanna is by the church when she sees flower petals coming from the church bell tower. Mona is in the tower when Hanna goes up there.  Mona thinks Hanna is Charlotte.
  27. There is a flashback to Charlotte meeting Mona. Mona says she has been keeping an eye on her because Charlotte has been faking her recovery.  Charlotte asks if Mona still sees the loser with pigtails and frumpy sweaters when she looks in the mirror because that is who Charlotte sees.  Charlotte says none of the girls are sure who they are when they look in the mirror.  She threatens to continue torturing the girls and Mona, but promises it will be worse.  Mona says she won’t let Charlotte do that to her friends.  Charlotte says no one will believe her.
  28. Mona picks up a weapon and Charlotte says she doesn’t have the guts. Mona holds the weapon to Charlotte’s back, who is in front of the opening to the tower.  Mona says people will think Charlotte committed suicide.  She tells Charlotte to jump or she will push her.
  29. In the present, Mona tries to push Hanna out of the opening. Caleb rescues Hanna.  Hanna tells Caleb and Spencer that Mona killed Charlotte.  They come outside and find 2 puzzle pieces on the car mirror.
  30. Ezra wants to turn Mona over to the police, but Spencer says not like this because of Mona’s state. Ezra thinks Mona’s mental state cannot be helped.  Aria suggests they call Dr. Sullivan to take Mona to the police.
  31. The girls go over to another cabin at The Lost Woods, where Caleb has set the game up. The game says the grand prize is Archer’s body, which is at Ali’s Aunt Carol’s farm.  They go to the farm.  The body is probably in the grave that was supposed to be Charles.  Aria convinces them to stop being crazy and not dig up the grave.
  32. The police show up with a bulldozer and catch the girls with their ever-present shovels.
  33. At the police station, Spencer says they should tell the truth. Hanna asks how could telling the truth get them off.  Spencer says it won’t.  Aria says the police want justice and Spencer says justice is blind.
  34. Tanner comes into the room and tells them the body has been tentatively identified as Archer. Tanner goes into the adjacent interrogation room and turns on the light.  The girls can see Mary is in there.  Mary says she killed Archer because he threatened to tell that she killed her sister and he was going to kill her niece.  She gives enough detail where is seems like she killed Archer.  Ali is traumatized because she finds out that Archer was going to kill her and that Mary killed her mother.
  35. Tanner tells them they are free to go. Spencer asks to speak to Mary and Tanner says it will be better if she doesn’t.  They see Mary being led away and Mary shushes.  Spencer looks heartbroken.
  36. Back at the Lost Woods, Spencer tells Mona that Dr. Sullivan will be there in a few hours and Mona will be okay. Hanna apologizes to Mona for showing her the game.
  37. Mona says that Hanna needed her and she liked that feeling. She thinks Hanna needed her to take care of Charlotte.  She says she messed that up because things never happen the way they should with her.
  38. In another flashback, Mona tells Charlotte to say goodnight to the world. Mona changes her mind and pushes Charlotte to the floor.  Charlotte taunts Mona, then they fight with Charlotte having the obvious size advantage.  Charlotte hits her head/ back of her neck on a metal piece protruding from the wall and instantly dies.
  39. The girls hear church bells and go into the cabin with the game. The game powers down either because of Mona or Mary’s confessions.  Spencer isn’t sure what is going on, but says she is sure of her friendship with the other girls.
  40. “Without You” by Harry Nilsson plays as A.D. drives away. He/she has the figurines of the girls in a plastic baggy.


This was the best episode of season 7 and what the finale should have been.  Mona and Mary both broke my heart a little bit.  Mona considers all the girls to be her friends and would make great sacrifices for all of them, not just Hanna.  She has done so much for them and they do not appreciate her.  Mary saved Spencer, Ali and their friends from jail, when she could have skipped town and continued to get away with murder.  The performances by the actresses playing Mona, Spencer and Charlotte were excellent.  There were funny moments.  We actually learned the truth about Charlotte’s death.  The series could have ended with this episode.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 18 – “Choose or Lose” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 18 “Choose or Lose”

Original Air date: June 13, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

choose or lose 2

Note: I took all the pictures by pausing the show again.


Quotes of the episode

“Furey told me everything Miss Hastings.  From bar stools to ping pong right before he took himself off the case.” – Linda Tanner knows everything (or at least she thinks she does)

“I’ve always felt you were guilty in some way.  I just never knew how.” – Tanner is also thinks the girls are terrible people

“My childhood teddy bear is now in jail with my phone and my favorite pillow, but…” – Hanna wants to talk about everything, except what is really going on

“Well, about time.” – Hanna on the couple known as Emison

“No wonder they call you too genius too furious.” – Hanna making up nicknames “No one calls me that.” – Caleb thinking what the heck like the rest of us

“You have ruined everything that I ever had.” – Spencer is not feeling Aria these days

“We’re done.  We’re done and I’m out.” – Spencer ending Team Sparia

“That’s because you wouldn’t tell me the truth and you ended up in an underground bunker.” – Tanner, the victim blamer

“Time is stupid.” – Another classic Hanna-ism “That is my favorite thing you’ve ever said.” – Spencer is also a fan of Hanna-isms


  1. The game is on Ali’s bed when she and Emily go in there for a little morning delight.
  2. The police are searching Ali’s and Hanna’s dwellings. They have already been to Spencer’s.
  3. Aria shreds the police report she wrote against Ezra right before the police arrive.
  4. The game is gone when Ali goes back into her room.
  5. Marco is no longer on the Archer case, Linda Tanner is (aka the detective in charge when the girls were falsely imprisoned, then kidnapped by Charlotte).
  6. Spencer shushes.
  7. D. left a phone in The Brew for Aria since her phone was confiscated. A.D. says Aria is on his team now and she asks to meet him.
  8. Hanna tells her mother about her stuff that was confiscated by the police. Ashley asks if Hanna was involved in Archer’s murder, but Hanna wants to keep her out of this.
  9. Ali, Emily, Caleb, Hanna and Spencer are hanging in a hotel suite that Ashley provided. Em accidentally admits that she and Ali are sharing a bed.  Hanna says it’s about time.  (I guess she knew since Brownies also.)choose-or-lose-5.jpg
  10. Caleb is writing a code to find where the game is when the game connects to internet. Hanna awkwardly comments on his computer skills.
  11. A phone has been delivered via room service. The message on the screen says “Just one plea, the rest go free.  If no one steps up, you all go down.”  A timer then begins counting down from 36 hours.
  12. Mona arrives and says she thinks Aria is on the A.D. team. She points out that Aria did not attend Ezra’s event, which was the same time the nursery was trashed.  Also, Aria was the only one near when the recording of Mary and Peter was dropped off at Spencer’s house.  Spencer asks how Mona knows that, but Mona doesn’t say.
  13. Emily doesn’t believe Aria would do something like that. Mona saw Aria get the puzzle piece at The Brew.  Mona also recorded Aria’s call with A.D.  Spencer asks for concrete proof.chose or lose 4
  14. Tanner tells someone on the phone that they should be able to file charges within the week. A forensic person found a piece of the windshield and blood in Spencer’s shower drain.
  15. Spencer sees Toby at The Radley. Tanner has questioned him.  He says he has good and bad days after Yvonne’s death.  He invites Spencer to his cabin so that she can clear her head.  He also says that Tanner is building a solid case.
  16. Aria waits for A.D., but the other girls show up instead. She says she was meeting A.D. and she can explain.  Hanna says they literally caught her black hoodied.  Aria tells them about the Ezra police report.  Ali says she picked Ezra over them (which she did).
  17. Team Sparia unfortunately faces off. Aria points out that Spencer kidnapped Malcolm (who was thought at the time to be Ezra’s son) when Spencer was part of Charlotte’s A-team.  Spencer blames Aria for her parents’ pending divorce and says Aria has ruined everything she has ever had.  Spencer says they are done and she is out.
  18. Tanner calls Ali and says she wants them down at the police station. Spencer tells Aria to find her own ride and leaves Aria in the woods like bear crap.
  19. At the police station, Tanner sums up the evidence they have. They know Lucas’ windshield was replaced and the glass found in Spencer’s drain matches a fragment found under Archer’s fingernail.  Tanner says she is giving them a chance to tell their side of the story.
  20. Spencer says that Tanner is the one that rescued them and Tanner says that is because they didn’t tell her the truth and ended up in an underground bunker. (This victim blaming is deeply uncool.)  Spencer especially is not having this and is all kinds of sassy.choose or lose 3choose or lose 1
  21. Aria calls A.D. after she leaves the police station and says he was never going to meet her. She tries to end her involvement with A.D., but A.D. takes control.  She is about to throw the phone out the window when A.D. promises that something will happen tomorrow.
  22. There is just over 24 hours left on the countdown. Hanna says that time is stupid and Spencer says that is her favorite thing that Hanna ever said.  Hanna cannot believe that one or all of them is going to jail.  Emily points out that they did kill a guy
  23. Hanna asks if anyone noticed that Mona was different that morning and Ali says different is in Mona’s job description.
  24. Hanna says she is the one that killed Archer. Spencer made the mistake with Archer’s credit card.  Ali married Archer.  Emily says this is what A.D. wanted: them torn apart.  Emily says that A.D. (it was actually Charlotte/A) convinced Spencer to play the game first.
  25. Caleb tells Ashley the truth about Hanna killing Archer. Hanna later tells Caleb she wishes he wasn’t involved in this.
  26. Spencer goes to see Aria after she found a picture of them in her barn. Spencer says none of them is blameless and starts to apologize until someone knocks on the door.  Aria has been cleared in the murder investigation.  Spencer storms out.
  27. Ezra tells Aria that he found the police report and thinks he deserves to be turned in (do I even need to respond to that?). Aria doesn’t think so and says she has done terrible things to Ezra and others.  She insists on getting in his pants before she tells him what is going on.
  28. Ashley arranges for a justice of the peace to marry Hanna and Caleb. She thinks she might also be able to get Hanna’s teddy bear paroled.
  29. Ali and Emily have a rendezvous at the kissing rock.
  30. Spencer goes to see Toby and they end up getting naked.
  31. Hanna and Caleb marry while everyone else hooks up with their respective partners.
  32. The girls, plus Caleb, minus Aria gather as the clock runs out on the phone. Spencer smashes the phone.
  33. Caleb and Ezra are going to find the game.
  34. Aria tells A.D. that she is going to turn herself in, but A.D. says the game is over. The phone bursts into flames.
  35. Aria is on her way to Spencer when she hears a thud in her trunk. She gets out and opens the trunk.  Archer is in there.  The police arrive and Aria closes the trunk.
  36. Mona has the game. She puts on her Nerd Mona glasses.


This episode was the most enjoyable so far out of the second half of this season.  The pacing was good and there wasn’t a bunch of annoying extra stuff.  The game may be over, but you know there is lots more to come.

I was a little disappointed that none of Hanna and Caleb’s friends witnessed their wedding.  She didn’t even tell them, which I found odd.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 17 – “Driving Miss Crazy” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 17 “Driving Miss Crazy”

Original Air date: June 6, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

mona's lair 2

Note: I took these photos again by pausing the show


Quotes of the episode

“Make sure she takes her folic acid.” – Mona trying to be helpful “That was Mona.  Something about acid.” – Emily being a jerk

“My mother knows when I’m lying when I talk in my sleep.” – Hanna “You don’t talk in your sleep.” – Caleb “I do when I’ve lied to her.” – Hanna on the human lie detector that is her mother

“If you have anything real to ask me you can do it in your office under florescent lights.  And I promise you, it will not be me who’s embarrassed.” – Spencer ripping Marco a new one

“How sad…that it’s me you’re frightened of.” – Mary dropping hints

“Forgive you?  Oh, honey.  You’re just a selfish little b*tch.  I wouldn’t p*ss on you if you were on fire.” – A dream Veronica Hastings telling Aria what Aria thinks of herself

“Did I try to protect my family from a deranged sociopath who shattered our lives?  Hell yes!  And I’d do it again.” – Peter Hastings has no regrets


  1. Ezra and Aria attend dance class where it looks like he is having more fun. Ezra mentions his brother Wes, who hasn’t been mentioned in ages.
  2. D. tells Aria to deliver a present to Spencer. A.D. brings up the police report against Ezra.
  3. Emily shushes.
  4. Marco stops by to talk about the flood at The Radley with Hanna and Caleb.
  5. Emily is helping Spencer pack up her house, so it can be shown for sale.
  6. Ali is in New York with Jason.
  7. Hanna is freaking out because Marco mentioned more evidence. She wants to play the game again.  She notes that Aria hasn’t played.
  8. Mona shows up and Hanna tells the others that Mona knows about the game. Hanna says they need Mona’s brilliance (they do).
  9. Mona says they need to stop focusing on the dead body and focus on the live one. Mona thinks that A.D. could be Jenna or Mary Drake.  Mona points out that she is a part of this because she replaced the windshield after Archer was killed.
  10. Ashley, Hanna’s mom, is finally back in town. She wants to know if Hanna is in trouble.
  11. Aria stops by with dinner for Spencer and her mom. While there, she plants a phone and connects it to their system.
  12. A call between Peter and Mary plays over the Hastings’ system. Peter says that Mary buried Jessica’s body to frame him.  Mary says she could blame him for plenty.  Mary says if Jessica didn’t die, it would have been her.
  13. Emily talks to Ali on the phone and Mona is with her. Mona tells Em to tell Ali to take folic acid.  Em says that was Mona saying something about acid.  (That was not smart and not funny.)  After Em hangs up, Mona tells her she can tell Ali she loves her in front of her because it hasn’t been a secret since Brownies.  (That was funny.)
  14. Emily doesn’t want Mona’s help, but Mona found the fertility doctor that did Ali’s procedure. She and Em will go to the doctor and pretend to be a couple.  She tells Em to dress appropriately.
  15. Hanna is upset because her mother always knows when she is lying. Ezra brings coffee over to Hanna and Caleb.  Ezra is freaking out about the wedding and thinks eloping would have been better.  Aria comes into The Brew, then heads upstairs to Ezra’s.  She looks miserable.
  16. At the fertility doctor, Mona and Em pretend like they are planning to have a baby together. They mention Ali, then the doctor ends the appointment.  Mona steals a magazine with the doctor’s home address on it.  They are going to do some investigating.
  17. Hanna goes to look for the shovels that they buried Archer with, but the man working there tells her they have been confiscated.
  18. Spencer finds the planted phone. She later calls Aria to tell her about the phone and how Peter had something to do with Ali’s mother’s death.  Spencer wants to tell her parents about A.D., but Aria says they should let Mona figure out things first.  She points out that Mona saved them before.  (She did.)
  19. Ezra thinks that Aria is still mad at him for taking advantage of her and her friends for the sake of his book about Ali. (I think you can imagine how I feel about this.  Don’t get me started.)  He thinks the “storms” have made them stronger.  (I try not roll my eyes so hard they get stuck in my head.)  Aria doesn’t reply.
  20. When Spencer goes to her car, Marco is waiting for her. He says he thought she would be embarrassed to meet at the police station.  He found out about Caleb and Spencer’s relationship and thinks Caleb is protecting her.
  21. Marco asks if Spencer’s interest in him had anything to do with her needing a cop in her corner. She says they can talk at the police station and he will be the one that is embarrassed.  (Snap, their relationship turned from hot to cold very quickly.
  22. Spencer gets into her car and Mary is in the back seat. She tells Spencer to drive.  Spencer is obviously uncomfortable and Mary thinks it is sad that Spencer is afraid of her.  Mary didn’t know the call between her and Peter was recorded, but says the hospital probably did it.
  23. In a flashback, Peter lets Mary into the house. She asks where “they” are and Peter says she will never see Spencer.  Jessica arrives and says she thought they were taking care of this.  The pills that killed Jessica were intended to kill Mary.  Mary “intercepted” them.
  24. Mary asks if Spencer wants to get to know her.
  25. Ashley is there when Hanna arrives at Lucas’ loft. Hanna says that Emily sort of moved in with Ali.
  26. Caleb proposes to Hanna.
  27. Aria has a weird dream where Mona sings “Jailhouse Rock and Ezra is beat up in jail. Dream Aria apologizes to dream Veronica, but Veronica isn’t having that.  When Aria wakes up, she receives a text that her award is in The Brew.
  28. Emily and Mona go back to the fertility doctor with evidence that he received a lot of cash. He gives them the donor id # of the person whose batter impregnated Ali.
  29. Peter confesses to Veronica and Spencer that he indirectly killed Jessica while trying to kill Mary. He is unapologetic and says Spencer would do the same thing in that situation.
  30. Veronica is forfeiting her Senate seat because of the impending scandal that will occur once it comes out what Peter did.
  31. Aria finds the puzzle piece in The Brew. Mona witnesses this.
  32. Caleb and Hanna camp out. He says he would get a bear to marry them if he could.
  33. Spencer declines Mary’s invite to go on the run with her because her friends need her and she needs her friends. She also doesn’t want to leave her parents.  Spencer says she has already forgiven Mary and Mary needs to forgive herself.  (Why doesn’t she ask Mary who shot her?)
  34. Aria places the puzzle piece on the game and receives the police report (like A.D. didn’t make a copy).
  35. Emily drops off the phone Aria left at Spencer’s house with Mona. Mona won’t let Em in because her apartment is set up like A’s lair and she has the shovels.monas-lair.jpgmona's lair 4monas-lair-21.jpgmonas-lair-3-e1497975160104.jpgmona's lair 2

Things are finally getting interesting.  What is Mona up to?  I hope she’s not evil again because that would be disappointing.  It would also be very disappointing if Caleb was A.D.  He seems to care for everyone, not just Hanna.  Everyone else has their own agenda, so it wouldn’t be shocking.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 16 “The Glove That Rocks The Cradle” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 16 “The Glove That Rocks The Cradle”

Original Air date: May 30, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

glove cradle


Note: I once again took the photos by pausing the show.

Quotes of the episode

“No, but I do remember unbuckling his belt in the elevator.” – Spencer won’t talk about her crimes, but she will give a police officer TMI.

“Sort of like setting fire to my house and then asking if I’m too warm.” – Spencer doesn’t like Marco’s techniques.

“How many times do I have to save all of you until I’m finally part of the group?” – Mona asking the question many have wondered


  1. Spencer is being questioned by the police. Barry asks her if she remembers making a joke about burying a body.  She doesn’t, but she remembers unbuckling Marco’s belt in the elevator.  She won’t answer any of Barry’s questions, so Marco stops the interview.  When they are alone, he asks if she is okay.  Spencer says that is like setting fire to her house and asking if it’s too warm.
  2. Marco tells Spencer to get a lawyer because they will have the credit card receipt in two days.
  3. Hanna shushes.
  4. Emily has started to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Ali says they can stay with her, at least for a while.  Emily unboxed the items she found in the attic that belonged to Ali as a baby.
  5. Ezra suggests he and Aria take a dance class together, but Aria says she cannot commit.
  6. Spencer tells the others about the credit card receipt. Hanna offers to get the receipt from The Radley.
  7. Aria is going to be excluded from the book press tour because they want to focus on Nicole.
  8. It’s Hanna’s turn to play the game. She must pick up something from a computer repair shop.
  9. Hanna thinks that Spencer would not have been drunk that night she accidentally used Archer’s credit card if it weren’t for herself and Caleb breaking Spencer’s heart.
  10. Spencer asks Emily what the plan with Ali is and thinks Emily is assuming a lot.
  11. Hanna picks up the hard drive, which contains a Patsy Cline song. Patsy’s songs were played in the dollhouse.
  12. Spencer goes to see Marco and asks him to stop pursuing the Archer case. He won’t.  She steals a flash drive from him.
  13. The stolen flash drive contains an interview with Lucas when he says that Hanna wasn’t with him the night Charlotte was killed. He says he cannot vouch for the other girls because he’s seen what they can do.  The others try to convince Hanna that Lucas is not on her side.  Aria reminds her of when she was so afraid of Lucas that she pushed him off the rowboat.  She proposes stalking the locker Hanna is supposed to leave the drive in, even though no one mentioned a locker.
  14. Emily arrives at Ali’s with a mobile that used to be hers. She notices Ali is not eating real food or taking her prenatal vitamins.  She accuses Ali of flaking out on her.
  15. Hanna has to drop off the drive at the same time she planned to retrieve the receipt. Caleb says that they won’t let Spencer down this time.
  16. Mona arrives at Hanna’s and asks why Hanna is shutting her out. Hanna tells Mona about the plan, but doesn’t want to tell the other girls that Mona knows about the game.  Mona wants to know how many times she has to save them before she becomes part of the group.  (I agree with Mona.  Plus, they need her brain as the others have been unfocused on solving the mystery.)glove cradle 2
  17. Aria takes down the mobile that Em put up and replaces it with one made of dolls.
  18. Ali and Em stay behind after Hanna drops the drive off. They hear someone and chase after them.  They head home after someone pushes Ali down.
  19. Aria trashes the nursery. (This has to be one of the worst things she has ever done.  She is not only destroying something innocent, she is trashing her friend’s childhood mementos, which are irreplaceable.  Plus, she does a thorough job.  This was like the Hurricane Aria that trashed Ezra apartment.)
  20. Emily and Ali arrive home while Aria is still there. She very nosily slips out and avoids being clobbered by Emily with a candlestick.
  21. Aria misses Ezra’s book event, even though she promised to be in the audience.
  22. The girls are disgusted by what was done to the nursery, as Aria awkwardly stands by.
  23. Hanna cannot find the receipt that Spencer signed.
  24. Spencer finds Aria’s earring in the nursery. (I thought Spencer was going to figure this out, but she didn’t.)
  25. Caleb bursts a pipe to flood the room containing the receipts.
  26. Mona leaves Hanna a voicemail saying the girls chased her at the school and scared off Uber A.
  27. Hanna sees Lucas on the security footage at The Radley.
  28. Marco calls Spencer, angry that she stole the drive. She turns the tables on him saying she wonders what people would think of her being alone in his apartment at night.
  29. The girls confront Lucas at his loft. Lucas says he was friends with Charles via email and didn’t know she transitioned to Charlotte.  He sent emails to Charles/Charlotte throughout high school about the torture he received from Ali and her “followers”.  This is part of the reason that Charlotte targeted them.
  30. Lucas went to The Radley to meet someone, but no one showed up. There is a second “graphic novel” about vengeance being a game, but it doesn’t have an ending.  That book is now missing.  Hanna choses to believe Lucas.  (At worst, Lucas can still be A.D.  At best, he is a backstabbing wimp that needs someone else to fight his battles.  I don’t get why Hanna trusts him so much.)
  31. Lucas has allegedly lost all his money investing in Hanna’s company (which I don’t believe).
  32. Marco tells Spencer he is going to investigate her friends.
  33. Ali says she is ready to stop pushing Em away and wants to be a family. She tells Em she loves her, then kisses her.
  34. Aria receives a text from Ezra that she didn’t miss much. She then cries.
  35. D. draws a grave under a tree and writes “Here lies,” but we cannot see the name.


So, who is the worst person on the show this week, Aria or Lucas?  It’s hard to watch Aria go out of her way to protect Ezra, while hurting her friends.  I don’t get it at all.  You will never be able to convince me of the alleged great love between Ezra and Aria and I think their chemistry has fizzled out.   To go against her friends who are also at risk for going to jail says a lot about Aria’s character.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 15 “In the Eyes Abides the Heart” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 15 “In the Eyes Abides the Heart”

Original Air date: May 23, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

in the eyes 3.jpg

Note: I took these photos again by pausing the show.

Quotes of the episode

“I underestimated him.  He’s as sneaky as I am.” – Mona on Lucas who has been good at hiding his intentions

“Why build a dollhouse when you can turn the entire town into a dollhouse?” – Mona on the love of her life, the game


  1. Emily tries to deflect the decision about the baby to Ali.
  2. Aria videochats with A.D. It is supposed to look like Aria (but it looks like a cross between Paige and Aria to me).  D. threatens to expose Aria to her friends and says they are going to end the game together.
  3. Aria shushes.
  4. Aria asks what the prior relationship between Lucas and Charles/Charlotte means. Spencer says it means the world is much smaller than they thought.  Hanna doesn’t believe Lucas would be involved in any of this.
  5. Spencer tells Marco that Caleb and Toby are away fishing or not fishing. (Did anyone else think of Brokeback Mountain?)
  6. This episode was directed by Troian (Spencer).in the eyes 4
  7. Marco has theories about Archer’s death. One is that Mary is involved.
  8. Nicole’s parents want Ezra to come to Maine.
  9. D. asks Aria what she and her friends talked about that morning. She tells A.D. about Mary’s hiding spot and talking to Charlotte’s father.
  10. Ali has a blood test done and Emily is the mother of the baby. The baby is not Archer’s.
  11. Mary left a note for Spencer saying they need to talk.
  12. Hanna and Emily find a comic that Lucas and Charles wrote together, called
  13. Marco thinks Archer was killed the same day he disappeared.
  14. The comic book is about a boy bullied at school and by his family. He meets an alien in the woods who is his protector and helps him get revenge on his enemies.  Sometimes the boy turns into Arcturus so that he can experience the payback (sounds very A-ish to me).
  15. Aria thinks that Lucas could be A.D. based on this comic.
  16. Spencer leaves a note for Mary.
  17. Aria tells A.D. about the comic. When Hanna goes to look for the comic, it is gone.
  18. Emily tells Ali that she wants her to have the baby.
  19. Spencer receives a note and a key from Mary.
  20. Mona tells Hanna that Lucas is selling their factory space. Mona says Lucas is as sneaky as she is.
  21. Aria drops the comic in locker 214 at the school. She hears a noise, then there is a black hoodie in the locker.
  22. Emily tells Paige about her desire for Ali to have the baby.
  23. Hanna shows Mona the game and Mona figures out it is battery powered. The game has finite power, so they have to finish the game before the battery runs down.  Mona touches something and a blade comes out of the game.
  24. Mona wishes she had built the game because “why build a dollhouse when you can turn the entire town into a dollhouse.” She thinks the game is beautiful and gets a little misty.  She then photographs the game, something the others didn’t think to the eyes 1
  25. Paige wants to leave town, but Emily somehow wants things to work out. Paige says this is the third time she has said goodbye to Emily and she’s not going to do it again.
  26. Spencer goes to the Lost Woods Resort.
  27. Aria tells Ezra she doesn’t want him to go to Maine.
  28. Paige goes to talk to Ali and creepily sneaks into her house.
  29. Marco followed Spencer. All his theories about Archer keep coming back to Spencer and friends, especially Spencer because she is also connected to Mary.
  30. Marco asks if Spencer knew Archer was at the bar the night she and Marco met. Spencer accidentally paid using Archer’s card and signed her own name.  (That is the least Spencer thing that Spencer has ever done.)
  31. Paige asks Ali if she is in love with Emily. Ali doesn’t directly answer.
  32. Mona tells Hanna the game is sealed. The game ends when the game dies.
  33. Hanna asks Mona to help her play and win the game.
  34. Ezra sees Spencer with Wren at the airport. She asks Ezra not to tell anyone because she doesn’t want Marco to find out.  (Some people think Spencer was being shady in this scene.  I think it was Ezra and Wren, who are allegedly meeting for the first time.)  in the eyes 2
  35. Ali decides to have the baby.
  36. Ezra didn’t go to Maine. (I think they’ve run out of stories for Ezra because this whole Nicole thing is just pointless.)
  37. Mary leaves Spencer a goodbye note since she saw Marco (the police) with Spencer.
  38. D. threatens Aria with her file after Aria doesn’t respond to another videochat.


First of all, I think Troian is a great director.  This episode didn’t annoy me as much as the others and everyone, especially Troian, looked better than usual.  I also loved that Mona is back.  They need her maniacal intelligence.  Still wondering where everyone from my previous list is.  I’m glad Paige is leaving town, but I don’t trust her.  If she is not A.D., I really think she could be involved.  Ezra is still untrustworthy to me also.  Don’t get me started on Wren.


I think this whole baby story is ridiculous.  Emily had a baby in the book series and there are other ways that she could have ended up with a baby besides this.  This mainly serves as a plot line to get Ali and Emily together and there are better and more genuine ways of doing that.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 14 – “Power Play” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 14 “Power Play”

Original Air date: May 9, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


power play

Note: I took this photo by pausing the show.


Quote of the episode

“Well, crazy runs in my family.” – Spencer


  1. Ezra arrives home and it’s awkward between he and Aria. She indirectly tells him that he needs to talk to Nicole about them.  Aria goes to stay with Ali, who mothers her a bit.
  2. The game is now at Ali’s house.
  3. Ali shushes.
  4. Spencer had an adult slumber with Marco.
  5. Someone moved the game to Ali’s house, but it wasn’t Spencer.
  6. Things did not go well at the investor meeting for Hanna’s business.
  7. Sydney put the bag with the tracker in it on a greyhound bus.
  8. Paige was offered a new job.
  9. Spencer’s dad, Peter is home. He has been looking for Mary.
  10. Ali plans to terminate the pregnancy to take control of her life again.
  11. Nicole now knows about Ezra’s engagement to Aria. (It looks like there is zero passion between Aria and Ezra.)
  12. Marco tells Ali about the finger, which has been proven to come from Archer’s dead body.
  13. It’s Ali turn to play the game.
  14. Spencer thinks Mary never wants to see her again. Hanna says that is crazy and Spencer says crazy runs in her family.
  15. Aria receives a video chat from A.D. He/she has Aria’s file from Jessica DiLaurentis’ collection and says that Ezra would choose Nicole and Nicole would have to visit Ezra in jail if what was in the file came out.
  16. Hanna and Spencer go looking for Mary in a neighborhood found by a private detective that Peter hired. They knock on a door and it is Pastor Ted’s house.
  17. Paige looks in Ali’s bag and finds out about the abortion.
  18. Ted says he hasn’t seen Mary. He still has a hotmail email address (which may have been the most entertaining point on this lackluster episode).  Mary was in the house with him.
  19. The game leads Ali to a baby clothing store (because A.D. is an a-hole like that). Aria is with her and receives another video chat.  Aria says she wants out of the game and receives a text from A.D. requesting a meeting.
  20. D. makes Ali pick items for her gift registry.
  21. Paige decides to stay in Rosewood and kisses Emily.
  22. The lady in the store gives Ali the gift for her egg donor. It is a necklace with Emily’s name.  She freaks out, then finds her puzzle piece.
  23. Aria goes to meet A.D. in a limo. Sydney is there and does the talking for A.D. saying she shot Spencer and made up the game.
  24. Ted comes over to talk to Hanna. He tells her Mary was at the house.
  25. Sydney is connected to someone through her earpiece. Aria is about to let down the privacy screen when Sydney tells her not to.
  26. Sydney says she is doing this because it is no fun being on a losing team.
  27. Ted dated Mary in college. She just told him that they had a child together, Charlotte.
  28. Lucas was friends with Charles at camp when they were little. (The age difference doesn’t quite mesh well.)  Ted has a picture.
  29. Ali tells Emily the baby is hers. Ali remembers the procedure.
  30. Mary came to see Spencer the night she came home from rehab. Mary found out that Charles was still alive and had transitioned to Charlotte.  She wanted revenge on Jessica.
  31. Peter says that Mary killed Jessica using his pills and tried to frame him.
  32. Ali cancels the appointment for her abortion.
  33. Aria arrives and Spencer tells her about the baby. Spencer tries to encourage them not to let A.D. tear them apart.
  34. The game says it is Hanna’s turn again.
  35. Aria gets a text from A.D. asking if she decided yet.


Though it was nice to finally find out who Charlotte’s father is (I always suspected Ted was tied to this in some way), I was disappointed to read that is not the truth about Jessica’s death.  Why go though telling us more lies when there is only a handful of episodes left?  This episode was painful to re-watch and so boring.  These final episodes have been so disappointing so far.  I feel like so much time is being wasted, then they are going to try to cram in every “answer” on the last freaking episode.  BTW, where are Mona, Jason, Jenna, Holden and most of the parents?

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Pretty Little Liars – Season 7, Episode 13 – “Hold Your Piece” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 13 “Hold Your Piece”

Original Air date: May 2, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

hold your piece 3

Note: I took these photos again by pausing the episode.

Quotes of the episode

“What, guys aren’t gonna go through a girl’s purse because they’re too afraid to accidentally touch a tampon.” – Hanna logic, which I will probably miss when the show ends on June 20th

“You can’t spell anonymous without A.D.” – Hanna is right, but wrong “Well, technically, there’s no ‘D’ in anonymous, but, whatever, I get your point.” – Aria couldn’t let that one go unnoticed

“No, like really short, like everyone’s gonna see her spicy tuna roll short.” – Caleb on the inappropriateness of A.D.’s fashion choices

“Happiest.” – Someone’s last word

“Well, I mean I couldn’t tell them I was poisoned by some toxic version of Candyland.” – Caleb telling the convoluted truth

“Tell your chihuahua to keep her paws to herself and maybe I’ll talk.” – Sydney tries to diss Aria even though Aria can overpower her

“Do I have to twist your arm again?  Answer the freakin’ question. – Don’t mess with Aria, the tiny thug

“Namaste, b*tch. – Sydney tries to have the last word


  1. Spencer awakes to the sound of a baby crying. It is the phone on the game. She cannot make it stop, so she calls the girls, minus Ali, who is out of town (probably something baby related).  Emily says Ali is dealing with something.  Aria doesn’t want to be alone with the phone that Spencer has stuffed into a pillow.
  2. Emily says their place is loud enough because Caleb snores. The crying sound stops when Hanna takes the pillow. It is her time to play.
  3. Spencer shushes.
  4. Hanna and Emily didn’t sleep after the phone incident. Hanna has the phone hidden in her purse because she thinks Caleb won’t go in there because guys are afraid of tampons, or something.
  5. Hanna’s dress that the Senator’s daughter wore made the style section of the newspaper. However, a blogger accused Hanna of stealing the design.
  6. Yvonne is out of the coma.
  7. Hanna thinks A.D. is behind this. Caleb thinks they should use Sydney to track down Jenna, who checked out of The Radley.
  8. Aria is distracted by an interview with Nicole on television saying it was love and the thought of seeing Ezra again that brought her through her ordeal.
  9. Emily goes to see Toby and Yvonne at the hospital. Yvonne hasn’t spoken yet, but she calls for Toby while Emily goes to get a nurse.
  10. A Hanna-like mannequin arrives at Hanna’s door. Hanna tells Caleb about the game.  The doll says for more instructions, see the appendix.
  11. Marco takes Spencer to play ping-pong to take her mind off all that is going on.
  12. Toby wants to marry Yvonne right now and she agrees.
  13. Lucas tells Hanna that the investors in her company know about her being accused of stealing the dress design. She has to “dazzle” them.
  14. Hanna asks Emily to help Aria track down Sydney. They see a picture of Sydney at the same event as the Senator’s daughter. They also think Sydney could have shot Spencer.
  15. Hanna has to cut open the mannequin to play the game. (It’s pretty gross.) She pulls out a bag labeled “Wear Me.”
  16. Spencer is distracted until Marco mentions work and her shoulder starts bleeding.
  17. Caleb taught Aria some hacking/spying skills.
  18. Hanna shows Caleb the kimono dress that she has been instructed to wear. He says it is short enough to see her “spicy tuna roll”. The investors are Japanese and will be offended by her dress. (Why couldn’t she throw some leggings on under it or layer it over another dress. Come on, she’s a designer and couldn’t think her way out of this.)
  19. Emily tracks Sydney down to a coffee shop. Sydney says she was at The Radley when Spencer was shot.
  20. Aria sees that Sydney has an appointment at Vogel Vision Institute. Sydney drops off a deposit from A.D. for Jenna’s surgery.
  21. Marco reveals his troubled past to Spencer, then they kiss.
  22. Toby and Yvonne marry in the hospital. She’s still on oxygen.
  23. Aria and Emily corner Sydney. Aria leads her into an alley and says Sydney is going to lead them to Jenna and tell them about A.D. Emily reveals that they know Sydney’s schedule and will keep showing up where she is.hold your piece 4
  24. Sydney tries to run, so Aria grabs her and pins her to the wall. Em says to let her go and tells Sydney to tell them about A.D.  She tells Em to tell her chihuahua to keep her paws off of her and she’ll talk.  Aria asks if she has to twist Sydney’s arm again in order for her to answer the question.  Sydney says A.D. is one of her clients at the bank.  Jenna doesn’t want to be found and hasn’t answered any of Sydney’s calls or texts.  She leaves them with a curt, “Namaste, b*tch.”  (Tiny Aria roughing Sydney up is my favorite scene so far out of these final ten.)  Aria has the last word since she dropped a GPS tracker in Sydney’s bag.
  25. Caleb is examining the game when Spencer comes home. It is okay and not weird between them.  She tells him she spent the day with Marco.  He asks if Marco is good to her because he deserves that.
  26. Caleb tries to pry one of the buildings off the game and he is gassed in the face. Caleb cannot breathe, so Spencer calls 911.hold your piece 1
  27. Hanna meets Lucas at The Radley for the meeting. She thanks him for everything and makes him promise that they’ll always be friends, no matter what. Lucas looks stunned and a little guilty.  Hanna receives a text that Caleb is in the hospital, so Lucas tells her to go.hold your piece 2
  28. Toby and Yvonne plan their honeymoon. He asks if she is happy and she says, “Happiest.”  The bouquet of flowers slips from Yvonne’s hand and falls to the floor.  (So, just like that, Yvonne is dead and Toby has one of the shortest marriages in television history.)
  29. Hanna checks on Caleb. He made up a story about what happened to him since he couldn’t tell the doctors he poisoned by evil Candyland.
  30. Hanna received this message on her phone:hold your piece 5
  31. Hanna goes to talk to the girls in the lobby and she is upset because the game is unfair since Spencer had an easy challenge. Emily points out that it gives them something to bicker about and they are not focused on who A.D. is.
  32. Spencer sees Toby in the hallway of the hospital and he sobs in Spencer’s arms.
  33. Aria calls Ezra to say that Sabrina quit. She sees a shadow, pulls a knife, turns on the light and sees that Nicole is there.
  34. Marco is wearing a hoodie and gloves as he opens an envelope labeled “Rosewood P.D. It’s a finger.


Out the last ten episodes, this one was the most entertaining so far.  It still had a lot of unnecessary stuff included.  I definitely locked eyes with one of my top three suspects for A.D.